Please don't leave me alone ~ Chapter 1
By Ebonythrone

Author Notes:I don't own any of the characters, so don't sue me. If you like it send me an e-mail, my address is at the bottom. Sorry if I spelled any of the names wrong, I lost my list.

Bryn stood at the rail of The Nomad, staring out at the sea. Ever since their encounter with Scratch she had been plagued with thoughts of what e meant about her pedigree. The crew had started to act differently around her too since him. She noticed that they all watch more closely and there seemed to become nervous when ever she used her powers.

'Because of one comment,' Bryn though with sadness, 'they are suddenly suspicious of everything I do. Sinbad refuses to discuss any of this, even time I try he is to busy or need to talk with Doubar.'

She continued to search to sea for the answers that would bring her peace, when a voice called to her. It begged her not to leave it alone in the darkness. "I know this voice." Bryn whispered as she concentrated on the voice. 'It belong to someone important to me,'Bryn remembered as she closed her eyes and focused all her energy on this single purpose. As all her memories came rushing back to her, her childhood, first love, and the accident that took her memory. The voice was replaced by a face, her beloved twin sister pleading with her not to leave her there in the darkness with their father.

The stress of the last few days and the return of her memory was just to much for her mind to take. She collapsed on to the railing and would have fallen overboard if Sinbad had not walked by and grabbed.

"Bryn." He shouted grabbing her body as it started to fall over the railing.

Rongar and Doubar were coming above deck, when they heard the shout and run towards them. They found Sinbad holding Bryn trying to get her to wake up. Rongar hurried to get Firouz as the brothers tried everything they could to wake up Bryn. She was still unconscious when Firouz arrived and began examining her.

"I can not find anything wrong." Firouz said looking at Sinbad.

"Little brother, did she do or say anything before collapsing?" Doubar asked as they looked at Bryn still form.

"No, she was just looking out at the sea and then all of sudden she was falling." Sinbad replied not taking his eyes off of Bryn's face as Rongar made some quick jester.

"Rongar is right, Bryn may have been attacked by magic." Firouz said looking hopelessly at Sinbad.

"Then we need to find help and fast." Sinbad said before giving order for them to head for Basra.

"Why Basra?" Firouz asked as Sinbad picked up Bryn and carrying her to her cabin.

"Dim Dim's wife, Capira, is there and she will be able to help Bryn." Sinbad answered laying Bryn down on her bunk.

He stood there staring at as Doubar motioned for the rest of them to leave the cabin. Sinbad gently brushed his hands across her cheek before kneeling down next her.

"I am sorry." He said. "You wanted to talk about this and I could did not want to hear it. I thought that it would be better to ignore what Scratch said instead of dealing with it.

"But I am listen now, so all you have to do is open your eyes." Sinbad said taking her hand as the whole ship started to shake.

"I am coming." Sinbad said looking at Bryn one more time before leaving the room.

Bryn slowly opened her eyes to find herself in her cabin. She slowly sat up and then stood up. The constant movement of the ship was making it harder to walk. 'What are they doing?' Bryn wondered as she was slammed into the wall. The scene that meet her on the deck was one of pure chaos. One of Rumina's pet beast seemed to have found them or they had found it. Sinbad and the crew were trying to attack it but having no luck.

Suddenly, Bryn felt a surge of power run through her body. She became completely engulf in yellow flames. Rongar was the first to notice Bryn, he motioned to the others as the beast suddenly stopped attacking and stared at Bryn.

"Bryn!" Sinbad screamed seeing her engulf in flames.

"Sinbad, the flame is not burning her." Doubar said restraining Sinbad.

The flames became so intense that they could barely make out Bryn and then as suddenly as they appear the flames were gone. Bryn stood before them. in a golden gown similar to the kind that Rumina, her eyes glowed with a golden glow as she floated up to the face of the sea beast.

"Were is Rumina?" Bryn demanded as the beast cowled in her presence.

"I know not." the beast said as Bryn's eyes flashed.

"You are her personal pet are you not?" Bryn asked as flames shot from her eyes towards the beast.

"Yes." It whispered as the crew began to worry about how far Bryn was going to get her answer.

"Then tell where she is right now." She commanded ending the statement with more fire coming from her eyes.

"None of us have seen our mistress in months." the beast screamed in pain.

"Leave this place now and pray I do not discovered that you are lying the me." Bryn threatened as the beast disappeared.

The amount of engery she used was to much for her as she suddenly turned back into her normal dress. Sinbad and the crew watched in horror as she started to drop out of the sky. Doubar caught her as the other rushed to help. They quickly returned her to her cabin, were Firzes examined her and found that she was in a deep sleep.


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