I Will Love Again
By Kara

(note: The Songs: I will love again by Lara Fabian don't belong to me)

It's was a clear and warm night. The stars shone brightly down at Sinbad, who sat at the tiller. He sighed. He just thought of her feeling for Bryn. He knew, he loved her, but what's about Maeve? Does he still love her? He sighed again. 'My feelings for Bryn are true', he thought. "I love Bryn", he said into the dark night.

Suddenly there appeared a woman on deck. *And what's about me?*, she seemed to ask.

"Maeve", whispered Sinbad. He tried to touch her, but his finger couldn't held her. With just another big sigh he began softly to sing:

Did I ever tell you
How you live in me?
Every waking moment even when in my dreams
And if all this talk is crazy and you don't know what I mean
Does it really matter?
Just as long as I believe

The woman disappeared slowly. Sindbad continued to sing:

I will love again
Though my heart is breaking I will love again
Stronger than before
I will love again

Even if it takes a lifetime to get over you
Heaven only knows
I will love again.

*This is what I've waited for* , the woman said, before she vanished forever.

Sinbad looked at the place, where Maeve stood. "Bye", he whispered. "I will love again", he added and thought of Bryn. "Stronger than before"


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