Past Imperfect ~ Part 7
By Boo

Chapter Six

Night had descended on the Emerald Isle as the moon brightly illuminated the fey hill of Knockmar. Deep within it’s protective embrace Sinbad tossed and turned trying to get to sleep in the lavish bed Finvarra had offered for the night. The King had been true to his word and tomorrow Sinbad and Bryn were to be free. Tonight however seemed to be the longest night he had ever endured. With a cry of disgust and exasperation the young captain threw off his covers. He had decided to see if Bryn was awake thinking that they hadn’t had much time to talk after his and Finvarra’s match. If he was being truthful with himself, which he wasn’t, he really just wanted to see her. Sinbad slipped from his bed pausing to pull on his leather pants, not bothering with the top button. He the padded over to the entrance of his room, the stones cool against his bare feet. The young captain paused, opened the chamber door, and gasped in surprise. Bryn was standing on the opposite side her hand raised to knock. She blushed slightly and they both spoke in unison.

“I was just coming to find you,” Sinbad said as Bryn was saying “, I wanted to see you”

“I..” they started together which caused them both to laugh.

“You first,” Sinbad said gently urging her to speak.

Bryn seemed to have forgotten how for a moment due to her captain’s state of undress. No one should look that magnificent sleep rumpled, but Sinbad managing to look dangerous and sexy instead of just messy.

“I… well, I could sleep and I wanted to see you,” Bryn admitted finally. Sinbad decide to shift to lean against the doorjamb, causing him to move closer to the young witch and invade her personal space. Flustered Bryn took a small step back from his naked chest.

Sinbad was having an equally hard time with Bryn’s state. The nightdress that Oonagh had lent the young witch was a sheer shimmering sliver. It gave Bryn an unearthly hue, like she had stepped right out of his dreams.

“I don’t want talk,” Sinbad said his eyes darkening with desire as he took in her form.

Bryn looked up startled that he refused her until she saw the look in his eyes. Giving her ample warning and ample time to back away Sinbad took a step in her direction towering over her. The young captain slipped his right arm around her waist and slowly drew her toward him. In reflex Bryn’s hands went up but she didn’t push him away. Instead her hands rested on his chest as he pulled her more tautly to him. He kissed her then, a passionate kiss that consumed her senses making it very hard to think coherently. Without breaking the kiss the young captain maneuvered the witch into his room closing the door behind them. When they both finally had to breathe he broke away and croaked hoarsely.

“Bryn if you stay here, we will make love, I want to know if you are sure,” he asked his eyes telling her that if she said the word they would both be sleeping alone that night.

Bryn bit her lower lip hesitating a little. She loved Sinbad; she had finally admitted the truth to herself when she had looked over her shoulder to find him side by side with her in battle. She just wasn’t sure if he loved her in the same way. Still if she was honest with her self, she wanted this, wanted to love and be love by him. So in answer to his question Bryn yr Ellyllon removed the four buttons on the back of her nightdress. Pulled down the sleeves and let the shimmer material pool down by her feet.

Sinbad gasped, by Allah she was beautiful. She stood before him naked, the torchlight dancing over her skin illuminating her taunt nipples and full breasts. Her dark hair was loose around her shoulders and her liquid eyes brimmed with passion. Sinbad felt like a man drowning as he looked into those brown pools straight into the depths of her soul.

“You’re beautiful Bryn “he said softly, fervent in his meaning. The young witch blushed slightly at the compliment pleased that he thought so. He stepped in close again drawing her back into his embrace. This time her sensitive buds brushed his naked skin without the barrier of the nightdress. She gasped at the sensation slightly rubbing herself against her captain’s chest. Sinbad took advantage of her gasp to gently nip at her lips, using his tongue to moisten them. They exchange a series of soft kisses while Sinbad backpedaled her to the bed. The reached the large structure falling across the mattress like a couple of teenagers. The both laughed and then grew serious as Sinbad lay down next to her and got busy with the important business of exploring. The captain gently cupped the young witch’s breast causing a moan to escape her lips. He then repeated the action using his mouth to caress the taunt peak. Bryn gasped again and entwined her hands in his hair holding him to her breast. Sinbad noticed with amusement and briefly looked up to grin at her.

“Like that,” he said his voice a mixture of amusement and passion.

“Y-y-es,” Bryn stuttered her eyes opening briefly, but then his mouth was on her other peak and they drifted close again. Sinbad’s right hand was busy teasing the taunt peaks of her right breast, his tongue with her left. His left hand was busy making it’s way south and Bryn gasped as a new sensation made itself known. The captain had slipped two fingers past her folds and was gently stroking the sensitive nub there. Bryn felt the intrusion not sure what to make of it but never wanting him to stop. She blindly grabbed for his head and pulled his lips to hers for a kiss. Sinbad happily obliged his tongue dancing with hers in a dance as old as time. The young witch’s hands slipped down his chest and with a little hesitation took the initiative of brushing along the prominent bulge there. Sinbad broke the kiss grabbing her hands with his free one and pinning them above her head.

“Please Sinbad, I want to touch you,” she moaned struggling a little to get free.

“And I want you to touch me,” he replied, “but I also want this to be good for you,” he added his eyes telling her how much control it was taking for him to hold back.

Sinbad continued to fondle and caress the young witch until she was withering in passion beneath him. He then released her briefly using both his hands to free himself of his pants. Hers joined his in the effort of getting rid of the offending barrier until he was free under to her burning gaze. Bryn wasted no time and cupped him stroking him from base to tip. Sinbad shuddered at her touch but made no move to stop her. He let her explore his sex for a few more minutes more allowing her to get the feel of it. He then stayed her hands and positioned himself over her. Bryn met his eyes giving him a nod of agreement as the young captain positioned the tip in her folds. He then, ever so slowly started to enter her, his eyes intent upon hers. Sinbad’s eyes widened in shock however when he encountered a barrier he wasn’t expecting.

“Bryn you’re a…” Sinbad said trying to back away. Bryn was having none of that and she grasped his backside pulling him deep inside her with one thrust, before he could stop her. The young witch cried out in pain while Sinbad soothed her keeping as still as possible to let her adjust to the feel of him.

“Why didn’t you tell me,” he scolded gently while placing chaste kisses on her temples.

“I didn’t think you would, we would…and I wanted too,” Bryn finished lamely.

“Are you all right,” Sinbad questioned his concern evident.

“Yes,” she said looking deep in his eyes, and she was. The pain had subsided and Bryn now noticed the little darts of pleasure that were tingling along her nerves. Her hips jerked slightly, instinctively, causing Sinbad to moan his own pleasure. Bryn then took the opportunity to wrap her legs around her captain’s hips pulling him even deeper inside. Then Sinbad started to move, leaving all coherent thought behind for both of them. He started slowly at first and Bryn felt the pressure building and building until finally her world exploded into a flash of ecstasy, pin points of light exploding behind her eyes. Sinbad had held her gaze the whole time until her eyes closed convulsively. The young captain mouthed the words I love you silently to himself, still afraid of what her reaction to them would be. So when they finally separated and settled down in each other’s arms, Bryn slept and Sinbad held her tight wondering how he could ever let her go if she didn't love him back.

Bryn awoke with a jerk wondering briefly why she couldn’t rise. That is when Sinbad mumbled in his sleep and the young witch noticed the arm he had draped protectively over her waist. Every detail of the last few hours came flooding back and her cheeks flushed crimson. Some of the things they had done with each other should be illegal she thought mischievously. That is when she heard it, the sound on the night air that had awakened her. The wind was calling softly to her; it was calling her name. Puzzled the young witch gentle disentangled her self from her sleeping captain and hastily pulled her yellow dress on. She also donned her boots and almost as an after thought the oval necklace she always wore. She looked back at Sinbad tangled in the sheets, his magnificent naked chest bare to her gaze, and smiled telling her self that she definitely wouldn’t be gone long. She blushed again and went to investigate the sound. When she entered the hall she heard it again, she definitely wasn’t imaging things, some one was calling her name, her full name.

“Bryn yr Ellyllon,” the wind whispered gently.

“Who’s there,” Bryn replied suspiciously.

That is when she felt the change in the air, the temperature around her dropped to near freezing and the young witch shivered. Out of no where the energy came, small at first, and the consuming her in a ball of green fire. Bryn cried out in pain, fear now coursed through her blood, she didn’t know what was happening to her.

“Sinbad help me,” she screamed while instinctively summing her magic to fend off her invisible attacker.

Sinbad bolted awake as Bryn’s ear shattering cry for help reverberated off the castle walls. He sprung from the bed pausing only to rip on his pants and grab his sword. The young captain barreled out of the room, sword in hand, only to stop abruptly at the sight before him. Bryn was surround in sickly green magic.

“Bryn,” Sinbad screamed in fear and horror, right before she vanished into thin air. “Bryn!” he screamed again this time in pain.

Finvarra was yanked unmercifully from his bed, a sword at his neck. Blinking the sleep from his eyes he tried to focus on his attacker. To his astonishment and horror it was the young captain who had beaten him at chess. Not one to cower in fear in the face of any one, God, Mortal, or Fey, Finvarra roared.

“What is the meaning of this,” the angry elf king bellowed.

“Where is she,” Sinbad spat harshly on the brink of rage and madness.

“Who,” Finvarra countered anger and puzzled.

“Bryn,” the young captain replied softly but dangerously.

“She’s gone,” the Fey King asked, his featured paling before the captain.

“Yes she is gone, now where is she, only someone that possesses magic can make a person disappear in a ball of green flame,” Sinbad said pressing the sword tighter against the King’s throat.

“By Oberan it can’t be,”Finvarra mumbled to himself and then to the captain, “I didn’t take the young lass, mortal but I know who did.”

“Who” the captain replied calmer now but no less trusting as he kept his sword at the King’s throat.

“Fomor, the sea demon,” the King replied, “I’m sorry lad but she is lost to us all now.” Finvarra’s features were a mask of sorrow as he locked gazes with the young captain.

Sinbad lower his sword now his expression closed and determined. He glanced down at the rainbow bracelet that linked him and the young witch. He answered, displaying his bracelet to the King. “As long as she lives there as hope, and as long as there is hope I will find her,” Sinbad said his voice filled with fervent purpose

Bryn awoke to the smell of moldy fabric and dead fish. Here nose wrinkled and she tried to stand up to move away only to find herself chain to a wall. She tried to get her baring and almost screamed when she found out were the smell of moldy fabric was coming from. A few feet away sat what was left of the room’s former occupant. His flesh having long fallen off or having been eaten by scavengers and his ripped soaked clothing filling the cell with the moldy stench. Bryn gagged reflexively held back her dinner that threatened to reappear. Calmer now the young witch started to look for a way out until an unearthly voice froze her.

“My my...what a pretty young woman our witch has become,” the deep menacing voice said from the shadows.

“Who are you,” Bryn replied forcefully with a bravado she did not feel.

“Why I am Fomor, lord of darkest depths of the sea, and you young princess are my long awaited…companion,” he hissed, his voice almost gleeful.

“I don’t think so,” Bryn said in disgust.

“Well I’m afraid you don’t have much say in the matter, I gave your father power beyond his wildest dreams and he gave me you. You are mine, isn’t that right Lucian,” the evil creature said still not having shown itself.

Bryn turned her head as a new sound invaded her senses and watched as a handsome gentleman stepped out of the shadows from were the demon’s voice bellowed. He was dressed in Arabian garments and had dark hair and eyes just like Bryn’s. However, unlike Bryn’s eyes this man’s eyes were cold and dead.

“I’m afraid he is right daughter,” the man said making the word daughter sound filthy.

The young empath could feel the evil flowing from within this man, and she shrunk away from him instinctively. “You are not my father,” Bryn said shaking her head in denial and revulsion.

“Oh but I am, and scratch was right, how you could have sprung from my loins is the one of the great cosmic mysteries,” the man said his disappointment in her evident.

“I don’t understand, how could you have known about…” Bryn started to say but was cut off.

“How,” he replied harshly, “you want to know how,” he added his voice rising by the second. “Because I have been trapped here with only that thing as my companion for the last one hundred years. Your accursed mother ruined my plans, and I became trapped here. I have watched you for years, patiently waiting until the day of my vengeance arrived, and now it is nigh. I hate you and your mother more than anything Allah ever put on this earth,” he spat his madness and rage evident. “And since I can not take my vengeance on her, I will see her destroyed be the grief of losing you.”

“So you are going to kill me,” Bryn said in surprising calm.

Lucian approached his daughter then lifting her chin with his fingertips, and forcing her to meet her eyes. “No my little daughter I’m not going to kill you, I’m going to turn you. When Fomor is finished with you your soul will be as black as mine, nothing of Nimah’s precious little girl will exist,” her father said and then laughed, long, hard, and cruel.

Bryn tried not to show how badly his words crushed her spirit. Scratch was right about her; she did come from evil. This creature before her, one could hardly call him human, was the last of the proof she need. She felt herself slipping into despair, not caring anymore what happened to her. Her father noticed the change and smiled his pleasure. He wanted to cause her pain, grief, and he knew of her silent fear she had of her self. His next words drove the last nail in the coffin of her goodness home.

“Guess what else my sweet little daughter,” he said in an almost gleeful tone. “How do you think the love of your life would react to your other dirty little secret.”

“You leave Sinbad out of this or I swear I’ll…” Bryn started to threaten but was cut off.

“You’ll what, flame me with your magic, ha you haven’t enough power to stop me little witch, your heart has made you weak. My brother Turok would be disgusted with what his baby brother’s only daughter has become,” Lucian replied cruelly.

Bryn’s eyes widen in horror and self-loathing as she realized what his words meant. “I can’t be related to Turok,” she said shocked beyond measure.

“I’m sorry to disappoint you my daughter, but you are, and what a disgrace to our family tree you have been. Fighting along side Sinbad of all people,” he father said shaking his head and tsking.

Bryn racked her newly found memory for anything that she could hurl in her father’s face to make his words untrue, but the young witch wasn’t in the habit of lying to herself. She felt in her heart the truth of his words and at that moment cursed the fates that she had ever been born. The pieces of her past had finally all fallen into place and Bryn wished now that she had never started this journey, had never found out the truth.

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