Round Robin #1
By The Sinbad/Bryn list member


Part 7 ~ By Joanna

At that moment, his and Bryn's bracelets flared up in their rainbow light. Sinbad glanced to Bryn, then to the door of the cabin as it opened. In the entryway, stood Rongar and Firouz, being pushed by Keidro. He had one of Doubar's swords at their backs.

"Ah ah ah, Captain, I wouldn't be heroic if I were you. One wrong move, one wrong order, and these two become sushi for the next meal." He growls, while moving the two closer to Doubar, where he can try to keep an eye on everyone.

In a louder voice, to carry over the ship, "Now all of you, had better listen to me if you want to live. No heroics, no try to stop me, or the lovely girl gets killed first." With lightning fast moves, he grabs Bryn and puts the sword to her gut.

Sinbad places his arms out from his sides, away from his sword. "Alright. Just let her go and we will talk about this. "

Keidro releases a shriek of a scream. "The time for talk is over Captain! You're all going to DIE!!!"


Part 8 - By Crystal

"Can't we talk about this?" Sinbad asked softly. "We offer you a place onboard for Baghdad and you menace my crew? I think you owe us an explanation."

Keidro began to laugh wickedly. "I owe you nothing, my good Captain. Don't take it personal. It's just business." At those words, his glance landed on Bryn.

Bryn shuddered. She tried to break free from him, but the sharp of the sword pressured on her neck and she suddenly felt a hot liquid falling down her neck. Blood. She breathed, trying to stay strong. For Sinbad's sake.

"Stop moving little girl if you don't want your friends' death to be too painful," Keidro whispered in her left ear. It was now time. He took out of his pocket a miniature wooden staff with a snake at the end. He placed it on front of Bryn's eyes and started to move it slowly from left to right. "Listen to me. You are going to take your sword and kill every crewmember of this ship. Now."

The snake's eyes glowed red.


Part Nine by Jenn

Darkness invaded her mind. It focused on one thing: kill. Kill everyone on the ship. Kill them all. Whoever they were. Didn't know them, didn't care. She needed to obey and only to obey to the red eyes.

Sinbad felt fear as he saw the petite sorceress taking her sword and advancing slowly to the nearest seaman. Bryn, his Bryn wasn't anymore. All this because of this man. He should have listened to Bryn's feelings about him. *Why didn't I?* he silently cursed. *I'll remember to always listen to her in the future. If there is going to be one.*

Deep in his heart, he knew he needed to stop her before she'd do something she'd regret. Somewhere, behind those blank eyes, she was still there, probably scared she couldn't control her every moves. He had to do something. He had to free her and save his crew.

"Bryn, please stop."

Bryn, who was about to throw her sword on a crew member, turned his attention on him. Red eyes met his blue ones.


Part 10 by Kara

"Bryn! Remember who you are!", Sinbad shouted. Bryn didn't make a move. Her eyes were cold, so full of hate. Sinbad's thought went back on the day Bryn freed him from possession. With the power of their bracelets....He concentrated and his bracelet began to glow. Slowly he walked to Bryn, whose bracelet glew too.


Part 11 by Myst

Brown. Red. Brown. Red. Her eyes switched coloration, as they weren't certain which one was right. Voices spoke to her, but the words didn't make sense. Drop the sword or kill everyone? Red or brown?

Keidro clenched his fist angrily. The sailor was trying to cast some sort of spell on the girl! He couldn't succeed. No one could escape the power of the snake. He grabbed Bryn by the arm and made her face the snake a second time. He needed her under his control, so she could be his after she killed all the Nomad's crew.

Keidro sighed in relief when her eyes finally remained red. But why was that horrible bracelet she wore still kept glowing?

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