Please don't leave me alone ~ Chapter Six
By Ebonythrone

Bryn stood outside the door to Rumina's room not sure what she wanted to do. Her sister had quite a temper as a child and if rumor were true, it had not improved with age. She was still under decided about how she was going to deal with her, when Apollo joined. The warrior saw the worry in her eyes, but more importantly he saw fear in her eyes.

"She can not stay angry forever and it was not your choice to leave her there." Apollo reasoned trying to give her some hope.

"I guess I am just going to have to take my chance then." Bryn said with a sad smile as she open that door.

Rumina glanced towards the door expecting to see her father, but instead stared into a pair of hauntingly familiar eyes. Even as her brain told her take the person in front of her was not her missing sister, her heart and soul screamed that it was Bryn standing in the doorway. But years of loneness and angry would not be forgot as she suddenly realized that her father was right and Bryn had abandon her.

"You lied." Rumina choked out as angry burned in her eyes, "We promised each other after Momma die that we would never leave the other."

"I had no choice, Dim Dim kidnapped me," Bryn explain know that it would be almost impossible to make her see the truth.

"Why wait so long?" Rumina demanded trying to get off the bed only to be stopped by a frowning Apollo.

"Dim Dim removed all of my memories, until yesterday I only knew that my name was Bryn." Bryn said moving closer to the bed causing Rumina to glare at her even more, "Mina, I would never have left you alone with father, you know that even if you don't want to admit it."

"Don't even call me that, my sister is the only who can call me that name." Rumina screamed in angry, "Your not her, she is dead, do you hear my she is dead."

"Rumina stop this you are only going to hurt yourself." Apollo said trying to soothes the angry sorceress, "Bryn, why don't you go take a walk while Rumina and I have a talk."

Bryn simply nodded and left the room, heading straight for her own room. She collapsed on the bed with tear running down the face as the scene with her sister keep replaying in her mind. Ella entered the room and tried to comfort her, but nothing could stop the pain of Rumina words. Ella left her in the care of a couple of maids and when to see if the young captain could be of any help.

"Enter." Sinbad said as he continued to pace around the room.

"Captain, I wonder if you could help my with Lady Bryn?" Ella asked as Sinbad stopped pacing at the mention of Bryn's name.

"What is wrong?" Sinbad demanded as the horrors of what Rumina could have done to her ran through his mind chilling him to the bone.

"She is not responding to anything we have tried and thought that you might be able to help." Ella said see the answer in his eyes.

"Lead the way." Sinbad said determined to do everything in his power to help Bryn.

When they finally returned to Bryn's chamber, it was a completely different scene that greeted them. Bryn still lay on the bed, but tears no longer flowed down her cheeks, she lay there as if dead not making a sound and barely breathing. The maids stood beside to bed beseeching her to speak to them or at least open her eyes. The one maid informed Ella the suddenly Bryn had stopped crying and not would not move or speak. Sinbad had never seen her like this before, she was always the one with a smile and cheerful words for everyone, and it scared him to see she like this.

"Bryn, please open your eyes for me?" Sinbad asked walking over to the bed, still she made no response.

"No matter what is wrong, we can make it right," Sinbad said starting to get desperate for any response out of her.

"Bryn," Sinbad said taking her hands in his and started to say the words that he never thought he could say to any woman.


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