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Of Close Calls, Coincidences, and Confessions
Summary: Sinbad and Bryn are faced with certain death... well, as certain as most things in life are, anyway.
Category: Action/Drama/Romance
Rating: PG

Summary: Bryn's reaction to one of Sinbad's flirtations.
Category: Songfic
Rating: G

Once a Prince
Summarybrief look at Rongar before he joined the Nomad's crew.
Rating: G

Words from the Accessory
Summary: Dermott's point of view on Sinbad and Bryn's relationship.
Category: Humour/Romance
Rating: G

The Issue of Trust
Summary: Bryn's parentage has just recently been discovered. She, Sinbad, and the rest of the Nomad crew face the new emotions and confusion that surface as a result of the discovery.
Category: Drama
Rating: PG

Love Montage
Summary:An alternate meeting fic. While searching for Dim-Dim, Sinbad encounters Bryn. Through song, Sinbad and Bryn express their newfound love for each other, while Maeve confesses her unrequited love for Sinbad
Category: Songfic

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