By Kara

Bryn stood at the railing and looked out in the wide open ocean. She thought of her feelings for the Captain, Sinbad. Since the kiss a few months earlier, she thought often of him. She wondered, if his feeling for her were true. He had so many women on their voyage- and Bryn can't remember that he loves someone of them truly. She sighed and called Dermott back. Tiered, she went to her cabin. On her way, she has to cross the door to Sindbads Cabin. A loud voice came out of it.

"You know, that I swore, that I never will love a woman like I loved Maeve!", Sinbad voice called.

Bryn eyes were filled with tears. Without hearing anything else she ran into her cabin. 'I knew it!', she thought. But she didn't hear Sinbad's next sentence:

"But when I see Bryn, it's hard for me to think of another girl. I really love her, but I swore...."

Doubar, who had listen to Sindbad problems got up from Sinbad's bed. "It's your choice, Sinbad. But I think, Maeve would be happy, if she could see you happy."

Sinbad sighed and nodded. His big brother left the cabin. With another big sigh, Sinbad fell on the bed an into a deep sleep. In his dreams, he saw a beautiful woman with long, brown hair, and soft brown eyes.

Maeve! He called.

The woman turns around. It makes me sad to see you so unhappy, my love.

Sinbad tried to touch Maeve, but he couldn't move.

Go to Bryn, Maeve said softly. Go to her, and admit your feelings to her. Your True feelings to her, Sinbad.

Sinbad shook his head. I will always love you, Maeve! I promised it!.

Maeve touched gently his cheek. Forget this promise, Sinbad. I know, that you will always love me. I know that love can survive into eternity, Sinbad, especially our love. But be lucky, just for the moments you're with Bryn. You love her and you shouldn't hide it. We two will always be united. Trust in me, Sinbad and go to Bryn..... Maeve began to disappear.

I'm so sorry, Maeve, but I love her. You're right.

Maeve smiled. I know, Sinbad. I know...

"Maeve! Don't go!". Bryn saw down at Sinbad and shooked her head. She touched Sindbads cheek in the same way, Maeve did. Suddenly he opened his eyes.

"Bryn?", he asked.

Bryn nodded. She got up and went to the door. "You dreamed, Sinbad. You dreamed of your true love. And you didn't dreamed of me", she called with tears in her eyes. "Don't play with me, sailor! Don't say you love me and think of Maeve!"

Sinbad shook his head again and again. "You're right, Bryn. I didn't dreamed of you. I dreamed of Maeve. But I love you, Bryn. I didn't want to notice that because I missed Maeve so much and promised to love her until eternity. But when I see you....", he got up and went to Bryn. "I love you Bryn. And I know it's true love".

Bryn went a step away from Sindbad. "And what is about your promise?", she asked.

"I love Maeve in another way like I love you. I love her like my best friend, like my sister and like my love. These things together. She means so much to me and now she's away. In these ways I love her. But you, Bryn, I love you just because I love you. Nothing else. Just you and me and our love."

Bryn tried to hide her smile. She wasn't sure if he means what he says. But as she looks at him she just gave up thinking of this fear. She just went over to him and smiled at him. She could feel his breath in her face. "You love me, Captain?", she whispered.

Sinbad got closer to her and nodded. "Yes. I love you".

Bryn's lips almost touched his lips. "I love you, too, Sinbad".

Sinbad smiled a little and got a step closer. He touched Bryns neck and then he kissed her. In this moment, Bryn didn't thought of Maeve. She just kissed him back.


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