Please don't leave me alone ~ Chapter 7
By Ebonythrone

“I need you.” Sinbad said not really sure how to say what he was feeling, “I need the see you smile, hear voice, feel your presence near or it not worth get up in the morning.”

“So, tell me what is wrong and I swear to make it right.” Sinbad promised will to move heaven and earth just to get her to open her eyes.

“It is not good to spend all day lounging in bed, my sister.” Rumina said from the doorway as Apollo carried her into the room.

“Mina.” Bryn whispered as her eyes flew towards her sister.

“Yes,” Rumina said as Apollo sat her on the bed, “I am sorry.”

“There is nothing for you to be sorry for.” Bryn said as she embraced her sister with tears flowing down their cheeks, “we are together again that is all that I want.”

Suddenly all the animals on the island seemed to rejoice with the sisters. Birds cried out in celebration as the islands itself seemed the celebrated the return of it mistress’. Apollo motioned Sinbad to follow him as he left the two sisters alone get to know each other again. They entered the main hall where Apollo bid Sinbad to sit and ordered wine.

“A toast to reuniting a family.” Apollo said as the servant poured two glasses of wine.

“I am still a little lose at all that is going on.” Sinbad said hoping to finally get some answer to his questions.

“Then join me and I will tell you a sad story,” Apollo said taking a sip of wine before starting his tale, “Long ago this Island was ruled by the sorceress Shalyna, she meet and fell in love with a wizard named Turok. Together they ruled in peace and after a couple of year Shalyna gave birth to twin daughters: Bryn and Rumina. Then darkness invaded the Island; a man named Javire come and wanted Shalyna for himself. She rejected him and in his angry he killed her. Dim Dim arrived on that night to warn Shalyna and Turok about a prophecy, he had discovered regarding the twins.”

“What happened next?” Sinbad questioned as Apollo suddenly stopped staring into the fire in the hearth.

“Dim Dim arrived to find the Island in chaos, Turok was beside himself with grief.” Apollo said quietly, “Revenge consumed him all he could think of was making the world pay for his pain, so great was his grief that he did not notice that one of his daughter had been spirited way.”

“Why were they separated,” Sinbad wondered as the night slowly crept up and the only light in the hall was the fire.

“You will have to ask Bryn those question your self, I don’t have the answer to them.” Apollo said as servants entered the hall started to set the table for dinner, “Ella will take you back to your room before dinner.”

Rumina’s Room

“What happened to you?” Rumina asked after Apollo and Sinbad left the room.

“That night Dim Dim said that he knew where mother was and that I would be able to bring her back,” Bryn said reliving, “I did not know that you were not coming with us, he told me that everything would be alright.”

“How did you lose your memory?” Rumina asked as Bryn moved to stand in front of the window, after a few moments she began to speak.

“I fought him once I relieved that I was separated from you,” Bryn said still stare out the window lose in her memories, “He finally relieved that I would never do what he wanted as long as I had my memories, so one night I fell asleep with my memories planning my escape and the next morning the only thing that I could remember was my name.”

“He stole your memories,” Rumina said not believing that Dim Dim would go that far, “but why, do you know why he took you?”

“If he told me why, then that memory is still lost somewhere.” Bryn said turning back from the window and looked at her sister on the bed, “enough of the my past, I think that we need to discuss yours.”

“Do we are want to talk about the past at all,” Rumina said trying to change the subject, “let focus in stead on the future and the men wait downstairs for us.”

“It won’t work, Mina” Bryn said shaking her head with a smile, “I know that you haven’t done something that you shouldn’t have.”

“That could depend on your point of view.” Rumina argued know that she was losing the discussion.

“What about Drimit?” Bryn questioned moving to stand next to the bed.

“That was entirely that witches fault, if she had not interfered then nothing would have happened,” Rumina explained that meeting her sister’s eyes, “She interrupted the spell and cause the transformation not me.”

“Why haven’t you changed him back then?” Bryn asked want to believe her sister, but childhood memories of Rumina getting them into trouble with magic experiments invaded her thoughts.

“I didn’t cause the change, so I can’t change him back.” Rumina said using one of the basic rules of magic to defend herself.

“If you can’t change him back and Maeve can’t, then who can.” Bryn asked puzzled by this mystery.

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