Fanfic Quotes

Here you'll find quotes from fanfics that are cute/beautiful/heart-breaking/funny/weird, etc. Want to submit yours? Just Email me and tell me which fanfic it comes from and who wrote it.

It doesn't have to be Sinbad/Bryn quotes at all! Just make sure it comes from a second season story, that's all!

When others meet you after knowing Maeve, they sometimes make the mistake of thinking that you are weak. The truth is, you are stronger than us. (Sinbad POV, about Bryn.)
Noelerin, "Help me fall"

I am afraid to let you in but I'm more afraid of letting you go. (Sinbad POV, about Bryn)
Noelerin, "Help me fall"

I wanted to scream, to cry and to hit him, to hold him and kiss away his sorrow. (Bryn POV, about Sinbad)
Noelerin, "How come?"

I am such a fool because I can't stop loving you, even if you don't love me. (Bryn POV, about Sinbad)
Noelerin, "How Come?"

Bryn (after Sinbad kissed her):"You had no right to do that."
Sinbad:"You looked like you needed it."
Myst, "Shadows of Destiny"

Scratch: "I want: Non-peace in the world, no more goody-goody people, no more good magic, no more love, no more happiness, no more smiles and I want Sinbad."
Myst, "Shadows of Destiny"

I know I will hurt again, but he is worth the pain. (Bryn)
Myst, "About that kiss"

"I asked the owner about the storm and he said that it happened almost every year. So I guess there's nothing to worry about." He paused a moment before continuing. "Not that I was worried." (Sinbad)
Ruby, "I dreamed of a white Christmas"

Of course, it was already hard to think when Sinbad was looking at me with those eyes and that smile. (Bryn)
Ruby, "I dreamed of a white Christmas"

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