My answer to the drabble challenge. I have one word to call it: weird. As I was re-reading it, I noticed how weird it sounded. So, if you don't understand anything, it's normal. I think I have a thing for weird stories. Oh well! Read it at your own risks! And please, don't ask me where I got the title, because it simply apppeared in my head, just like that!

Fly the Sky
By Crystal

Dark night, burning passion under the moonlight. Two will make one. A hot wind blowing, heat rising. Nameless shadows, only knowing each other. Searching and discovering. Surfing to paradise.

A lone observator, perched away. His night vision catching everything. The winged crew member, an unseen smile. Flying away, leaving on shadow behind.

Cold night turning into a hot summer night. The one shadow moved in harmony, as waves rocked the ship. Silent night, only whispers heard by the sky above.

Two bodies, one soul. A moment, fading away, coming back. Two people, becoming different. Two and then one.


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