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Captain Someday
By Ruby

After a long day of work, young Sinbad loved to stare at the sunset, reflecting on the sea. Blissful, he breathed the fresh air and inhaled the wonderful smell of sea water. Captain Aiden was at the tiller, guiding the ship toward a new destination. Doubar stood at his side, listening carefully to Aidenís directives.

Eyeing them, Sinbad wished he could be at Aidenís place, even just for a little while. Frequently, he dreamt that he was the captain of a big ship, traveling around the world and making a lot of money. Grand Voyager was the name his ship always had in his dreams, but maybe he would find a better name. He wanted a name as good as the Adventurers. It wasnít that he didnít like being the cabin boy, he simply had bigger dreams for himself. Just like his brother, who had now moved next to him while he was lost in his thoughts.

Kindly, Doubar smacked the back of his brother,s head with his hand in a brotherly affectionate-way. "Look at the sea, little brother. Magnificent, isnít it? Never Iíll get tired of observing it. Only fools wouldnít notice its beauty."

"People who donít get the chance to see the sea from where we stand are indeed missing something."

Quivering from the cold wind, the two brothers remained silent a moment, enjoying the view of the sea, before Aiden called Sinbad. Regretfully, Sinbad left his place next to his brother to go to his captain, who would probably give him the chores for the next day.

"Sinbad," captain Aiden started, "you are growing older so fast it only seems like yesterday to me you joined my crew. The time you will want to leave is coming soon, isnít it?"

Unsure of the answer to give Aiden for he never though he knew about his dream, Sinbad simply nodded.

"Very well, I knew this day would come and I am sure you will be a great captain someday, with Doubar at your side."

While Aiden then listed him the duties for the next day, Doubar came to join them at the tiller, gave a small knowing smile to his little brother and showed him a map. X were marked at different places, showing towns they should visit for the beginning of their journey, a gift from Aiden and the crew.

"You two will make a great team on your future ship, as you always were, and I wouldnít be surprised to hear stories about you very soon." Zestfully, the two brothers then almost ran under deck to prepare for a new start.


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