I want you to love me ~ Chapter One
By Crystal

A/N: I don't own Sinbad, Bryn and CO. I'm just using the character to have some fun. This is probably going to be a three part fanfic. I got the idea from Jenn's questionnaire on the S/B list. So this fic is for you, Jenn! And for everyone on the S/B list, for making my day each time I see a email from the list in my mailbox! Luv you!


Slowly, Bryn turned around, just to find herself lost in her captain’s blue eyes. Her heart started to beat faster and she swallowed with difficulty. How did he enter in her room without making a sound, taking her totally by surprise? Lowering her eyes, she noticed she was wearing only a simple nightgown that wasn’t covering much. Her cheeks turned red at the realization.

Her eyes turned back to Sinbad and she gasped. He had a grin on his face and his eyes weren’t missing a thing of her body. Her skin seemed to be on fire as his eyes traveled on her. Sinbad walked closer to her and Bryn held her breath. Sweat formed on her forehead. She felt hot. So hot. Her cabin seemed too small now. There was no where to run away from Sinbad. But did she really want to run away from him?

She licked her lips as Sinbad was getting closer to her, his eyes not leaving her, like a predator with its prey. She backed away, her back meeting with the wooden wall of her cabin. Her breathing got heavier and her body trembled in anticipation of what was coming. Trembled of passion and in need of Sinbad’s body.

Sinbad stopped when they were nose to nose and Bryn could see his blue eyes turning into a shade of navy blue. And then, she stopped thinking because his mouth was on hers, demanding and hot.

Bryn felt her knees get weak when his tongue touched hers, battling, teasing. She leaned against him for support and placed her arms around his neck. Her fingers naturally began playing in his hair. His hands, exploring, went under her nightgown and…

And Bryn sat straight in her bed, panting heavily, sweat covering her entire body. She passed a trembling hand through her brown hair. She tried to calm her breathing and closed her eyes. But instead of the calming darkness, she saw images of her dream, and she opened her eyes, frustrated. What was wrong with her? Night after night, she kept having those dreams about Sinbad, entering in her cabin and kissing her, and…

Bryn groaned and got up. The dreams felt so real, or what it because she wanted them to be real? Bryn shook her head negatively at the silent question. Sinbad was just a friend. A good one, but still just a friend. But did friends kissed, even just for luck? “No, they don’t” Bryn sadly answered loudly. Still…she wanted so much to be held by him, to feel safe in his strong arms, to feel his lips on hers again, to taste them, to…

“Stop it now!” Bryn whispered angrily to her twisted mind that kept giving her those thoughts that she shouldn’t have. It wasn’t right for her to feel this way about Sinbad. For sure, he didn’t have that kind of dreams about her!

Bryn sighed. How could she face him? Seeing him would only make her remember her dream…and she surely didn’t need to remember it! She had to forget it. But how?

“Forget, forget, disappear from my mind this very instant. Gone your are. Gone, gone, gone!” Bryn started to recite, happy that no one was around to hear her. She closed her eyes, but re-opened them almost immediately. “Of course, it didn’t work. What did you expect, Bryn?” She sighed, discouraged. She was losing it. She was now talking to herself. She’d probably soon hear a voice in her head talking to her!

Deciding she needed to get out of her room, she silently opened the door and looked around. No one in sight. She started to walk in the dark corridor that leading to the ship’s kitchen. Maybe a midnight snack would help her find a way to get rid of those dreams. But before she could reach the kitchen, a room got her attention and she stopped in front of the closed door. It used to be Maeve’s cabin. Doubar told her that mostly books remained in the room. Bryn smiled. Maybe she could find something that could help her with her dreams.

She entered in the room, closing the door behind her. ‘Let’s try not to make too much noises,’ Bryn thought, as she made her way gracefully to the library. There were tons of books and Bryn felt discouraged just a thought of having to read through all of them. Sighing, Bryn sat on the floor and took the first book in the first row. “Better began now,” she mumbled. She flipped through the pages, bored. The book only seemed to talk about the battle between good and evil. She tossed the book away and took another one. On the cover, Bryn could read a single word: Potions. “If I have luck, there’s going to be a potion that will make me unable to dream.”

She suddenly froze as she read the title of a page. The words echoed in her mind. Love potion. Bryn shook her head. ‘No what you need, Bryn.’ But her curiosity was stronger and she began to read. “To make somebody fall in love with the caster.” Bryn bit her lips, frowning. That wasn’t what she wanted. Well, yes it was. ‘Why do you think you keep having those dreams?’ a voice in her mind asked her. ‘Admit it to yourself. You fell in love with him the first time you saw him. And all this time, you hoped he would too.’

Bryn sighed. The voice was right. Every time she saw Sinbad, she had that weird feeling in her stomach that she couldn’t describe. Every time she had seen him with another woman, she had felt her heart breaking in million of little pieces. She tried to ignore all those signs, but they decided to haunt her dreams now. Bryn couldn’t deny them anymore.

She wanted him. She wanted him to love her. ‘And this potion can help you…’ the voice whispered. Bryn looked at the page, pensive. Yes, the potion could help her, but was it the right? She didn’t want Sinbad to love her because of a potion, but because of her! “But he doesn’t love me. He’ll never love me,” Bryn sadly murmured. She felt a tear rolling on her cheek and she wiped it away with the back of her hand. “He will love me. Even if it’s because of a stupid potion, he will love me,” Bryn suddenly said, her eyes burning with determination. She memorized the ingredients she needed to make the potion and closed the book, putting it back to its original place.

She went back in her cabin and started to prepare the potion. Bryn saw her hands moving, but felt as she wasn’t in control. That wasn’t her. Was she so desperate for love that she had to cheat to be loved? When did she get so low? Somehow, somewhere in her heart, she knew she’d regret it. A part of her didn’t want to make the potion. But the other part was stronger. “I won’t regret it. Sinbad’s love is more important than anything else. I am doing the right thing.”

She observed the greenish liquid in a small bottle. She smiled. All she needed to do now was to make Sinbad drink it. And after, everything would be perfect.

not the end...

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