Note: My answer to the Drabble challenge on the sinbad/bryn list. It can go with my other story 'About that Kiss'.
Meant to be
By Myst

"I'm a little worried about Bryn, Firouz."

"I admit, she isn't acting like herself. She went in her cabin as soon as we got on the ship. She usually stays with us on deck for awhile."

"This is one of those times when I wish I could shake my brother hard!"


Ignoring Firouz, "Poor girl, she looked so devastated!"

Frowning, "But why this time?"

"Firouz, you are so clueless sometimes! Imagine that Velda just kissed you and the next moment, she was kissing someone else!"

Nodding, "But Velda's too nice to do that."

Sighing, "That's not the point."

"Maybe Sinbad doesn't know Bryn cares about him in that way."

"Yeah. Sinbad can be a tad slow when it comes to the matters of the heart."

A silence. "Doubar, do you think he cares about her in that way?"

Shrug, "Probably, but he's scared to be engaged into a relationship. Even so, I hope he realizes that he hurt Bryn. He wouldn't want to."

"Maybe it's because they're not meant to be."

"Or maybe it's because they are."

The End

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