Please don't leave me alone ~ Chapter 5
By Ebonythrone

"Bryn?" Sinbad asked as the vision in gold walked closer to him.

"She was our mother." Bryn stated simply as she stopped in front to the picture, she was dressed in golden skirt that stop just above her ankle and a gold top that stopped under her breast with a gold chain encircling her slim waist.

"Bryn talk to me please." Sinbad said as a feeling that he was losing her invaded his soul.

"What do you want to talk about?" Bryn asked as she sighs and walked over the chair set up on the balcony.

"What happen this afternoon?" Sinbad asked as he sat down next to her.

"I have my memory back and I remembered a promise that I had to keep." Bryn explained as she looks out at the ocean, "I promised my twin sister that I would never leave her, unfortunately fate and other did not care what we wanted."

"Rumina is your sister." Sinbad said knowing that this could mean only one thing.

"Yes and Turok is my father." She said answering his unspoken question.

"How?" Sinbad asked at a lost at what to say.

"Our mother was mistress here, her magic keep this place beautiful" Bryn said taking a deep breath as memories of her mother started to come back, "then father came, he was different will she was alive. We live her in peace until Mother died suddenly when we were five, Father want everybody to share in his suffering.

"We can stop if you want." Sinbad said taking her hands in his offering her comfort as the memories of the past haunted her.

"One day Dim Dim came to talk with Father, they argued and then father through him out. It seems that a prophecy spoke of Rumina and I, Dim Dim decided that is would be best if we were separated." Bryn said starting to shake so bad that Sinbad took her into his arm to try and help, "He snuck in that night a kidnapped me, but he did not stop there he removed my memories and put me in a deep sleep until the day that we were supposed to meet."

"Bryn it over, I swear nobody is going to do that to you again." Sinbad said as he gently rocked her and stroked her hair.

"He left her there with Father, know full well what would happen to her." Bryn whispered as tear rolled down her face imagine the pain that her sister must have endured.

"Mistress, your sister is waking." An older lady said standing in the door watching the stranger comfort Bryn.

"Thank you Ella have Apollo meet me outside her room." Bryn said as she hugged Sinbad quick before hurrying out of the room.

" I will show back to your room Captain Sinbad." Ella said as Sinbad stood up to follow Bryn.

"I think that I will go with Bryn." Sinbad said as he moved to follow Bryn only to be blocked by the lady.

"She needs to deal with Lady Rumina alone, but fear young captain she will seek you out later." Ella said smiling at the young captain.

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