By Saderah

It was a cold evening at see. The Nomad was heading for Ameland, in the North Sea. The wind was blowing fierce and all of the crew showed their discomfort. It was really too cold for an Arabian crew, used to warm temperature and moderated sea! After having past the bigger part of the day inside, Bryn finally decided to take some fresh air before going to sleep. Some of the crew members were already in bed for they had had a really long and difficult day, dealing with the wind.

She opened the hatchback door and came outside. As she walk to Sinbad, she noticed that Doubar was at the tiller and Ahmed was securing the deck. They were they only guy on deck.

It was a special trip It was the first time they were going where there was snow, but also because it was the first time they were sailing without Firouz! The scientist had decided to stay home saying he didn't like snow, but every one knew it was more because Velda was going to join him in Basra!

Bryn walked to Sinbad who was standing by the rail. He was absorbed by the sea, as every time he was looking at it. She crossed her arms on her chest trying to keep warmth. The wind was blowing and she was freezing. "Sinbad?" she called. He didn't hear her, lost in his thoughts.. and the sea.

"Sinnbaadd" she said softly as she got closer to him. The next thing he heard was Ahmed yelling for midship: "Man overboard, man overboard, man over board". Then running to the rail to point the man in the water.

"Whole hands!! " Sinbad yelt! All the crewmembers ran on deck. "Rongar, prepare the longboat; Doubar, turn the ship; Bryn, sent Dermott" Every one knew what they had to do: the ship had to turn in circle to arrive almost in front of the man in the water and then turn a bit, just to keep that man into the circle. Then the longboat had just to get the man out and go back to the ship. It was something simple the had already practice, but now, it wasn't the same thing: it was the night, it was cold, so was the water, which meant that the man couldn't held on for very long in the water.

"Capt'n Sinbad! I'm afraid it is Bryn!" Ahmed said. Those words echoed in Sinbad's mind. 'No, it wasn't possible! Not her! Not Bryn!! No!!' He grabbed the rail "Hold on Bryn, we are coming" he yelled at the sea. "hold on."

In the cold water, and with the waves, Bryn knew she wouldn't be able to survive very longer. She felt herself breathing becoming slow, her arms and legs were getting unusable. She felt she was dying as the longboat drifted closer to her, she felt her life drifting farther away.

Aboard the ship, Sinbad was waiting for the return of the longboat with a warm blanket in his arms. He knew she didn't have any other clothes and was wondering what she will do once aboard. But for now that wasn't important . Sinbad tried to see what was happening with Bryn and the longboat, but all he could see was the little light Ahmed had taken in the boat with him.

It was more than time when the longboat finally reached Bryn. Rongar grabbed her arms and pulled her into the longboat. Ahmed, who was also in the longboat signaled with the lamp that she was now ok, on the long boat.

When they reached the Nomad, Bryn was completely frozen. Sinbad helped her to get aboard and wrapped her in the blanket to then led her down below in her quarters.

Once in her room, Sinbad lit up a candle. With the light it brought, he noticed the color of her skin. It was almost bleu! Bryn wasn't moving, she was sitting on a chair, her arms crossed on her chest. Sinbad had taken back the blanket so could removed her clothes, but she wasn't moving, staring at her feet, frozen.

--Come one Bryn" Sinbad told her, "I'll get you something dry while you get your wet clothes off." He smiled gently and left the room, to come back with one of his shirt. Bryn hadn't moved. She had wrapped her arms around her and rested her head on her shoulder, eyes closed. She was too cold to even try to move, paralyzed y the cold.

--Oh Bryn!" Sinbad said sadly. "Ok, let me help you ok?" she nodded slowly and Sinbad started to undo her belts. Then he took her hands in his. They were as cold as ice. "Bryn, you are really too cold, it has no sense!" He had to hurry to do something with her for he knew she wasn't about to move by herself.

After the belts came the boots, then... the dress *I can't do that* he thought. He had no choice. He started to undo the lace in her back. She didn't seem to care so he continued and simply got her completely naked. *I can't believe I did that. She will probably kill me for that when her mind will defrost* Then, he smiled to himself: she was beautiful, but he didn't take the time to enjoy and helped her to put his shirt on.

Then, Sinbad took another blanket and wrapped her in it, and led her out of her room to his own quarters. "Mine is warmer. I lit candles earlier so you'll be better there, ok?" He grabbed her gently but firmly by the waist to help her to walk.

It was truth, Sinbad's room was warmer. Sinbad led her to his bed "get into the blanket, I'll be right back." Sinbad told her, laying her in his bed. Them, he got out of the room and went in her room to take all her blankets, to get them on his room for Bryn. "Sinbad!" Doubar said "is she alright?"

--I'm not sure.. Allah, I wish Firouz could be here, he would know what to do!"

--Sinbad.. you know what you have to do..." Doubar gave him a look that said too much.

--Noooo no way Doubar I'm not going to.."

--Hey, you're the capt'n! So do your job! And it's the best thing you can do... you have to go in bed with her." Sinbad looked at his big brother, not sure about what to do. "You have no choice Sinbad! Perhaps, it's your chance!" Doubar said laughing softly. Sinbad knew Doubar was right. And he had no choice but help Bryn.

Sinbad got back on his room. Bryn was laid on her side and looked asleep. "Bryn??" he said softly, "Bryn, please don't sleep, in your present condition, you may never wake up!" he hadn't finished his sentence that he already regretted it *Sinbad! it's not a good idea to tell her that*

She understood and opened her eyes slowly, while Sinbad place some more blankets on her. Then he got his vest, his boot, his pants and his shirt off, keeping only is boxer on and climbed on the bed with her. "I want you to know that's I'm not doing that to seduce you but to keep you alive ok!" he told her, feeling really stupid! Then he simply grabbed her and wrapped his arms around her.

"Thanks.." she whispered, exhausted. Her hair was all wet.. and she was so cold. Her eyes were closing by themselves and Sinbad was afraid to loose her... "Please Bryn, don't sleep, please." He knew why he wondered that much about her: Beside she was a member of his crew, she was also his best friend, his confident, and even more than that.

They had grown closer together. He had always tried to hide his feeling for her, just in case Maeve would come back. But by now, he knew it was impossible. She and Dim-Dim were in another dimension, so he knew that even if he'd sailed every seas, he would never find her. And he knew he just couldn't spend his whole life waiting for somebody who would probably never come back. And it hurt him to think about that.

But his pain of loosing her was now comforted by another woman, totally different of Maeve. Someone with who he could share everything, even the most personal things of his life. And he knew she felt the same way about him. Never she had tried to hide something from him or get distant, they were the closest friends of the world.. Sinbad thought. And now he knew what it was much more than that, it was the love they had to each other, a real love, not only passion, but something about the deepest soul... "please Bryn, don't sleep, don't leave me..."

Bryn was wrapped by Sinbad, feeling safe, and so good, but so sick at the same time. She was shiving, and even with all the blankets over her and Sinbad, she wasn't sure she was going to be ok. She was more than worried about herself for she knew how dangerous it could be to be that cold.. and to sleep; though she was terrible tired. Her head was resting on Sinbad's shoulder, his chin about her head. He kissed the top of it.

She was breathing hardly, against Sinbad's chest, eyes closed. She felt she was leaving. She wasn't able to talk, not even to think. She wanted to cry. Sinbad too. He too felt like she was leaving. And he knew if she sleeps, it was going to be the end. "Allah. Please. Don't take her from me. Please Allah, don't. Don't.." he whispered.

Time past slowly. Sinbad tried as well as he could to warm her. He gently slide his hands under her shirt to discover she was still freezing. The dry shirt he had given her had got wet by her hair and her body, since he hadn't taken the time to dry her. How could she get better with a shirt like that? But that was the only thing she was wearing. So he had no choice. Slowly, he removed it. "If she's alive tomorrow morning, she will kill me for that" he thought. But in the situation she was, he didn't care. All he wanted was to help her to be ok.

Bryn to sigh. Sinbad held her as close as he could against him. He could feel her very body over his. Everything he's never got to see from her was now perfectly determinates. And he just loved it. But even if they could talk about any and every thing together, it was something he would never admit to her. He closed his eyes, trying to imagine her reaction if he'd tell her. He smiled for a moment, and with these thoughts, even though he was fighting against it, he fell asleep.

When Sinbad woke up, few hours later, he was laid on his side. Bryn was laying on her back, half out of the blanket. "Oh no!" Sinbad said, mad at himself for he had slept, "Bryn, wake up! Do not sleep!" he shacked her. "Bryn please, wake up!" He was more and more worried. He couldn't feel her pulls. He couldn't hear her breathing. He had fallen asleep, and so she had, and now she wasn't going to wake up.. Never.

Sinbad felt so guilty. He couldn't let that happening. "In the name of Allah, the most Grateful, the most Merciful.." he started to pray, pulling her in his arms. "May I be forgiven for what I've done. May she lives, may she forgive me. Allah please, don't let her die. Bryn please, wake up! WAKE UP!!" he was almost crying.

At this moment, Bryn started to move. "Oh Bryn! Thanks Allah!" he said with emotion, getting her back over him. "Bryn, you ok?" She slowly opened her eyes, "Sinbad?" she asked confused then was taken by a deep cough. "shuhhh Bryn, it's ok.." "No.. Sinbad.." she coughed again, Sinbad gently brushed his fingers on her cheek, "I won't be ok.. I.. I won't pass through.. I.. I.. just can't.. I'm sorry.." she sadly told him, trying to catch her breath. "You'll be fine Bryn, don't worry.." he told her with concern, trying to convict her as well himself.

And so Bryn fell back to sleep. Sinbad couldn't do anything about it. She was exhausted. She needed to rest, even though it was dangerous for her. All he could do was staying awaken to be sure she was alright and breathing. And warm her. Warm her to keep her alive, the only way.

He closed his eyes, unable to keep them opened anymore and silently made a last prayer to Allah to allow her to pass through the night. He'd never prayed that much, excepted maybe when Maeve had fallen overboard. And Allah had ignored his prayers. But Everything Has Its Purpose had now there was Bryn. He didn't want to loose her, never. So this time, he swore to Allah he would never forgive Him to let her die. Gently caressing her back, fighting against tears, he fell back in a deep sleep.

It was the morning when Bryn opened her eyes. She looked around, confused. She was laid her side, her back against Sinbad's chest, his arm protectively wrapping her arms and chest. And she was in his bed, naked. Naked! And so he was! Well.. almost! She slowly sat up in the bed, coughing, and realized what was happening. "I am alive. I'm alive!! Sinbad! You were right, see! I did it!" she managed to say, breathless before she coughed again.

Sinbad opened his eyes and sat up, leaning his chest against her back, "I know you could do it! I'm so glad." he said, wrapping his arms around her waist. "Thank you Bryn. I'm so happy, And thanks to Allah!" he said with emotion. She turned in his arms and rested her head on his chest. "no.. thanks to you Sinbad" She replied with the same emotion.

He laid her back with him in the bad, so she was over him. He held her thigh against him for a moment, then simply rested his arms on her back, gently caressing it by a move of his thumbs. He kissed the top of her head "You can rest now, ." She nodded.

She was about to fall back asleep, feeling safe and protected by Sinbad, when someone knocked at the door: "Sinbad," Doubar asked, "Can I come in?" Sinbad looked down at the tired Bryn laying over him. He carefully covered her shoulders with blankets so Doubar wouldn't notice she wasn't wearing her short anymore. "Yeah, come in." Sinbad finally answered.

Doubar walked in the room, looking at the couple comfortably laid on the bed. He smiled. "Feeling any better?" he asked Bryn. "Guess so" she replied to the big man. "In this case, maybe you'll allow us to take back the capt'n! He's needed on deck!" Sinbad sighed "Ok, I caught the message, I'm coming.." Sinbad said growling. It made Bryn laugh lightly but she started to caught, again.

"Ok, then I'll wait for you on deck." Doubar said, making his way to the door. "By the way, you two would make a really sweet couple!" he said before closing the door behind him. "Looks like I have to go." Sinbad said after he gave her another kiss the top of her head. Then slid of the bed.

He took his clothes at his feet and Bryn watch him as he got dressed. "Interesting?" he asked when he was done. "Very." She replied. "There's some other clothes on the trunk, when you need to get dressed since I don't think your dress is dry yet." She nodded. "By the way, Sinbad.. you saw me naked didn't you?" Sinbad smiled and sat by her side on the bed. "I did, but don't be embarrassed about that ok." He bent to whisper in her ear "You're a beautiful woman." He told her, then kissed her cheek. She blushed.

He walked to the door and opened it. "Oh and Bryn, next time you need attention from your capt'n, just tell me ok, don't jump over board!" He gave her one last smile and walked out the room, closing softly the door behind him. "I will Sinbad, don't worry. I'll tell you." She told herself before she fell back asleep on his warm and comfortable bad. Too bad he wasn't there anymore..

The End

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