By Crystal

An image in my head, fading away, replaced by a black hole. Bryn, that's all there is left of who I am.

Crawling on the sand, I look at my new surroundings. Deserted island it seems, just like me. Emotions that I don't understand are running through me. From where they are coming, I can't remember, they are just there and I wish they would go away.

Go away from my head, disappearing like the rest of me. How can I live without knowing who I am, but first, I have to survive on this island. I didn't ask to be here, I don't _want_ to be here!

Jumping on my feet, I decided to go exploring what looks to be my new home. Keeping my sword in my hands - I know how to fight? -, I soon spoted a small village and immediately knew that the people there wouldn't welcome me with open arms. Lowering my sword, I started to run away, but somehow, they noticed me and ran after me, screaming words I didn't understand.

Moving faster, I succeeded to hide from them, but for how long? Nodding to myself, I suddenly took the decision that I would survive, I would find a way out and I would get my memories back!

Over my head, the sun was shinning in the sky and as I looked up to observe it, I felt a wave of energy boiling in my veins. Pressing my hand to my heart, I tried to breath, to understand what it was. Questions invaded my head, questions I had no answer for. Rage appeared in me, against whoever was responsible for me being here without anything left of who I was.

Step by step, I walked closer to a high mountain and as I came closer, I heard a roar that seemed to be coming from the mountain and directed toward me. Terrified, I started to run away - seems like that's all I'm doing since I woke up here - and before I could turn back, there were two people, face covered with bright colors, in front of me, challenging me for a fight.

Using my sword - it has to be mine -, I fought back, surprisingly well, and soon, only one remained up. Victory was going to be mine. While I wasn't looking, another came behind me and threw a rock toward my head, and a strange force inside me told me to turn around. X-rays from my eyes destroyed the rock and I was probably even more surprised than them!

Yelling, they ran off, leaving me behind, with a strange smile on my lips. Zero-One for me!

The End!

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