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If that's what it takes
Summary: Fourth piece in the songfics series
Category: Songfic
Rating: G to PG, possibly

Raining on our love
Summary: Takes place after "How Come?" and "Help Me Fall". Maeve's pov. * lyrics *
Category: Songfic
Rating: PG

What is the Purpose? 1 | 2 | 3 (Conclusion)
Summary: Continuation of Everything has a purpose and What is the Purpose
Category: Action/Adventure/Romance
Rating: PG

Help me fall
Summary: Sinbad's P.O.V. A part 2 to my "How Come?"
Category: Thinking piece.
Rating: G

Stranger things have happened 1 | 2 (Conclusion)
Summary: Ever seen the Hercules ep, "Stranger in a Strange Land", this is my take on it.
Category: Mystery, Romance.
Rating: G to PG, to be on the safe side.

A singular event 1 | 2 | 3 (Conclusion)
Summary: Bryn's past is revealed. She is somehow linked to a strange land and…Rumina?
Category: Action/Adventure. Romance
Rating: G to PG, to be on the safe side

Sherwood...Bryn Sherwood
Summary: Bryn finds a brother, a new name, and her past.
Category: Crossover. Angst.
Rating: G.

Summary: Bryn sets out to make peace with her past. Sequel to Sherwood, Bryn Sherwood.
Category: Action/Adventure. Romance. Angst.
Rating: G.

Everything has a purpose 1 | 2 | 3(Conclusion)
Summary: Five extra ordinary girls have an unusual battle before them.
Category: Friendship. Action/Adventure. Angst. Before Sinbad and the gang.
Rating: G to PG, to be on the safe side.

What is the purpose?
Summary:The girls have grown up and their lives are about to become a little more complicated. Sequel to Everything Has A Purpsoe.
Category:Friendship, Reunion. Possible romance later on.
Rating:G to PG

For the first time
Summary: Vignettes of the crew's last three adventures detailing Bryn and Sinbad's growing relationship.
Category: Songfic/Romance.
Rating: G.

How Come?
Summary: I couldn't resist. This is in Bryn's P.O.V. after "Hell House".
Category: Angst? A bitter Bryn.
Rating: G

The Curse of the gorgons
Summary: Bryn relaxes and writes in her diary.
Category: Reflection. Part of the Bryn's diary series.
Rating: G.

The Gift: After the battle
Summary: Bryn helps her new friends, discovers a hidden talent, and writes in her diary.
Category: Reflection. Part of the Bryn's diary series.
Rating: G.

The Path not taken
Summary: Bryn and Sinbad met as kids and become friends over time.
Category: Friendship/Slightly Romantic.
Rating: G.

The Path not taken: The Sequel
Summary: The reunion of Sinbad and Bryn.
Category: Friendship/Romance. Action/Adventure.
Rating: G.

It's Valentine's Day
Summary: t's Valentines Day and someone has hit upon a brilliant plan to win Bryn's heart. Will he succeed? Or will Sinbad figure it out in time and rescue her?
Category: Romance/Fluff.
Rating: G.

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