The Confrontation
By kara

Sinbad shivered as he closed the letter. Could he believe this? Bryn, the sister of Rumina, his enemy? Sinbad closed his eyes and let Bryn come to his mind. He thought of the moment he met her, the moments they spent together. No, she can't be an evil one. Just as Briga told him. Bryn tried to kill Rumina.

Sinbad sighed. He really loves Bryn. Bryn and you were united by destiny and your destiny will never come between you.... Sindbad smiled to himself as he thought of the last line of the letter. But now, as he knows about Bryn's past, how to tell it Bryn? Sinbads sighed again.

"Sinbad?", a quiet voice came from the door.

Sinbad looked up and put the letter fast in his pocket. "Yes, Bryn. What's the matter?", he answered the dark haired beauty ,who stood at his door, with a shaking voice.

Bryn smiled at him. "I just wanted to know if everything is alright. You sat a long time here in your cabin".

Sinbad smiled back. "It's all okay, Bryn. But....", he stopped suddenly.

"But?", Bryn asked.

Sinbad looked a few minutes at her and then shook his head. "Nothing, forget it, Bryn. Go on deck and tell Doubar I'm going to take the tiller. Tomorrow we have to be at Sarderia. The protector there is waiting for his goods.".

Bryn nodded and went up on deck. Sinbad starred a long time at the now closed door. He sighed the third time and repeated his question: How to tell Bryn about her past? He had no idea.

At this evening the Nomad crew sat below deck and played cards. Gerk, a young seaman, was at the tiller and so they could all sit together and talk beside their game.

"Do your remember Rumina, Sinbad?", Doubar suddenly asked.

Sindbad looked at him in a shock.

Doubar shrugged his shoulders. "It's just so..... I mean, she's our strongest enemy but she seemed to have disappeared with Maeve....".

Sinbad nodded. "That's right and I'm not sorry about it. I really miss Maeve but Rumina, no way".

Doubar laughed. "Oh, she was one of your biggest fans, Sinbad!".

Sinbad looked a second at Bryn, who looked quiet puzzling.

"Rumina...", she said. "Something at this name feels familiar. Who is she? One of your strongest enemy?".

Sinbad felt the letter in his pocket. He could almost hear the scream of Bryn as she was tossed by Rumina.... He could see her lying on the beach..... The alien ship...... His rainbow bracelet glowed. All of the crew looked at it.

In the same moment Bryn's bracelet began to glow. She watch it and suddenly her eyes turned into yellow. She opened her mouth and began to scream. "No! No! No! Rumina! Dad! No!". She screamed again and looked at Sindbad. "No! Sinbad!". Then she sighed and her eyes turned into brown again. "What... What happened?", she asked.

Sinbad felt the letter almost beat in his pocket. He got up. "I've got something to tell you, Bryn.", he said.

Bryn looked at him, wondering, but then got up too and followed Sindbad up on deck. "What's the matter, Sinbad? What do you know about the vision I had?".

Sinbad looked at the ground. He imagined the letter beat faster and faster.... But then he just looked into Bryn's dark eyes and said: "Oh, nothing... I know nothing about your vision. But we have to find it out, haven't we?".

Bryn nodded. "That's why I had to go with you on deck? Is that nothing your friends and your brother could hear?".

Sinbad shrugged his shoulders. "Yes.. I... I'm tiered. I think I'm going to take a little bit sleep". He went off.

Bryn shrugged her shoulders too and went below deck again.

The next day, the Nomad reached Sarderia. Bryn had almost forgot her vision, like the others. Only Sinbad still thought of it. After bringing the goods to the protector, they went to a tavern in the town near the port. As Doubar opened the door at first his eyes fell on a dark haired woman next to the door. She looked angry. She looked like- Rumina. Doubar looked at her in a shock and quickly shot the door again.

"Oh no, Doubar. What's the matter?", Sindbad asked with a big sigh and went on to open the door again.

"No, Sindbad. You'll don't believe who is sitting there.".

Sindbad pulled his arm away. "As long it is not Rumina...". But as he saw the look on Doubar's face he turned around. "No.", he said.

Doubar shrugged his shoulders. "Yes", he replied. "Seem like your biggest fan and our strongest enemy returns to us.".

"Oh, my little Doubar, you're right again", a cold voice said.

They all turned around and looked into Rumina's face.

"Nice to meet you again, Sinbad.", she smiled and then her eyes fell at Bryn. "And of course very nice to meet YOU again, Bryn. It has been a while since our last meeting-".

Bryn looked at her, angry, her sword in her hand. "I can't remember you, I'm sorry. But I heard a lot of you. Not only good.".

Rumina laughed. "Oh, my dear, of course you can't remember me. Or do you remember anything about your past?", she asked.

Bryn shook her head.

Sinbad held his sword against Rumina's neck. "Rumina, shut up!". He almost screamed the last words.

"Oh, sailor, why are you so angry? I haven't done anything, have I?", Rumina said innocently.

"Go!", Sinbad yelled. "I hope for your you we'll never meet again. And let Bryn go! You cannot do this to her".

Rumina looked quiet sad and began to disappear. "Sorry, Sinbad. I can't let Bryn go and you know why! And we'll meet again, I promise you!". With this words she disappeared.

Sinbad stood there a while, looking at Bryn who was looking somewhere in the dark. The others stood there too, all looking at Sinbad.

"The best thing we can do is to disappear too", Firouz said.

Sinbad nodded. "Everybody back on the Nomad! We'll set sail next morning!"

The next morning came fast. Bryn hadn't spoke a word. She seemed to be far, far away. As the went on to set the sails, Bryn went to Sindbad. "What did she mean?", she asked.

Sinbad looked puzzled. "What do YOU mean?".

"I mean Rumina. She said, you know why she can't let me go"

Sindbad shrugged his shoulders. "I...", he stopped. No. He couldn't tell it her. He couldn't! What would she do if she knew who she was? Who her family is? No, Sindbad repeated. He can't tell it her!. "I.. have no idea. I don't know what she meant.".

Bryn looked down at the floor. "Something in her...", she almost whispered. "Something in her felt so familiar, Sindbad, so familiar.... She said, we met once ago. But I can't remember anything. Sinbad, if I can't figure out who I am and where I come from- I get mad".

Now it was Sinbad's turn to look at the ground. "Okay. Bryn, there's IS something I have to tell you. Something about your past. It is....".

"Captain! Help!". It was Gerk's voice. He stood at the railing, two metres in front of him a huge monster.

"Oh no", Sinbad sighed. Just in time, he added angry. He pulled of his sword and ran to Gerk.

Doubar, Firouz, Rongar and Bryn followed him. But as he reached Gerk the monster suddenly opened his moth. "I said we'll meet again, Sindbad.", it spoke.

Sinbad groaned . "You, Rumina. Oh, you looked better the last time I met you. Did you use the wrong eye shadow?".

The voice of Rumina laughed and the sea monster slowly turned into a vision of her. She smiled angrily and turned her face to Bryn. "Good morning, sister", she said.

Bryn laughed "Sister? I don't think you could be my sister", Bryn said with a cold voice.

Rumina smiled. "You can't be my sister? Oh no, my dear. Sinbad, what do you say?".

Sinbad looked at Bryn. She looked at him and suddenly she realised it. "No, Sinbad. That can't be true", Bryn said quietly. "No. I can't be her sister. I can't. I'm not evil and you know this!".

Sinbad nodded . "I know it. You ARE not evil. You are her sister but not evil".

Bryn shook her head. "No", she repeated. "How do you know? Why didn't you tell me?", she screamed.

"I was about to when Rumina appeared. Your other sister sent me a letter a few days ago. Bryn- I'm sorry. I know, I should have tell it you earlier, but......".

"You can think about your fault later- in my dungeon", Rumina said. "You, sister, you belong to me. Come with me".

Bryn went back straight to Sinbad. "No", she said with a shaking voice. "No matter what is happened and no matter who I am, I belong to the Nomad. To Doubar, Firouz, Rongar, Dermott and to Sinbad".

Rumina began to laugh. "Oh, poor little witch. Do you think they accept you as my sister? And do you think there's no evil in you? If you come with me I'll teach you all you have to know".

Bryn shook her head. "No. I stay at my crew.".

Rumina looked down at the water. "You have no choice, Bryn.", she snapped with her fingers. The others of the crew disappeared in a black cloud. Bryn was alone at the Nomad only with the vision of Rumina. "The others are in my dungeon. And you will follow ME". With these words she snapped with her fingers again and Bryn disappeared to. Together with Rumina. She had no chance to toss her by HER magic. Though Rumina was younger she was powerful. Too powerful.

"Oh, Sinbad. Stop running through the room. It doesn't help", Doubar sighed, watching his little brother wandering through their prison .

Sinbad stopped walking and sat down between Firouz and Rongar. "We have to rescue her!", he shouted. One of the Rumina's guardians looked at him. "It is my fault. If I had told her earlier...".

Rongar shook his head.

Firouz nodded. "Rongar is right, Sinbad. It's nobody's fault. Rumina is too powerful. Even if you had told it Bryn, thing would have happened this way.".

"But we have to rescue her!", Sinbad screamed.

Doubar whispered something to Firouz, got up and went to his brother. "Oh, our scientist has a little idea. Quiet simple. Or did you forget his exploding sticks?".

Sinbad smiled and looked over to Firouz. "How many?", he asked.

Firouz smiled too. "Enough"

Bryn found herself in a big, beautiful room. She lied in a bed, feeling a little bit dizzy. In front of her Rumina stood.

"Good morning, sister. Dreamed well?".

Bryn got up. "You damn...".

Rumina laughed. "Oh, big sister. Keep on smiling. You belong to me now. No matter what.".

"No!", Bryn's eyes glowed yellow. But it didn't work.

"You are in MY kingdom. You can only use MY magic. I'm sorry, big sister, but that's the only way to keep you here."

"Where are the others?", Bryn screamed.

Rumina went to a window. "Oh, dear, they are in my dungeon. I don't think that they want to see you.".

"No, Rumina, I can't believe it.", Bryn laughed.

"Why?". Rumina turned around. "You ARE my sister, Bryn. You are the sister of an evil one. You are the daughter of an evil one. And Sinbad and his crew is fighting evil ones".

Bryn tried to catch Rumina's eyes. "Yes. And I belong with the crew of Sinbad. I fight the evil too. And I'm not evil.".

"How do you know that you are not evil?", Rumina asked. She went to the door. "Well, think about it. I come back in a few hours. The door will be shut with magic. MY magic",. She opened the door.

Bryn sighed and fell on the bed again.

"And one thing, little big sister.".

Bryn looked up.

"Do you REALLY think, that Sinbad loves you? Think of all the women he had. He loves ME. Never forget this, Bryn". She shut the door.

Bryn sighed again and tried to open the door by magic. But it didn't work again. *Sindbad. I don't know if YOU love me, but I love you and I need you* , Bryn thought. "Wherever you are, Sinbad, I need you!", she screamed. Then she collapsed on the bed.

Firouz went to Sinbad, nodded. Sindbad looked at him, nodded too and went to the door of their prison. "Hey, you there!" ,he called. One of the guardian turned around. The next thing he saw was black. Sindbad opened the door easily. "Your exploding sticks, Firouz. Very good invention", he smiled.

"Yes", Firouz answered and looked to the guardians lying on the ground. "Five of them can open a door and toss 4 guardians", he said.

Doubar pulled of his sword. "Okay, little brother. Lets go to our Bryn. I don't think it's a good idea leaving her alone with her sister".

They ran upstairs. After a while, Firouz stopped to count the guardians he tossed with his exploding sticks. But it works. Very good. But the swords of Sinbad, Doubar and Rongar did their job too. Sinbad just tossed a guardian as Rumina appeared in front of him.

"Oh, I see, you don't like my guardians. Sorry, my love. I'll find some new. It's good that I met you here. I was just going to meet you. We have to talk about my sister". Rumina snapped with her fingers. Suddenly they stood in the room where Bryn was lying on the bed.

"Bryn!", Sinbad called and ran over to Bryn.

But Bryn pulled him away. "Keep away!", she said.

Sinbad looked puzzled. "But, Bryn...".

Bryn answered him in a cold voice. "I'm not longer the Bryn you may know. I'm not longer fighting evil. I AM evil. This is my fate.".

Sinbad shook his head. "No, Bryn. You are not evil. Bryn!". "Go!", Bryn said even colder. "I cannot go, Bryn. I love you!".

"That's your problem", Bryn replied. As Sindbad tried to touch her, she turned away.

Sinbad sighed.

"Didn't you hear her, Sinbad? She wants you to leave", Rumina said coldly like Bryn. "Go on, leave my kingdom. Bryn stays at my side.".

Sinbad tried to touch Bryn another time. He watched her getting up from the bed and running to Rumina. He tried to hide a smile. "Of course, we'll leave as fast as we can, Rumina"; Sinbad said. He turned to Doubar, Rongar and Firouz. "The best thing we can do is to forget Bryn. Come on, boys". He went to the door.

Rumina and Bryn shared a smile and watched the others leaving. As the door shut, Rumina looked at Bryn. "Good work", she said to herself and snapped with her fingers. Bryn disappeared. "How stupid Sinbad is", Rumina smiled. She snapped with her fingers again- and Bryn appeared. "How did you like the show?", Rumina asked.

"How could you do this?", Bryn yelled and tried to toss Rumina. "That wasn't me and you know it! That was only a vision of me, a creature of YOU!". Rumina called a guardian who caught Bryn. "My tricks always work, little sister."

"Always?", a voice asked.

Rumina turned around and looked into Sinbad's eyes. Behind him, Doubar just killed a guardian and Firouz threw another exploding stick. "What's going on here?", she screamed.

Sindbad shrugged his shoulders. "Do you really think I would believe that Bryn had turned into an evil one? WHO is stupid, Rumina?".

Rongar killed the guardian who had caught Bryn.

"Thanks, Rongar.", she said and smiled at him. "Nice to see you again". Rongar smiled too and Bryn pulled of her sword. She went behind Sinbad and looked at her sister. "Guess you lost again, Rumina", Bryn said.

"No. I NEVER loose. You forgot that this is my kingdom and only My magic works here".

"But our swords do their job everywhere", Sinbad replied. "And if you have a sword in the stomach even your magic isn't able to rescue you".

Rumina started to laugh. She snapped her fingers. In this moment Firouz threw an exploding in front of her. But before Rumina could be tossed by it she disappeared slowly. "We'll meet again, Sindbad. One day. We'll meet again, sister Bryn. One day.... When my wounds are healed...".

Bryn looked at her. "Don't call me sister", she said. The next moment she found herself in Sinbad's arms.

"I'm so sorry, Bryn. I'm so sorry. If I had...". Bryn shook her head.

"Shut up, Sinbad", she laughed. But her face looked sad again. "Sinbad.. may I have this letter?".

Sinbad nodded and handed it out to her. He watched her, as she read it.

After a while she gave Sinbad the letter back. "My own sister tried to kill me", she whispered. "That's why I lost my memory. And the alien ship...", she looked at her bracelet which had started to glow. Slowly she raised her hand and took Sindbad's hand with his glowing rainbow bracelet. They looked at each other and Bryn understood what Briga told her. Bryn and you were united by destiny and your destiny will never come between you....

She sighed and smiled at Sindbad.

Back on the Nomad, they all went down below deck to talk about Rumina- and Bryn. Bryn explained the others everything she knew. For a while, she could almost hear, how Doubar and the others thought about her then Firouz got up and said: "I think you proved that you're Rumina's sister but not evil. I mean, we are all together for nearly two years now and you were always a good friend, Bryn. My family is not the best, too. You had bad luck. But that doesn't make you evil".

Bryn smiled. She understood what Firouz wanted to say. The others smiled too, hugged Bryn and went to their cabin. Bryn went up on deck and called Dermott, who flew across the ocean. She stood there a while, thinking about Rumina- and about Sinbad. Just in time she heard steps behind her.

"Still awake?", a gentle voice asked.

"It was a hard day". She felt Sinbad beside her at the railing. He had the letter in his hand. "I would love to meet Briga", Bryn said.

"I'm sure you will meet her one day.", Sinbad replied.

Bryn nodded. "I hope it.". She looked at Sinbad. "Do you think Briga told us the truth?".

He shrugged. "I don't know.... But I think so". Bryn nodded again. "She wrote about US, too", she almost whispered. "Do you think THIS is right?".

Sinbad smiled. He got closer to Bryn and caressed her cheek. "Yes, Bryn. I think this is absolutely right.". And as their lips met, they both heard the voice of Briga:

Bryn and you were united by destiny and your destiny will never come between you...

The End

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