Please don't Leave Me Alone ~ Chapter Two
By Ebonythrone

(Some character may act a little bit differently, just stay with me on this and I promise that all will make sense.)

“Rongar, you remain on the ship with Bryn,” Sinbad said as they dock in Bashra, “We will bring Capria back with us.”

As Sinbad, Doubar, and Firouz left to find Capria, Rongar went down to check on Bryn. He found her tossing in she sleep. He tried to stop her from hurting herself, when all of a sudden she stop and sat straight up on the bunk.

“Where are you?” Bryn called as her eyes started to glow again and her clothes changed back to the gold set she wore earlier.

She stood up and moved to leave the cabin as Rongor tried to stop her. She looked at him for a minute and then gently used her powers to move him out of her way. Suddenly, ropes appeared and tied him to the bed. Bryn check to make sure that he had not been hurt, as she explained to him.

“Sorry, but were I am going none of you can follow, the spell will end when the rest of the crew return to the ship.” Bryn said to Rongar before she left the cabin.

She quickly made her way topside, trying to avoid any of the crew that might stop her. Bryn quietly walked down the plank and quickly more through the city until she reached the cliffs on the far side of the city. She stood at the edge of the cliffs as the wind softly caressed her. Gathering her strength, she focused all her magic on a spot a few feet beyond the cliff. Slowly a hole began to open into any other dimension.

“Where is she?” Bryn demanded as she pulled Dim Dim through the opening.

Sinbad and the crew return to the ship with Capria, to find men moving about the ship searching for something. They quickly moved to see what the cause the problem was. Only to find Rongar tried up in Bryn’s cabin, but when they enter the room the rope disappeared.

“Where is Bryn?” Sinbad asked as Rongar stood up and signed what Bryn said.

“Bryn did this and said that she was going some place that we could not follow.” Firuoz explained what he had said.

“Your friend is very powerful,” Capria said examining the place that she had tried Rongor, “I might be able to find her if she uses her magic again.”

“How?” Firouz asked.

“She has very powerful magic, we should be able to follow her aura.” Capria explained to Firouz.

“Captain, you might want to come up here and see this.” A crew man shout from on deck.

“Now what.” Sinbad said as they all hurried to the deck.

“Or we could just go there.” Doubar said point to a mass of gold light by the cliffs outside of the town.

“Hurry.” Sinbad yelled as they all ran to investigate.

“I will ask you again where is she?” Bryn yelled at Dim Dim.

“I know not where she is.” Dim Dim explained trying to calm her down.

“You lie, only your magic is strong enough to hide her from.” Bryn yelled as her eyes started to glow.

“Bryn, stop.” Sinbad yelled as they ran towards the cliffs.

“Stay out of this Sinbad, it does not concern you.” Bryn yelled not removing her attention from Dim Dim.

“Little One, Master Dim Dim is a friend.” Doubar said trying to reason with her.

“All I ask is that he answer me one simple question.” Bryn said staring hole into Dim Dim.

“What is the question?” Capria asked.

“Where is Rumina and how is he hiding her presence from me?” Bryn said.

“I can answer both of those question for you.” Capria stated, “She is not hidden her magic was destroyed and she is now a slave to the merchant Tondieo in town.”

“How was her magic destroyed?” Bryn demanded.

“Dim Dim had us destroy the griffin stone.” Sinbad explained confuse about Bryn sudden interest in Rumina.

Bryn turned back the portal and pulled Dim Dim and Maeve through the portal. She then closed the portal and turn back toward the group of people gather not far from her. Sudden the wind started to pick up and they turned to find Bryn floating in the air as if she was sitting in a chair.

“I would pray, old man, that she is safe and unharmed or I will show you just what kind of trouble a daughter of Turak can truly cause.”

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