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Summary: It's 3 years after the end of the second seasons and things are not the way we thought they would be.
Category: Dark/Future Fic
Rating: R

Summary: Before the Sacrifice. Bryn wakes up on an island, remembering nothing of who she is.
Category: action/drama (not really sure, it what fits best, I think)
Rating: G

Fly the Sky
Summary: It's a drabble. Not much of a summary...
Category: If there was a category called 'weird', this would definitively be classed there. But since there isn't... Romance/Drabble challenge answer
Rating: Just to be safe...R

Summary: A little poem, in Sinbad's POV
Category: Poem/Challenge answer
Rating: G

Sinbad vs Yahoo
Summary: A normal day for the Nomad's crew, an unsusual demon to fight!
Category: Humour
Rating: G

New beginnings
Summary: Sinbad's thoughts about the past year
Category: Short fic

I want you to love me 1
Summary: Bryn wants Sinbad to love her, but she's sure he never would, so she decides to help things...
Category: romance, (humour???)
Rating:pg13 (a little citrus (or is it lime?) in the beginning, if you can call it that...)

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