Past Imperfect ~ Part One
By Boo

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Personal Disclaimer: For anyone who actually cares this is a Bryn and Sinbad story, actually it is mostly a Bryn story. There is a Bryn and Sinbad romantic theme present and if this offends oh well. I will say that I am not solely a Bryn/Sinbad shipper. I love Maeve I thought she was a great character and I could have easily written a story starring her. The thing was that I didn’t feel compelled to write that story. So the reason I felt compelled to write this story you asked? Either that or you just wish I would shut up and get on with it already. Anyway the reason is because Bryn is a gold mine of undiscovered mystery and the chance to make her into anything I chose was just too much of a temptation for me to pass up. I do appreciate feedback and respect constructive criticism. This does not include phrases like “Bryn Sucks, Maeve Rules,” to this juvenile attempt to rile me you will receive a TACW (Turbo Automatic Cyber Wedgie) delivered via the net by Queen Ephiney and her Amazons.

Dedication: This story is dedicated to my best friend, the Jane to my Daria and my partner in crime Barbi Cali. I hope that your own journey to find yourself succeeds and remember that we will always be family, bound by friendship if not blood.

The night of the new moon was bathed in utter darkness as a single ship could be seen floating in the misted of the calm waters of the ocean. The waves, really no more than ripples, gently lapping at the ship’s hull setting it to rocking slightly. The lone sailing vessel was appropriately named the Nomad for the wandering adventurous spirit of her captain. The dark skinned moor manned the helm and seemed to blend into the night, a solitary figure with only the whites of his eyes visible. The set of his shoulders and the way a carried himself bespoke of pride, strength…courage. The lone figure surveyed the calm seas thanking Allah that it was turning in to a quiet night for once. The sea however keeps many secrets with in her depths and the calm was deceptive as off in the distance the rumble of the thunder could be heard. The storm brewing above however was nothing compared to the storm brewing below. For below the secrets of a lifetime were churning, and when the past catches up to us our lives are seldom if ever the same.

Bryn tossed and turned on her bed thoroughly caught in the throws of a nightmare. The young witch mumbled in her sleep her brow heavy with sweat. Dermott cawed loudly and repeatedly trying to awaken his Mistress, but Bryn just continued to become more restless and started to thrash about madly. “Father No!” she yelled tangling in her sheets, her arms and legs flaying about. The young sorceress bolted awake hitting her head on one of the ships cross beams in the process. One of her free hands automatically went to her injured head and gently explored the bump that was rising under the flesh of her forehead. The nightmare and the pain had caused her to become a little disoriented, so she failed to acknowledge the rather frantic pounding at her cabin door. Just when the young magic holder found her voice and was about to answer, the door frame splintered and broke as Doubar heaved his impressive bulk against her door. The poor door never had a chance against the mighty mountain of a man.

Sinbad rushed in half-afraid of what he might find in Bryn’s room. In all his years at sea the young captain had never heard a scream to rival the one Bryn had just released. He rushed in after his brother expecting to find a demon devouring his friend, instead he encountered a thoroughly pissed off and embarrassed looking witch, in a sheer nightgown. Bryn’s eyes were glowing yellow with anger, but that is not what the young Captain noticed first. No, the first thing he noticed was how he could make out the outline of her body through that sheer nightgown. He mentally gave himself an order to stop staring and that is the moment he noticed her eyes. She did not look happy and the anger was a tangible thing radiating off her waves. Sinbad mentally kicked himself again when he was struck with the unbidden thought that she had never looked as incredible sexy as she did right now.

“Sinbad just what in the Hell did you think you were doing,” Bryn snapped more out of embarrassment then real anger.

“I heard you scream,” the Captain defended still a little mentally off balanced, “That usually signifies that someone is in trouble,” he said tightly.

“So you had Doubar break down my door,” Bryn said incredulously, wanting to happily throttle him for his caveman behavior. Sinbad looked to his brother for support but Doubar wisely remained silent, becoming very interested in the ocean view outside Bryn’s window. Sinbad sighed, he knew that he had overreacted, but the young Captain had been overly protective of all of the crew since their run in with scratch. He also realized that he had been even more protective of Bryn and had known that a confrontation like this had been coming between him and her. He would have bet the Nomad though that she wouldn’t have been half dressed when it happened. He then of course would be out of a ship, and he allowed himself a small smile at the irony of it all. The young Captain began to wonder if he was cursed. What was it with him and woman that didn’t need his protection? Sinbad allowed himself another small smile noticing that Bryn’s eyes blazed brighter as she noticed causing him to bit back his grin. He knew that he needed to make amends before she zapped him in the backside or another more sensitive part of his anatomy.

“Bryn I’m sorry, I just heard you scream and believed you to be in trouble,” Sinbad said sincerely his blue eyes warm and caring.

Bryn had been seriously thinking about scorching him in the backside after watching him bite back not one but two of his infamous grins, but his apology had it’s desired effect and the light of anger died in her eyes. Now it was Bryn’s turn to sigh as she realized that she had overreacted as well. It was just that she was feeling more than just a little bit exposed standing in front of the Captain in only her nightdress. She sighed heavily in confusion, with the remnants of her nightmare still floating in her mind she just wasn’t able to deal with her Sinbad’s worry and concern right now, as wonderful as he can be about things.

“It’s all right Sinbad no harm done, I was just having a nightmare,” she confessed the sense of fear she had felt lingering in her mind, “and Doubar next time just knock,” she added with a grin trying to shake herself back into reality.

Doubar blushed and replied embarrassed, “Aye little one, and I will come fix your door in the morning,” he said turning to leave. As Doubar was on his way out Sinbad clapped his brother on the back and grinned at him. The big man’s hazel eyes met his brother’s and he let at a hearty laugh that could be heard throughout the Nomad. With his Brother gone Sinbad’s ocean blue eyes turned serious as he faced the dark eyed sorceress.

“Do you want to talk about it,” Sinbad said gently his gaze soft and intense.

“No,” Bryn answered softening her reply with a smile, “I’m afraid there isn’t much to tell anyway, the dream has already faded,” she added her voice thick with frustration.

“It will come Bryn just give it time,” the captain replied softly understanding her frustration.

She smiled again ruefully and he returned her smile before leaving her to get some sleep. He was just outside of the door when he heard her whisper to the ocean, “Yes. But will I like what I find.”

It had been a week since the incident with Bryn and her nightmare. Everything had appeared to go back to normal for a couple of days, but everyone in the crew had noticed the changes in Bryn. She seldom would smile and flatly refused to talk about anything beyond the weather or the mundane happening of the crew. What was giving the crew a collective migraine was the more withdrawn and sullen Bryn became, the more irrational and tyrannical their captain behaved. It had started four sunrises ago and become progressively worse. The young captain Sinbad was unbearable, asking the crew to do ridiculously pointless things around the ship all the while working himself into exhaustion. If things were not done to the captain satisfaction the crew found themselves doing them over and over again. Anybody else’s men would have already mutinied, but lucky for Sinbad he had a leveled headed big brother to keep the peace. Doubar found himself intervening more and more in petty squabbles Sinbad started with the members of his crew. Already this mourning the young Captain had told Firouz to stop with his damn tinkering and get up on deck, maybe do something useful for change. The crestfallen expression on the young inventor’s face had made even Doubar feel for the physician. With Rongar he had told the moor to learn how to tie a decent knot or find a new line of work. The big man could tell that the only thing keeping his little brother from sporting a brand new dirk in his chest was the moor’s deep friendship with the captain and his princely manners. The big man himself had also been on the receiving end of Sinbad’s fowl mood and the only thing keeping him from taking his little brother over his knee was the upcoming port of Tangier. It was time for their annual festival of the new moon, which was known far and wide as one of the greatest festivals in all of Morocco. Doubar just hoped that the festival would shake Sinbad and Bryn out of their dark moods. Just then the big man heard the beginnings of a fight and he knew that the port would not arrive in time.

“Dammit Abdul I told you to check the rigging,” Sinbad growled at a wiry sailor.

“Captain I check the rigging less than a candle mark ago and it is tied tighter then the bug you got up your arse,” Abdul growled right back his small dark eyes snapping. The middle-aged sailor had been with the crew of the Nomad for a long time and Captain or no, Sinbad was trying his patience with his juvenile behavior. Though smaller then the young captain the wiry little bald man made up for his lack of size through cunning. If the captain wanted to start a fight he was going to be in for a surprise.

Sinbad just looked at the old sailor in menace all his anger and frustration boiling inside of him. He swung his fist at him only to have it caught in mid swing. The captain then turned the full force of his anger on the interloper only to come face to face with his brother Doubar. The deep scowl on his older brother’s face only fueled his anger and he turned on the man who had been his father figure for many years.

“Doubar how dare you make me look like a jack ass in front of my crew,” Sinbad hissed a bit loudly. All the working hands near the rear of the ship stopped to see what would happen between the two brothers, and Abdul just settled back against the railing with a grin on his leathery face. Looks like he wasn’t going to have to teach the young pup a lesson after all. The middle-aged sailor just hoped that Doubar used a really hard piece of wood to paddle his little brother’s arse. Abdul’s grin became noticeable bigger as in answer to Sinbad’s question Doubar narrowed his eyes and used his enormous strength to heft his younger brother off his feet, using the back collar of the young man’s shirt for leverage. He then unceremoniously dragged the protesting captain below. As Doubar dragged his brother stumblingly along beside him many hoots and hollers of encouragement arose from the crew around them. When they were finally below the big man opened the door to their shared cabin, still holding his protesting brother, and threw the young captain through the open door. The way Doubar was feeling he would rather have had the door closed. Allah knew that Sinbad’s head was hard enough to break it down. The only thing that gave the big man pause in that regard was his desire not to have to fix anymore doors this week. Sinbad stumbled into the room desperately trying to regain his balance before he crashed into the unforgiving wall. Needless to say it was in vain. The young Captain Sinbad hit the wall with a resounding thud, and then fell to the floor landing on his backside.

“Just what in the blue blazes of hell is wrong with you,” Doubar roared at his brother, his considerable patience having finally snapped.

Sinbad equal angry and dying to pick a fight replied, “It is none of your damn business, you’re not my keeper.”

“Then just what the hell am I,” the big man said tightly his tone of voice and tightly clenched fists tell the young captain just how angry his older brother was. Like an idiot however Sinbad decided that he didn’t care.

“You’re an overgrown ox that needs to mind his own business,” Sinbad shot back digging his own grave.

“Well when you start acting like the responsible captain I know you are instead of a spoiled two year old I just might mind my own business,” Doubar yelled his temper flaring even more.

“This is my ship,” Sinbad said tightly, “and I will run it any damn way I see fit,” he added his anger not abating.

“That is what I thought you would say little brother,” Doubar said, his eyes taking on a calculating look. “So instead of kicking your arse from here to Basra, like I know you deserve, I’m gonna lock you down here until you get your head on strait,” Doubar said a little calmer but the fire in his eyes just daring his brother to try and stop him.

“That is mutiny,” Sinbad said in astonishment his eyes wide.

“No this is for your own good and my sanity,” Doubar hollered, “The ship will do fine in my hands until we get to Tangier,” and with that Doubar left and locked his brother in from the outside. He would have to thank Firouz later for that locking mechanism he had devised.

Sinbad paced his cabin like a caged panther growling at Dermott who just happened to land on his window seal. The young Caption had already tried the door just to see if his brother was bluffing…he wasn’t. Sinbad sighed, he knew that he was being unreasonable, but dammit she wouldn’t talk to him. Hell she would barely even look at him. She just sat there day after day mending the nets and braiding rope. The young captain sighed in frustration raking a hand through his shoulder length hair. He wasn’t sure why all this was getting to him so bad and he wasn’t sure at all of he wanted to know why all of this was getting to him so bad. Bryn had always been a mystery to him so what was one more...right? The problem was that another mystery he could handle, but this…this smacked of a secret. She had never kept secrets from him, and that was what had him tense and on edge. Then there was that vision of her in her nightgown that had plague his sleep and really given the young captain pause. If the handsome young captain had ever lacked anything in his life, it had never been female companionship, and it was just Bryn he kept reminding himself. Sure she was beautiful, but she was also a friend and a crewmember. The problem was that the old arguments weren’t reducing the itch in his blood that had been growing for the past few months, between that and his recent nightmares he was sleeping very little. He paused in the middle of his cabin and raked both hands through his long mane. Doubar was right, he thought ruefully, he needed to get himself under control.

Bryn had watched her eyes as big as saucers, as Doubar dragged a belligerent Sinbad below deck. They failed to diminish as she watched an anger Doubar return alone a few minutes later. Bryn met the big man’s gaze and immediately regretted it. The look in his eyes would have rivaled a Jinn on a rampage. The young witch made a mental note of the anger quickly averted her gaze, and turning her attention back to the rope she was braiding. The young witch’s eyes filled with sadness as she gave an inward sigh. She knew that she was the reason that Sinbad had been in such a horrid mood lately, but her emotions were just too raw right now for her to confide in him…in anyone. It had all started with that dream she couldn’t remember. Bryn instinctively knew that it was a piece of her long forgotten past, the fragments in her subconscious were taunting her, staying just on the edges of her mind. The young witch closed her eyes and for the hundredth time that week cleared her head, trying to reach for the memories. A few moments later her eyes snapped open and she sighed in frustration, her latest attempt to remember causing her to develop a splitting headache. The young witch wanted to howl at the moon to relieve her of the tension that had been building inside of her since that dream. Bryn smiled ruefully at that thought, if she were honest with herself she would have to say the tension that had building since Sinbad washed up on the same beach as she did. Her feelings about the young captain were disturbing at best, confusing at most. She had gone from attraction, respect, and friendship, to something deeper, something she had no name for and that scared her more then her suspicions about her past. As the week had passed her tremulous thoughts had haunted her night and day forcing the young magic holder to come to a decision. Bryn just couldn’t shake the gut wrenching feeling that there was evil inside of her, buried deep in a place were even her own mind refused her entry. She also knew now that her ignorance about who she was could conceivable put the crew in danger, thanks to Scratch and his cryptic comments on her pedigree. Bryn’s eyes shown with determination as she forcefully promised herself that she would not let that happen. She would die first before endangering any of her friends. She then sighed a long and heartfelt sigh. The young witch knew it was time, time for her to face the demons of her past, and find out once and for all where she came from.

The port of Tangier was like a sweet balm to the open wound that had been the crew of the Nomad’s morale. The bustling, busy Port City was transforming before their very eyes as colorful streamers were being hung for the festival that night. Tangier was the second largest city in Morocco, rivaled only by the capital Marrakech, and the festivals here were always lavish. Even the captain was unable to hold on to his sour mood of the past week as the feeling of revelry in the air promised to release the stress he had been feeling so heavily. Sinbad had apologized to the crew for his atrocious and unruly behavior and in atonement had given them an extra day of shore leave. Most of the crew had already forgiven their Captain and gladly went to the local tavern in preparation for the night’s festivities. With most of the crew gone the Nomad was especially quiet, and Bryn stood on the deck softly stroking Dermott’s feathers. She was half way watching the townspeople hang the colorful cloth streamers for the festival but mostly she was thinking. Lost in her thoughts she didn’t hear Sinbad come up behind her until he asked.

“A Dinar for them,”

Bryn started a little, jumping slightly as his voice washed over her. “For what,” she asked puzzled, and a little annoyed for his intrusion.

“For your thoughts,” the Captain replied adding a roguish grin.

“You used to be able to get them for free,” she stated a grin tugging at her lips. It was hard for Bryn to hang on to her annoyance in the wake of that grin. “Your charm must be getting rusty,” Bryn added teasing.

The Captain’s face suddenly became serious as he replied, “Yes I did.”

Bryn cast her Captain a pained expression, “I’m sorry Sinbad I know I have been avoiding you, I just…that is,” she added weakly trailing off regret in her dark eyes

“This is about that dream you had,” Sinbad replied, it was a statement not a question.

“Partly,” Bryn said and then took a fortifying breath to continue. “Sinbad I know that you, Doubar, Rongar, and Firouz have accepted me into this crew…this family no questions asked…” she said trailing off.

“But,” the Captain prompted not really sure if he wanted to hear what she had to say. The feeling of dread that had been building all week was hammering his senses now.

“But I have decided to leave when we reach the next port,” she said not able to look at him.

“Bryn you can’t,” Sinbad practical shouted reacting to this bomb with a mixture of shock and fear, with a little bit of desperation thrown in for good measure.

The young witch felt her hackles rise, “Last time I checked Captain I was a grown woman and perfectly capable of making my own decisions,” she replied tightly. This was good she thought, anger she could handle, the alternative emotion she knew would never give her the strength to leave.

Sinbad heard the anger in her voice and was about to cover his own desperation with some of his own. Then he paused and found himself drawn in to her eyes. It was there in those swirling brown depths that he saw the conflict going on inside of her, and his anger melted away like the last snows of winter. His blue eyes filled with compassion and he answered her the only way he knew how.

“Bryn I understand…I do,” he said sincerely, “but please think about what you are saying and reconsider.” Bryn opened her mouth as if to protest, but Sinbad anticipated as much and gently placed his fingertips on her soft lips staying them. “If you still feel the need to leave I won’t stand in your way,” he promised taking a fortifying breath to steady his emotions. Bryn smiled at him and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek as she turned to leave. “Thank you Captain,” she said softly and walked down the gangplank to attend the festival.

“My Pleasure,” Sinbad mumbled to the night as he watched her leave.

It was a cloudless night and the stars could be seen clearly littered across the night sky like polished, sparkling diamonds. The festival of the new moon was in full swing as the torches lighting the street produced swirling, dancing shadows throughout the town. The ale and wine flowed freely as the people made marry, celebrating yet another year of Abu al-Mumin’s reign in Morocco. There were four or five ships docked in the harbor of Tangier and many a wide-eyed child listened to the old sea dogs tell of their high seas adventures. Bryn found herself laughing at a particularly unbelievable tale told by a wizened old man that had to be a hundred if he was a day. The old man had then sent the young woman a scowl, and in amends she bought him a drink. The old dog’s ire didn’t stand a chance against the free alcohol coupled with one of Bryn’s smiles. He gave the young sorceress a wicked grin, the kind that only an old man can accomplish, and went back to his tales of the sea. Bryn gave a happy sigh and relaxed for the first time in over a month. The young sorceress had spent most of the day around town stopping here and there, helping the town’s women decorate for the festival. She even had time to indulge in a hot bath, soaking in the large tub until her toe’s pruned and the water chilled. The three dinars she had parted with for that particular luxury were well worth it in her opinion. Now she was enjoying the party, strolling along the streets, and dodging around various happy smiling people. She hadn’t seen Sinbad since she had left the ship, and the small voice in her head berated her for seeking him out now. She ignored it and caste her eyes along the square. She had to laugh when she had finally found him. Poor Sinbad was trying to graciously disentangle himself from a small horde of women that had adopted him. Bryn berated herself for the small twinge of jealousy that went through her heart when one of the more determined maiden’s vied for his attention. Sinbad wasn’t hers to be jealous of she reminded herself firmly. The young witch sighed, what did she expect, Sinbad was handsome and charming, something which always gave him a following. Still Bryn couldn’t help her secret pleasure that Sinbad had become more selective of who received his attentions of late. The young sorceress shook off these thoughts and turned her attention back to her captain. She burst out laughing again when she noticed the slightly pained expression he was giving one young maiden. Her laughter died down to an amused smirk when he looked up and met her gaze across the square. Bryn bit her lower lip to keep from laughing again when the fearless Captain Sinbad sent her a pleading look, all but begging her to come and rescue him. The young witch couldn’t help it, she tried so hard to keep her laughter in that her body was shaking from the effort. The sorceress finally gave it up as a lost cause doubling over in uncontrollable mirth while still meeting his gaze, her Captain’s pleading look turn to a scowl. Many of the festival goers were giving Bryn strange looks when they saw her laughing like a mad woman apparently at nothing, but she didn’t care. Wiping the tears of mirth from her eyes Bryn decided to save her captain’s behind, literally, as she saw one young woman with fiery red hair accidentally brush a casually hand across his leather clad backside. The young Sorceress’ side was aching in repressed mirth when he jumped away in surprise and outrage.

“Captain I’m afraid there is a problem back at the ship,” Bryn said walking up to Sinbad, trying desperately to keep her face strait. It took a considerable mental effort as the corner of her naturally mischievous lips threatened to turn up into a grin. All the control in the world however couldn’t keep the merriment form dancing through her sparkling eyes.

Sinbad shot Bryn a dark look mouthing “You will pay for this” to which her reply was a quick cocky grin. Enjoying the game, Bryn made as if to leave causing Sinbad a moment of panic. Before she could desert him however, the young captain untangled himself from his admires and turned toward the maidens. “Ladies if you will excuse me,” he said treating each woman to one of his knee weakening smiles, “I’m afraid my duty calls.”

“Ah but the party is just getting started Captain,” the red head that had explored his leather clad asset said with an adorable pout.

“I am truly sorry,” he said again, actually managing to look like he meant it. Before anymore protests could be voiced Sinbad hastily rested his right hand on the small of Bryn’s back and motioned for her to lead the way. Bryn caught the look of pure malice the red head sent her way and had to repress her shiver. The young witch had received dirty looks before when rescuing her captain in this way, but never one that had contained such hate. Bryn hastily walked away the young captain following.

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