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First off, I want to say a big thanks to my best friend Jenn. Without her, this page wouldn't exist. She's the one who help me learning HTML, help me finding stuff and all. Thanks Jenn!! ((JENN))

Second, I want to thanks HBKid and Keren to allow me to use their pics! THANK YOU BOTH OF YOU! Also thanks to Maeve3000 who let me use some of her pics (pics #45 to 51). Thanks!

A very special thanks goes to the all the members of the SinbadBryn list. You guys know why I love you all so much!

And another special thanks to everyone who allowed me to post their stories on my site. And of course to everyone who signed my guestbook and who emailed me. Your guys are great! I love hearing from you.

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They have wonderful tons of cool backgrounds! Though I think Patern Land doesn't exist anymore...
Some also comes from . A great selection of great backgrounds!

All icons, lines, divider and stuff like that were taken at Leo's Icon Archive More than 5000 free stuff.

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All the pics are not mine. I don't have a snappy to make pics. I took them a little around the web. If you see a pics of yours that you don't want me to use, please email me and I'll remove it.

All the characters of the Adventures of Sinbad are not mine. I'm not making any money from using them. But the authors' story are their proprity. Don't add those stories without their permissions. Thanks.