Past Imperfect ~ Part 8
By Boo

Chapter Seven

Dawn had broken over the Emerald Isle as a lone figure picked his way through the early mourning fog to the sea. A faint glow of rainbow hue could be seen through the thick swirling mass of air as Sinbad’s bracelet glowed leading him to Bryn. He was so intent upon his purpose that he didn’t see the wizened old blind man until he spoke.

“You know laddy we have to stop meeting like this,” the old man cackled startling the young sailor.

“You,” Sinbad exclaimed, “how did you…were…”

“That ‘tis not important now lad, the young lass is,” the man said his voice grave.

“How do you seem to know so much about us,” Sinbad asked wonder why the old blind man seemed to appear just when he needed him.

The man sighed and said, “Let me tell you a story lad. There once was a man, a warrior named Oisin (Isheen) of the legendary Fenian warriors. He set sail one day and found the Island of Tir na nog, the Isle of Eternal youth. There he fell in love with a beautiful woman named Nimah. The woman had a small wee babe daughter when Oisin came into her life and together they planed to raise the child. Even though the babe was not his, the warrior fell instantly in love with the child, but tragedy struck and the child was sent here, to the mortal realm that she might live. The child’s birth father was going to sacrifice the wee lass to the sea demon. Oisin saved the baby and Nimah left her in the mortal realm to be raised by mortals. Then Queen of the Daoine Sidhe (Theena Shee) arrived back to the Isle of Tir na nog right before it vanished.”

“Bryn was the baby,” Sinbad replied knowing it to be true.

“Aye that she was laddy,” the old man said wistfully. “And the time has come for her to face that which has haunted her through her years.”

“How do I get to her,” Sinbad asked.

“The coin do you still have it,” the old man asked. With a nod Sinbad dug into his pocket and produced the coin. “Rub the coin three times and the close your eyes, your heart will lead you to that which you seek.”

Sinbad opened his mouth to thank the old man but when he looked up to do so he was gone again. Sinbad just smiled and did as the old man said and in a flash the place were the young captain stood was empty. The old man waited until Sinbad was gone to revel himself.

“Good luck to you Sinbad the sailor, go, fly to Tir na nog, go save our girl,” and with those finally words, Oisin of the Fenian warriors, vanished into the mist.

Bryn sat chained to the wall wallowing in self-pity and loathing. The man whose blood she shared had sapped her confidence to the point was she didn’t care what happened to her anymore. So when the demon finally made itself know to her she barely reacted. Fomor was a hideous being, draped in seaweed and algae, drooling yellow ooze, and covered head to tow with scales. The monsters burning red eyes focused on the young witch who had retreated back into herself. With a lecherous glint in his inhuman face the demon started toward her his intent evident in his arousal. Lucian had left this part of the cave not wanting to see the act that was to be committed by the monster. Not out of any lingering love for his daughter but in disgust of having to see the creature, which was his master, perform such a deed. Bryn noted with disinterest as the creature approached her and knelt before her. His gruesome hands came forward traveling down Bryn’s body, but the young witch was no longer there, her mind having closed in on her. She had known that this was to be her fate thanks to her father. Bryn was close to powerless to resist thanks to the mental torture Lucian had inflicted on the young witch. She had been brain washed, she truly believed that because of her family she was evil. Lucian had used a technique similar to that the Nazi’s used during World War II on captured POWs to convince Bryn of her inner darkness. That is why when the sickening rip of fabric was heard, from Fomor ripping her dress, she barely even reacted. The demon smiled his pleasure again, ready to take her in the most primal way. Bryn might as well have been dead for all the fight she put up, that is until something started to force it’s way into her battered subconscious. It was a woman’s voice sweet and musical.

“Bryn you must fight back, you must,” the voice in her head shouted ringing in her mind.

“I can’t, I’m evil so I should belong to evil” she answered back in despair.

“No daughter, my beloved little girl, please listen, you are not evil,” the woman said desperate to reach her child.

“But Daddy said so, daddy said I’m evil,” Bryn answered like a child. The young witch had started to rock back and forth repeating that phrase.

“Search your heart my little one, your answers lie there, search your heart for your strength,” the woman replied her voice fading.

Search my heart Bryn thought to herself. On the outside she still appeared to be in a state of living death but inside, inside the voice had touched that inner core of strength that made Bryn all that she was. In that instant the young witch’s rainbow bracelet started to glow in brilliant hues, her mind clearing from the spell she had been under. Fomor recoiled in pain from the brilliant glow of Bryn’s rainbow bracelet, pain coursing through the demon. The bracelet that was given to protect her had fulfilled its purpose keeping the demon from his intent. It all came flooding back, everything and she knew. She knew she could love, had loved, knew that no matter whom she came from that evil did not dwell inside her, and she knew that she had the power to stop the evil intent of her loathsome father. Fomor had recovered from his pain and was just about to mount the young witch when all of a sudden her eyes started to glow yellow. Bryn lashed out at the demon with her power and sent him flying back into the water he had slunk from. She then turned to her manacles and used her mind to release one hand and then the other. Free now the young witch stood adjusting her ripped dress and faced the thing that had bought her father’s soul. They demon had recovered and was now rushing Bryn.

Sinbad had arrived in the cave in time to see Bryn almost get raped by the demon. He rushed forward intent on ripping the foul creature limb from limb. That is until Bryn took the matter out of his hands. He watched in amazement as a controlled Bryn used her magic to send the demon flying and then calmly freeing herself. He was about to rush forward to help when the roar stopped him. He looked in time to see the demon recover and charge Bryn.

“Bryn look out!” the captain yelled in warning.

Bryn’s head turned toward his voice briefly locking eyes with her captain’s and then turned her attention back to the charging demon. With a wave of her hand a gale force wind swept forth diverting the demon’s attack once again. The princess of Tir na nog then summoned all her energy, all that she was, and yellow flame poured forth from her eyes enveloping the evil creature. The thing screamed an unholy scream of pure and utter agony, flaying about trying desperately to put out the fire. Bryn watched dispassionately as the loathsome creature gave one final cry and dropped dead at her feet. She then turned back to Sinbad wearing a cocky grin, but the grin died the instant it formed, for behind the man she loved more than life itself stood her father with a knife posed to strike.

“Father NO!!” the young witch screamed in anguish. Her cries did not stay his hand though and he brought the knife down through Sinbad's back piercing the sailor’s heart. Sinbad’s shocked blue gaze briefly locked with Bryn’s anguish filled dark brown eyes. He held out one arm to her dropping to his knees.

“I…love…you….B-Bryn, never forget that I…” Sinbad said right before falling down dead.

“NOOOOOO!!” Bryn screamed in anguish rushing toward the fallen captain. She reached him and fell to her knees cradling his head in her hands. Her eyes were filled with grief, which was quickly replaced with rage and hatred as she tuned her glowing yellow eyes on her father.

“You are dead,” Bryn said to her father, her voice filled in eerie calm. Her father just looked on his handiwork gleefully and turned to her.

“Oh my dear one, I don’t think so” her replied evilly, and with a nasty gleam in his eye he stretched his right had out to her. A bolt of pure purple magic left his fingers; Bryn was lifted away from her captain and slammed into the unforgiving wall of the cave. Her head connected with a sickening thud and she almost black out. Shaking off the blow Bryn reacted with one of her own. Catching the glint of fire light to her right, the young witch found a torch. Under the glare of her eyes the fire became a living, breathing entity and a stream of the plasmatic substance shot forth engulfing her father. The wizard burned but didn’t burn and Bryn’s eyes widened in astonishment at the sight.

“Impressive daughter, most impressive, but as you can see not good enough,” Lucian taunted using his own power to extinguish the flames. At Bryn’s shocked gaze he added gleefully.

“I’m sorry daughter, did I forget to mention that I was immortal.”

Bryn was about to come back with an angry retort until someone else beat her to it.

“I’m afraid you did neglect to mention that little fact to our daughter,” a beautiful golden blonde woman said stepping from the shadows. Bryn’s eyes widen, she knew that voice; it was the one that had invaded her mind, and helped her break the spell of despair she had been trapped in.

“Nimah,” Lucian bit out in a curse.

“Yes Lucian, thanks to my little one, Fomor is dead and your hold on the land of Tir na nog has gone with him,” Nimah answered her former lover.

Lucian's eyes widened in horror and fear as he started to back away from the Fey Queen. His jaw was slack and he was shaking his head back and forth in a negative gesture. Then Nimah spoke as power crackled around her.

“Elements of earth, above, below.
The Dannann cries, draws you fourth.
Remnants of my clan long past.
Hear my words and hold them fast.
This man Lucian has the law destroyed,
So I banish him into the void.
Tir na nog he must now depart,
Never again to be found in it’s heart.

The earth crackled and the ground shook the foundations of the Isle rattling. Lucain’s otherworld screams echoed as magic entered his being. “Nooooo,” the sorcerer screamed his imaging blurring as the magic ripped fragments of his black soul from his body. In a few minutes, calm settled and Lucian, brother of Turok, was gone. Bryn spared her father barely a moment’s grief rushing forward and grasping the limp body of her love.

“Mother,” she pleaded with Nimah as she cradled Sinbad’s lifeless form in her arms.

“I am so sorry my little one,” Nimah said softly. The Fey Queen watched in sorrow as she witnessed her daughter’s heart shattering into a thousand pieces. She swore to her self by her family name that all would be done for him that was in her power to grant, and with a wave of her hand all three vanished from the cave.

Chapter Eight

Sinbad awoke with a strange feeling, his body felt light, transparent, and he was surrounded by a brilliant light. He didn’t know were he was and he tried to shake the confusion from his brain. The young captain had a vague sense of urgency driving him on. There was something he had to do, someone he had to see, but by Allah he couldn’t remember whom? Who did he have to find?

“I can answer that my son,” a familiar voice said off to Sinbad’s left.

Sinbad turned toward the familiar voice his confusion turning to joy. “Mala!” the young captain exclaimed and gathered the blonde woman into his arms. She returned the embrace enthusiastically holding her youngest child to her bosom.

“Oh Sinbad, it is good to see you,” she replied tears drifting down her cheeks.

Sinbad felt immense joy at seeing the lovely woman that had helped him through Scratch’s lair, but also a strange kind of sorrow. It was then that her use of the word son penetrated his brain.

“Wait Mala, did you call me son?” he asked curiosity in his words.

“Yes Sinbad, you are my Sinbad, my youngest,” his mother answered tears in her eyes.

“Then that means that I’m…” he said trailing off.

“Yes my son you are,” Mala said sadly.

Sinbad sighed, a strange mixture of joy and sadness in his heart. The young captain couldn’t help but think that there was something he still had to do a reason to remain with the living.

“Mother I can’t go with you, I have to go back there is something…” he said trailing off.

“Yes my son there is something, and so you must go back,” Mala said in encouragement.

“But I don’t want to lose you again either, oh mother I am so confused,” Sinbad answered despair in his voice. Mala made no move to interfere as Sinbad tried to collect his thoughts. She was here to help him either way he chose, but was forbidden to help him in his decision. Sinbad knew that there was someone waiting for him, someone important, but it hurt for him to think. He was just about to tell Mala that he wanted to go with her, wanted the pain to stop when a voice erupted in his brain, a beautiful familiar voice. The rich sound flowed over his subconscious and he heard the words. “Sinbad, please come back to me, I love you, no one but you, I will love you forever.” The young captain knew that voice and ever so slowly a picture began to form in his mind. It was a woman, a woman with the most beautiful deep brown eyes he had ever had the pleasure of drowning in. The vision formed in his mind and Sinbad only one word… “Bryn.” It was spoken softly, like a caress.

“Yes Bryn,” his mother answered just as softly,” go to her my son.”

“But mother what about you,” Sinbad asked his eyes filled with concern.

“I will be fine my son, just fine,” Mala said, a soft smile curving her lips. “Now go.”

Mala pushed her son gently away from her his ocean blue eyes meeting hers one last time right before he vanished.

“Take care of him Bryn, and be happy, both of you,” Mala said before turning and vanishing herself.

Sinbad awoke with a searing pain in his back and his angel hovering above him, her face stained with tears. Bryn had never looked as beautiful to him as she did to him that moment and he knew that he would never leave her again.

“Angels should…never…cry,” the captain croaked out painfully.

Bryn’s shocked eyes flew to his face when she realized that he had spoken.

“Sinbad your alive!” she exclaimed excitedly, “Mother he is alive,” she cried again.

“Of course...I am…couldn’t leave the crew…to suffer…through your …cooking,” the captain teased.

Bryn gave a joyous laugh and kissed him lightly on the lips careful not to disturb his wounds.

“I don’t know how you have come back to me, but it is enough that you have,” the young witch said tears of joy on her face.

“I love you Sinbad,” she said softly.

“I know, I love you…Bryn,” the captain said before drifting in to unconsciousness. Bryn let him sleep knowing in her heart that he would never leave her again.

Bryn stood on the deck of the ship Nimah had given them the moonlight bathing her features, and the night breeze caressing her dark tresses. Her and her mother had talked, laughed, cried, and loved, making up for years lost to the time of the mortal realm. Nimah had wanted her daughter and her captain to stay in Tir na nog; Bryn was the successor to the Daoine Sidhe throne after all. The young witch knew however that Sinbad’s home was the sea and her home would always be with him. Bryn had watched as her captain’s strength had returned, thanks to the magical properties of the Isle, she had also noted in amusement how restless he started to become. She knew the day had come when they had to leave when she saw him standing in the balcony of their shared room starring out at the sea in longing. So she had said good bye to her mother and they had left together. The young witch knew she had made the right decision and her mother knew it too. Bryn was lost in her thoughts, joyous thoughts this time, and she failed to hear the figure step up behind her. Two strong arms encircled her waist and a feather light kiss brushed her neck. The half-ling witch started in surprise and then her lips curved in pleasure as Sinbad nuzzled her neck.

“A dinar for you thoughts,” the young captain asked, his warm breath flowing over her ear.

“You know I’m having this overwhelming feeling of dej vu,” Bryn answered teasing.

“Maybe I should just seduce you then since last time we played this scene I ended up chasing you across the sea,” he said smiling and nibbling at her earlobe.

Bryn moaned and then jabbed a playful elbow into his ribs; he reacted with a false ooof. “You are never going to let me live it down are you,” she said laughing.

“Nope,” he said with a grin that turned serious, “Do you regret knowing,” he asked softly.

Bryn didn’t have to ask him knowing what. Her face took on a thoughtful look as she carefully answered. “You know I thought I did but now…I may not have had an ideal past but it is my own. I had two mothers who loved me and two fathers that, well let's just say that they weren’t fond of me. Not to mention that there are still holes in my memory, mostly having to do with the time I was lost at sea after grandfather sold me.” Bryn said this while softly stroking her bracelet. “But there is one thing I have now because of this voyage that I will never regret.”

“What is that,” Sinbad asked truly puzzled, “your past?”

Bryn just smiled and turned in his arms to face him. Looking him strait in the eye she replied softly, “No…you.” Sinbad answered her with a wide smile of his own and Bryn kissed him. The two lovers stayed like that for a long time exploring each other’s lips until the captain of the Nomad swept a laughing Bryn yr Ellyllon, Princess of Tir na nog up into his arms and carried her below.


The sun was shining bright in the port of Tangier and Sinbad stood by his brother looking very nervous. The young captain was dressed in his best clothes, his goatee neatly trimmed and his flyaway hair brought under control with the leather strap holding it together. His brother was equally handsome as he also wore his best clothes having trimmed his beard. He clapped his little brother on the back grinning, which only caused the captain to become more nervous. Sinbad’s blue eyes scanned the crowd that had gathered picking out Firouz and Rongar. The moor wore a red vest and black leather pants, very distinguished looking and had Dermott on his arm. Firouz was dressed in his normal blue shirt and brown pants but had tamed his hair for the occasion. The only one missing was Bryn. The young witch had yet to make an appearance and that is what accounted for the captain’s nerves. The crowd was milling about talking until the music started. A hush fell on the people present and Sinbad’s head snapped up. His full lips stretched into one of his knee weakening smiles and the one that had occupied his thoughts paused at the door. She was beautiful, dressed in white with a ring of flowers entwined in her dark hair. Nolen had a smile on his face the size of Asia as he led the procession from the back of the temple, Bryn on his arm. Lonnie was trailing behind the magistrate and his granddaughter as they all made there why to the front to a nervous but happy Sinbad. The young captain of the Nomad never broke eye contact with the young witch as she strode up the aisle. When the procession reach the altar Nolen gave the bride to be away and Lonnie took her place by Bryn’s side as the maid of honor. The two lover’s never broke eye contact through the entire ceremony and it was, for once without incident, that Sinbad and Bryn were joined together in the eyes of God, Law, family, and eternity.

The End.

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