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All for Love
Summary: Nightmares for both Sinbad and Bryn, a mysterious woman's riddle, and Sinbad's kidnapping by an evil force, lead Bryn to discover her powers and her past. She must rely on those powers now to save Sinbad from the evil force and save herself as well.
Category: Adventure, Romance
Rating: PG

How do I live
Summary: Sinbad finally comes to a decision about his relationship with Bryn
Category: SongFic/Romance
Rating: G

One Sleepless Night
Summary: Unable to sleep, both Sinbad and Bryn find themselves alone on deck and they pass the time enjoying each other's company.
Category: Short Story/Snippet
Rating: G

When You Love Someone
Summary: Sinbad's missing Bryn
Category: SongFic
Rating: G

You Say It Best
Summary: At the end of a busy day, our favourite couple reconnects
Category: SongFic
Rating: G

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