Here's the list of challenges we had on the Sinbadbryn list and all the answers. They are still listed on the author pages, but they now are reunited here, in order they were sent to the list. The newest challenges are at the bottom. For those who would like to answer some of those challenges, you are welcome to, even if you're not on the list.

One Hour Challenge

Started on: August 5, 2001
Rules:Write a fanfic for one hour, and one hour only. When the time is passed, stop writing. You can correct the errors, but cannot change anything else.

Tears for you by Ruby

About that Kiss by Myst

The Issue of Trust by Krisa

Changes by Crystal

How Come? by Noelerin

Drabble Challenge

Started on:September 18, 2001
Rules: Write a drabble (a story of 100-200 words) about anything you want.

Meant to be by Myst

Fly the Sky by Crystal

Words from the Accessory by Krisa

A Question by Ruby

When you Sleep by Psycho Girrl

ABC Challenge

Started on: September 27, 2001
Rules: Write 26 sentences. The first one has to begin with A, the second with B, the third with C...and the last one with Z. That's it!

I love you from A to Z by Myst

Bryn by Crystal

Once a Prince by Krisa

Captain Someday by Ruby

Jenn's Challenge

Started on: October 12, 2001
Rules: Write a Sinbad and Bryn 'get togeter' story. For more info, email Jenn

Of Close Calls, Coincidences, and Confessions by Krisa

Over the Rainbow By Myst

Krisa's Challenge

Started on: March 2, 2002
Rules:Write a fic including the following sentences... they don't have to appear in the listed order, but they *do* have to be in there somewhere:

Maybe the event was more remarkable than any of them had thought.
He had been wrong, and she had never let him forget that.
All they could do was hope the plan would work.
The crowd was stunned into silence.
He'd almost forgotten how long it had been.

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