A letter from the past
By Kara

Dear Sinbad,

I'm Briga. I know, you have no idea who I am or where I'm from. That's good so. There's just one thing that you should know: I know Bryn and I know her past. All the things she has forgotten are in my mind- forever. I've never seen such a woman, full of love and full of tragic. She has no easy destiny. The best thing she could ever find was you. And the best thing that could happen to her was to forget her past. But I know that you love her and she loves you. She often talked about you in her dreams and that's why it is my job to tell you about her. All the truth. And it's you job to tell her. I hope you make it and I wish you the best for your love. The love between you and Bryn- one of my two sisters.....

I think I'm the only one of my family who doesn't have any magical powers. I was the oldest of us children. After me my mother got another child, my younger sister -Bryn. She was born at a warm day in spring- the birds sang, the sun shone bright over the ocean- almost a perfect day. You could see that Bryn carries the spring in her heart. She was the most beautiful baby in the world and she grew up to the most beautiful woman in the world. Since the age of two she dreamed and spoke in her dreams. Often I got to her at night and listened to her words. She smiled and said only one name: Sindbad. Yes, she said Sindbad. She often spoke of you. Sindbad- the sailor. Sindbad- the great Captian she would marry. Sindbad- the man she loves. My mother and my father laughed when they heard her. But Bryn never gave up hope. She came to me, sat down beside me and said: "One day, Briga, one day he will come and take me with him". I think she had a good childhood- till the age of five. On a cold, rainy fall day, my other sister was born- her name was Rumina. With the birth of the baby my father changed. He was a great sorcerer, one of the good kind. But with the growth of the child he turned to one of the dark sorcerer, the evil ones. He loved Rumina. For him, his littlest daughter was the goddess, a princess, a queen. At the first time I thought he forgot me and Bryn. But I was wrong. He only forgot me. Bryn was still on his mind because she had powers- great magical powers. Rumina grew up and with the age of eleven, Bryn was seventeen, she was one of the most evil persons I've ever seen. She tried to turn Bryn to the evil but there was nothing to do. Bryn still dreamed of you, of the great Captian Sindbad. And he- you- was a good one. He fought the evil ones. But now, when I got to Bryn at night, she spoke of Rumina and of the dark powers she had to fight. My mother died two months later. I think that was the reason my father needed to turn Bryn on his side. He uses the death of my mother to manipulate Bryn, the same way Rumina manipulated him. But Bryn was too strong. Oh yes, she was, and still IS, one of the strongest kind.

The last night I saw her she had a "discussion" with my father. I sat at the window looking out in the dark when I suddenly saw some yellow lightning. A few seconds later there was a grey one- grey like a rainy fall day. Then I heard a scream. I knew it was Bryn's voice. I rushed outside but I came too late- Bryn was dead, lying near the water. My father looked at me and tried to toss me but I could run away. After a few metres I turned around and saw a ship, an alien ship. The rainbow coloured light of the ship caught Bryn and brought her to the ship. And I felt that she would live again. That's all I can tell you. More didn't happen. My father- Turock- and Rumina went to other villages, tried to kill you. I went to an old woman who tried to teach me the magic- But I said it: I'm the only one in my family who has no magical powers. Maybe you're asking- If she hasn't magical powers who does she know that Bryn is here at me? I can tell you the answer: The old woman is a very powerful sorceress. She tells me about every step of my little sister. Yes, I really loved Bryn and I still lover her. I would give anything to see her again but I think there's really no way. The only way to help her is writing you this letter. I know you're the only person who can tell her about her past because you love her like I loved her. And though she can't remember and perhaps you can't remember- Your destiny is tied to Bryn's destiny. She loved you always and she will always love you. I hope you do it the same way.

So, I think this was the story. If you see Rumina the next time tell her that I'm still alive and I'm waiting for her. And never forget: Bryn and you were united by destiny and your destiny will never come between you.


The End

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