How Come?
By Noelerin

Disclaimer: I don't own AoS. The song is by Suzy Bogguss, Anthony Smith, & Michael Garvin, which means I don't own it either. Darn.

Author's Note: I'm new to writing first person, so forgive me if this is awkward. Plus, it's been a while since I've done anything AoS and it took me less than 45 minutes to write this.

** Song Lyrics **

"Maeve, Maeve, Maeve." I muttered as I kept a sharp look-out from the tiller. "From the first moment I met him, that's all he ever thinks about. She seems to haunt his mind and his heart."

** Baby, what has she got ? / Baby, what's she do? / What is this power she has over you? / How come you go to her? **

She just appears out of nowhere, in a village that is suddenly desolate and destroyed and you don't suspect a thing-even though you know she's with Master Dim-Dim. Oh, no. You just run of after her like some obedient puppy when she whistles. Don't even give a thought to us, to me. I pause my inner monologue to avoid a nasty looking wave, before settling down again.

** What keeps you running to her door? / Ain't no way that she could love you more. / How come you go to her? **

And of course, he touches me, talks to me, and makes me feel at home in his arms and on his ship. Tells me with his eyes that he cares for me. I always loved being with him, just being.

** Ain't I got looks, ain't I got the charm? / Ain't I got this heart that's true? You said it was heaven in my arms. / So how come they ain't holding you? **

And then he says to me, 'It's your will. It brightens up your face.' Okay, I know I sound bitter and I'm mocking him, but I think I have a right to. I notice that my hand is touching my cheek, like he did and glare at it. Oh, no, you don't. Not this time, Sinbad.

** It is cause I scare you? / Is it cause she don't? / Cause I could win your heart and you know she won't. / How come you go to her? **

From all I've heard, she didn't like any of you. Is that what you like, Captain? A woman who despises you? Is that why you run to all those other women, so that you can hate yourself for being weak? Are you trying to prove something to yourself?

** Ain't I got looks, ain't I got the charm? / Ain't I got this heart so true? / You said it was heaven in your arms. / So how come they ain't holding you? **

He comes up the stairs, looking so devilishly handsome. I flush red all over as I remember being held really close to that strong body of his. It was heady having him hold and kiss me, like I meant something to him. Then I frown, seeing him smile off into the distance. He's probably thinking about Maeve again.

** All of the good love. / You could ever want. / You could get right here darling. / But you don't. **

"Hey." I call out, just because I feel like punishing myself by hearing his voice. "Thinking about today?"

He joined me and smiled, murmuring a noncommittal "Mhmm."

I wanted to scream, to cry and to hit him, to hold him and kiss away his sorrow. Till the Maeve's memory was no more. But I did none of those things, I just said a quiet good-night and went below. I am such a fool because I can't stop loving you, even if you don't love me.

** How come you go to her? **

The End?

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