Stories by Kara

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Summary: Sindbad is worried aout his feelings for Bryn. In his dreams he meets and old friend....
Category: Romance
Rating: G

I don't want to miss a thing
Summary: A small songfic
Category: Songfic/ Romance
Rating: G

I will love again
Summary: Sinbad gets visited by Maeve...
Category: Songfic/ Romance
Rating: G

A letter from the past
Summary: Sinbad gets a mysterious letter, Will it tell him about Bryn's past?
Rating: G

Summary:Having read the letter of Briga, Sinbad doesn't know how to tell Bryn about his past. As he finally is about to do that, it seems, that it is too late...

Truly, Madly, Deeply
Summary: A small songfic, in which Sindbad tells Bryn about his feelings for her
Rating: G
Category: Songfic/ Romance

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