Sinbad and Bryn Quotes

Here are some of my favorites quotes. They are in no particular order. Want to add yours? Send me a message and I'll be happy to add yours!

Book of Before

Sinbad: Remind me never to keep a secret from you
Bryn: Not a change

Heart and Soul

Bryn: Look at them. Not a care in the world
Sinbad: Wait 'till they're married


Bryn: For luck.
Sinbad: Now I feel lucky.

Survival Run

Bryn (to Sinbad): About your taste in women...

The Beast of the Dark

Bryn: When Mutaro's with me, focused on me, he's aware of nothing else. There is no monster. You and the crew can get to the Nomad safely, while I distract him.
Sinbad: You mean stay behind? You realize that means you may never get off this island.
Bryn: I know how he feels. Besides, all of our lives are at stake.
Sinbad: Then know that I'll come back for you. I'll get you back on the Nomad. No matter what it takes.

The Empress

Bryn: It was an easy journey
Sinbad: You sound almost disappointed
Bryn: I must be developing a sense of adventure

The Gift

Sinbad: I still can't believe that Aiden's getting married
Bryn: In case you hadn't noticed, lots of people get married

The Gryphons' Tale

Sinbad: Well, I guess you could always stay behind with the Gryphons
Bryn: Thank you, Mr. Sentimental

The Invaders

Sinbad: I know one thing I will never forget. That we're not alone.
Bryn: I've never known you to spend too much time alone in the first place.

Bryn: Just come back as you, ok?
Sinbad: It's nice to know I'm wanted

Bryn: Sinbad.
Sinbad: You can't get rid of me that quickly.

The Guardians

Bryn: Here... your turn.
Sinbad: I'm not sure I know how to hold him.
Bryn: Just keep his head above his heels. Good. You're a natural. Now I plan to go bathe, and I'd appreciate some privacy

The Monster

Bryn: What?
Sinbad: It's your will, it lights up your face.

The Sacrifice

Bryn: That was close
Sinbad: This is closer

Sinbad: Can you swim?
Bryn: Iím about to find out.
Sinbad: I was looking for a more definite answer.

Voyage to Hell

Bryn: Something about his burden feels painfully familiar.
Sinbad: Life's a mystery. Yours is more of a mystery than most.

Methana (talking about Bryn and Sinbad): She has the light and goodness moving through her, and you have the courage.