New Beginnings
By Crystal

Author's Note:Don't own any of the characters. Set right after Hell house. Sinbad's thoughts about the past year. This is a short fic.

The Nomad was sailing peacefully on the calm sea. The ship just left the port and was ready to meet with its next adventure. Sinbad was at the tiller, completely lost in his thoughts. What a day! But he was now seeing things in a different way, thanks to Mala. She really learned him a lot. He owned her his life and the ones of his crew. He felt strangely connected to her. She familiar, but he couldn't understand why. He wished they meet again, but somewhere, inside of him, was telling him he would never see her again.

He sighed and turned his attention to his brother, who wasn't acting normally. Doubar was staring at a box, sadly. Since they came back on the Nomad, Doubar had this sad look in his eyes. Sinbad wished he could help him in some way. His brother was his only family now. Doubar had always been there for him and it was now his turn to take care of his big brother.

His eyes moved to Bryn. She was near Doubar, her eyes staring at him. She seemed to understand his sadness. She moved close to him and passed an arm around his shoulder. She was talking to him, softly. Doubar smiled at her words and squeezed her hand and got up, with the box in his hand. Without looking at it another moment, he through it overboard. It made a small noise when it fell in the water. He wiped the tears away from his eyes.

Sinbad frowned, wondering what was going on. He didn't understand Doubar's attitude. But he knew his brother would talk to him. Sooner or later. When the time will come. He watched Doubar going down deck and his eyes returned on Bryn. Bryn. He sighed. From now on, he promised to stop acting like a jerk.

Meeting Mala made him realise a lot of things. How much life was precious and how awfully he had been acting since Maeve disappeared. Passing his anger on everyone else around him. He was determined to change back into the man he used to be. A good man, wanting nothing more but to help people in need. For his shake. For Doubar. For his crew. For Bryn.

He had feelings for her, he couldn't deny it, and he could feel a little something in her eyes when she looks at him. He wondered why, after the way he acted. But this time, he wasn't going to let her go away. It happened too many times. Bryn was special. He was lucky to have her around. " And I'm going to make sure you stay around a very long time, " he whispered to himself. This time was the good one.

He passed tiredly a hand through his messed hair. He needed a cut. Still staring at Bryn, he smiled. A new day was beginning for Sinbad, the Master of the seven seas.

The End

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