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Captain Someday
Summary: Sinbad, young crew member on the Adventurers, dreams of something bigger.
Category: Challenge answer, short story
Rating: G

Inside the Devil's Head
Summary: A look inside the head of our favorite villain after Hell House
Category: Short Fic
Rating: PG

A Question
Summary: A letter Bryn wrote to Sinbad sometime after Hell House. If she gave it to him or not remains a mystery.
Category: Romance
Rating: G

Tears for you
Summary: An ordinary day turns out to be not so ordinary...
Category: Action/Romance
Rating: Pg13 for some violence

Fight against the past 1 / 2 / 3(Conclusion)
Summary:Bryn meets someone from her past and must confront him
Category: Mostly advenutre, S/B moments
Rating: Pg

I dreamed of a white Christmas
Summary:It's Christmas time

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