Raining on our love
By Noelerin

Disclaimer: I don't own the show or the song. The song is from Shania Twain's album "The Woman In Me."

Author's Note: I'm not comfortable writing M/S, let me know how I have done.

I sat, curled up in a tree with a book resting across my stomach. But my mind was not on the book, nor the lovely spring day. I was back on board the Nomad. I don't quite recall the occasion but I do know that I was laughing and talking with Sinbad. It must have after we met up with the Trickster. Many of my fears had been laid to rest that day and I allowed myself to grow closer to Sinbad.

* Remember me the way I was. / The way I'd make you late for work. / I had to hold you, just because. *

I am not ashamed to say that we became lovers. It was inevitable in a way. I snorted derisively, wondering if that sounded as arrogant as I thought it did. But it is true, we were drawn together.

* Remember you, the way you'd wake me up, / To love me once again. / We were lovers, we were friends. *

Then Dim-Dim took me to be with him. That's a lie, what happened was actually my fault. I had been trying to perform the spell Caipra and I had found to bring him back. Like so many of my spells, it backfired on me. There was a storm, I went overboard. I didn't remember anything for a while.

* But was I chasin' rainbows? / Blinded by the sun. / And did I take for granted. / I'd be the only one? *

My powers grew in leaps and bounds under his guidance, as did my confidence. So much so, that I was able to conjure up the image of the Nomad. What I saw there made my blood freeze. There was another woman there.

* I didn't know you were so lonely. / Am I to blame for makin' you that way? / Did I neglect all that mattered? *

A woman who seemed to take my place in Sinbad's life and heart, though I knew he didn't see it. Not only that, she got along better with everyone by being tough but fair. And I knew who she was. She was Bryn.

* With my head so far above, / The clouds I didn't see. / That it was raining on our love. *

Though I tried, I couldn't stop the scowl from crossing my face. There was something about the way they worked together that clicked. Something I couldn't see and hated. I always hated it when I couldn't understand what was going on. It used to be me he turned to on those first nights after I'd left, then it was other women.

* Remember when, just to feel my touch. / Was all you ever needed. / Oh, it used to be enough. *

But that's not something I like to think about. I prefer the early days of our adventures, the times he proved to be a true friend to me and Dermott. He even braved the unknowns of the enchanted forest to save me from the Vikings that had taken me.

* Remember when love / Was a promise we would give our lives to keep. / And no river ran as deep. *

Sinbad always came for me, no matter what the danger, even when I was my rudest and nastiest. He always came.

* I was taking all the love you had to give. / But I was too lost in life to know, *

"Maeve?" Dim-Dim called, the smell of lavender and chamomile floated towards me.

I sighed, climbing down from my perch in the tree. Facing him would be the hardest thing to do at the moment. In this place, one could feel negative feelings like a physical blow.

From his rebuking look, I knew I had failed. "Are you all right?"

"Something is on my mind." I tried to shrug it off.

"The Nomad?" He asked, gently prodding. "Or could it possibly be Bryn?"

Shamefaced, I stared at my hands. "A little of both actually. I don't want to talk about it."

The wizard studied me for a moment, appraising the situation. Nothing more was said, but I knew that the matter was not finished. One way or the other, he'd let me know what he was thinking.

Months Later:

My heart left my throat when I saw my friends leave Scratch's horrible, hellish home. I was even thankful that Bryn had emerged unscathed. He went in to save me, not even stopping to consider the facts. He did it because he cares.

* That without my love in return you could not live. *

Sinbad nearly died. He would have except for that lovely woman. Mala I think was her name. She saw the truth and saved that part of Sinbad that Bryn had begun to work on. The part that I, Maeve, had destroyed with my carelessness.

* Now she gives the love I did not show. *

I never meant to, I assure you. But Sinbad and me are too alike. Full of fire, but too close to the flame to ever be comfortable with each other. And I could never fully drop my guard, I knew it was the same for him.

* I didn't know you were so lonely. / Am I to blame for makin' you that way? / Did I neglect all that mattered? *

I see now what the bond between them is. It isn't the bracelets that tie them, it is the way they give and take without fighting. Bryn stands behind him, even when she knows that some of the things he does are wrong. And Sinbad sees to the heart of her worries, he soothes them. There are no walls between them.

* With my head so far above, / The clouds I didn't see, / That it was raining on our love. *

I think it's time to let go.

The End.

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