Often, some of you asked our opinions on a question. I listed them below with the answers of everyone who answered.

who do you think would win in a sword fight between Maeve and Bryn? And why??

(Asked by Crystal)

Jo: To me, this one is a no brainer. Bryn. Hands down. Why? Simple, watch the fighting styles. Maeve was always overbalanced on her feet. And her swings were more like she was using a croquet mallet, or a baseball bat, not a broadsword. Bryn was more agile, and her skill was way better. Add in her tai kwon do, and it would be Bryn.I think if it were a battle of Magic Bryn would win too. Her magic, like Tetsu said, was as much a part of her as blood is to us. Also, it's reactionary, elemental, and natural. Maeve's was learned, spell based, and she was not as strong. Watch, one fireball, and she was weakend badly.

Though, what a fireball.

I hope this helps, and I really do think this is objective, regardless of how I feel about Maeve. =P

Noelerin: I have to agree with Jo. Bryn seemed more confident holding a sword than Maeve, it was like a natural extension of her arm. Maeve seemed (at least to me) to be more comfortable fighting without the sword.

Ruby : I also think that between a sword figth, Bryn would win, like everyone else said. But in a magic fight, I'm not so sure. (I'm trying to be objective here!) Maeve was still an apprentice, but Bryn wasn't controling much her magic, as I remember. I can't say who would win, but I think that would be an hard fight, to me. Anyway, that was just my opinion and the way I see it. Hope it helps, Crystal.

Noelerin: Bryn's magic was more reactionary, she did conjure up one or two things when she concentrated (like that water funnel and cooling the brimestone) but for the most part I think her main source of power/magical skill was in her empathic abilities. (I think that's the word I'm looking for.) The really powerful stuff she did seemed to be from a pure emotional reaction, fear or whatever.

Maeve may have been an apprentice sorceress but the only thing I ever saw her do without looking it up was fireballs. She didn't seem like she actually felt confortable with powers, almost like she couldn't believe it.

I'd have to go with Bryn in a magical battle as well because her power would have been propelled by her fear (or whatever) from Maeve's fireball. And we've seen what she can do when she has a gut reaction to someone's threatening!