Please don't leave me alone ~ Chapter 4
By Ebonythrone

Sinbad materialized in the middle of a grove, surround by Apollo and his guards. He looked around the find himself in a sunlight grove as suddenly the sky was filled with birds. They all seemed to be trying to get to Bryn. Apollo gently tried to send the birds away, but they seemed to ignore him and focus on Bryn. Apollo hand Bryn to one of the guards to carry and motioned Sinbad to follow him as two guards stood behind him to be sure that he followed him.

‘I would appear that I have no choice.’ Sinbad thought following Apollo.

“We will see that you are returned to your ship, Captain.” Apollo said as they left the forest and looked upon a fairy tale castle.

“I will only leave this place with Bryn or I will not leave.” Sinbad vowed as he watches Bryn being carried by one of the guards.

“She is alright, she is just tired.” Apollo said, “I will warn you that my mistress will have some say about that.”

“Then I will have to have a talk with your mistress.” Sinbad said ready to do what ever it takes to get Bryn back.

“We will see.” Apollo said as they loaded Bryn and Rumina into the cart to be carried to the castle.

“When will I be able to meat your mistress?” Sinbad asked as they walked into the castle.

“Soon, Millasenda will show you to your room,” Apollo said as he and another man lift Bryn and Rumina out of the cart, walking in the opposite direction.

“Where are they taking them?” Sinbad asked as he moves to follow them only to be stopped by two guards.

“They will be in their usual rooms, but I would advise you to remain in your room until Mistress summons you.” Millasenda advised showing him to his room and left him alone in the room.

“Will see about that.” Sinbad muttered opening the door to meet by cold steel.

“For your safety, you need to remain in your room.” The guard said closing the door.

Meanwhile back in Bashra Dim Dim had his hands full trying to control Doubar and the others. He reasoned that Turok could return at any minute so that they would need to return to the ship. Doubar argued that they would never find Sinbad if they left the area.

“If Turok finds us here and kills us then who is going to help Sinbad?” Maeve asked shaking her head at them.

“Alright lass, we will return to the ship.” Doubar said finally agreeing with them.

They quickly walked through to the town and boarded the ship. Dim Dim started to go through the books in his pouch sure that he had put the book in their. He walked in to galley muttering to himself about people not leaving well enough alone.

“Dim Dim, what was Bryn talking about?” Firouz asked as they all sat down at the table.

“Yes, she seems to be very angry with you.” Maeve said.

“It is a long story.” Dim Dim said trying to discourages any further discussions on this subject.

“Well until we hear from Sinbad or Bryn, we have plenty of time.” Firouz said as Ranger started to gesture something beside him.

“Yes, I would also like to know too, why Bryn call Turok, father?” Doubar asked look at Dim Dim.

“Because he is her father.” Dim Dim said quietly staring at the book sitting in front of him.

“What! How could that monster possibly be Bryn’s father?” Doubar demanded starting to really worry about Sinbad.

“She was hidden from Turok, at a young age.” Dim Dim replied skipping over a couple facts.

Sinbad walked to the window, only to find that it was a sheer drop ‘I don’t think that we will be going that way.’ He thought turn back to survey the room again. But nothing in the room could help him escape let alone help him find Bryn. He was deep in thought trying to think way to escape with Bryn when Apollo entered the room.

“Mistress will see you now.” Apollo said he held the door open for Sinbad to leave with two guards standing outside the door.

They guards escorted Sinbad to a room. “Our Mistress will be with you shortly.” Apollo said closing the door behind them leaving Sinbad alone in the room. Sinbad was surveyed the room when a picture caught his attention. The woman in the picture looked familiar but he could not place where he had see. She looks like a princess out of a fairy tale.

“It is a very good likeness isn’t it?” a voice said behind him as Sinbad turn to be meet by a goddess.

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