Please don't Leave me Alone ~ Chapter Three
By Ebonythrone

“What is going on?” Sinbad demanded as they helped Dim Dim and Maeve up.

“We do not have time for explanation right now, first we get to Bryn and then I will explain everything to you.” Dim Dim said as Dermott flew to Maeve.

“If you are going to get to Bryn, then we had better hurry.” Maeve said as the other all gave her a hug.

“It is good to see you, Lass.” Doubar said hugged her.

“We all have missed you.” Sinbad said happy to see his friend, but all his thought centered on finding Bryn before he lost her.

“We must hurry or all will be lost.” Dim Dim said chanting something as suddenly they were transported outside of a house in town.

It door was ripped off the hinges. Shouts could be heard come from inside the house and with sounds of things being destroyed. Everybody moves to enter the house, but Dim Dim motioned them all to remain outside and wait. They did not have long to wait before Bryn exited the house with an unconscious Rumina floating behind her. She had just notice the crew, when suddenly Turok appeared in the sky above them all.

“You still live.” He hissed staring down at his daughters.

“Sorry to disappoint you, Father, but I am very much alive.” Bryn said slowly gathering her power, trying not to alarm her father.

“Give me your sister and I will forget that you live.” Turok demanded.

“Never.” Bryn screamed sending a massive blast of energy at her father.

“You are strong, daughter, but not strong enough.” Turok said deflecting her blast and sending a stronger one straight at her.

Sinbad ran to knock Bryn out of the way, but before he was half way to her when it hit her. When the smoke cleared a man stood between Bryn and Turok. He was about Sinbad’s age and height with blonde hair and the build of a warrior. His armor was golden with a sun on the breastplate and one on the hilt of his sword.

“Still playing the faithful servant, Apollo.” Turok said addressing the man standing between him and his daughters.

“Leave,” the man called Apollo said pointing his sword at Turok. “You will never hurt them again.”

“You can not stop me.” Turok said laughing at them.

“No, father, but together we can.” Bryn said placing her hand on Apollo’s arm as his sword began to take on a golden glow.

“That is not possible.” Turok yelled forming a shield around him.

Apollo pointed the sword at Turok and released the energy at him. It dissolved the shield and knocked Turok out of the sky. Bryn sagged against Apollo as Turok disappeared, from the using so muck energy on defeating Turok. As more men dressed in similar armor to Apollo quickly surrounded him and Bryn. The crew moved closer to Bryn only to be meet by swords.

“That is close enough, Captain.” Apollo said as he motioned one of the men to take Rumina as Bryn lost her hold on the spell and wrapped his arm around Bryn’s waist to steady her.

“All I want is my crew member be returned to me and we will leave you alone.” Sinbad said ready to rip his arm off Bryn’s waist.

“I suggest that you all leave Turok will be returning soon.” Apollo said lifting Bryn up to carry, to reserve her energy and turned to leave.

“Apollo, you can not let Bryn return Rumina’s powers to her.” Dim Dim said trying to buy more time to think of a way to stop this.

“Leave here, old man, Turok hates you more than he hates Bryn with very good reason.” Apollo warned before he and his men started to glow.

“No.” Sinbad yelled run towards the disappearing figure only to disappear with them.

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