Round Robin #1
By The Sinbad/Bryn list member

Part 12 by Eos

"Now, kill them! And start with your foolish captain!" Keidro ordered again, forcing himself to put the thought of this dreadful bracelet aside. Sinbad and the rest of the friends gazed in horror as Bryn slowly walked towards the young man, her eyes now definitely gleaming red and her face showing the bloody determination Keidro had driven her into. When she was standing just in front of Sinbad, she lifted her sword and held it to his throat.

As soon as he looked into her cold eyes all his hope of bringing her own self back was gone, for out of them spoke ... nothing. These were the eyes of a total stranger, of someone who didn't care what he did, because he was just obeying someone's orders. They didn't even show hate or cruelty. They were soulless. And that made them even more terrifying for Sinbad. Especially because this was still Bryn's face, her body ... but not her soul. There was no way out of this situation except for one... the one he had chosen so many times in his life, the one that had freed him and his friends so many times, the one he would chose without even thinking if only it were Keidro who was standing before him right now... His heart was bleeding as he decided to make this step, yet he knew that it was the only possibility to save his crew and himself. With a fast and well-trained move Sinbad took his sword and freed himself from the threatening touch of Bryn's blade. They were now standing in front of each other, their swords in their hands and ready to fight...


Part 13 by Ruby

Keido smiled in satisfaction as he saw Sinbad, facing Bryn. How he was going to enjoy the sight of her, killing the good captain and after, when she’ll regain control, the pain of what she had just done would be too much for her. She’ll realise she’s the cause of his death. The rest of the crew would reject her and she would have no one else to turn to, but him. Oh yes, he had been waiting for this moment for so long. Finally, she would be his.

The good captain was brave, Keidro had to admit. He was ready to kill her, to save his crew. How noble. But it didn’t matter. Bryn would win. The sailor could never kill her. He knew that by observing him the little time he had been on the Nomad. Hearing slashing sounds, he turned his attention back to Bryn and Sinbad and saw that the battle began.

Bryn charged towards Sinbad, her sword in front of her. Sinbad just had the time to block it. In a quick move, Bryn kicked him in the side and backflipped away, her sword in both hands, ready to attack again. Sinbad groaned. This wasn’t looking good. He couldn’t make an offensive move. He didn’t want to. But for the sake of his crew…He couldn’t let them die. Never that.

In a cry, Sinbad jumped forward and with a powerful kick, made Bryn’s sword flew away from her hands. It landed at the other end of the Nomad’s deck, the noise echoing in his head.

It was he now who held the sword to her throat.


Part 14 by Jenn

Doubar held his breath as he watched his little brother menacing Bryn with his sword on her throat. Would he kill her? *No he wouldn’t* Doubar thought, but seeing the determined look in his brother’s eyes, he doubted. *Would her really kill Bryn? It’s not really her who attacks us.* But he remember his brother would do everything to defend his crew and ship. And if it meant killing Bryn, then he would.

Doubar eyed Keidro. Could there be another way?


Part 15 ~ By Crystal

“Wait!” Doubar suddenly shouted. His brother’s eyes turned toward him, questioning. At the silent question, Doubar only nodded in answer. He then faced Keidro. “Can’t you at least tell us why you want to kill us? We never met you before.”

Keidro laughed. “I couldn’t care less if you live or die. You made a bad choice by taking this girl in your crew. Blame only yourself.”

Sinbad inhaled. “Then why are you making her kill us if it’s not us you’re after?”

Keidro smiled. “Revenge. How do you think she’ll feel when she’ll be free of my control and realise she killed her friends? Because I know you won’t be able to kill her, Captain. You care too much about her to do that, no?” He smirked. “Stupid. She doesn’t deserve it.”

“Why?” Sinbad could only ask. He took a glance at the red-eyed Bryn who was unmoving, the blade of his sword still on her throat.

Keidro’s face turned serious and his eyes burned with anger. “Because of Kayla.”


Part 16 by Myst

“Who’s Kayla?”

Kayla. Kayla. Why did that name sound familiar?

Gasp. Bryn blinked, feeling like she just awoke from a long nightmare. She looked around and was shocked to see… Sinbad? holding his sword to her throat. She frowned. What the hell happened? Why-why was Sinbad had his sword pointing at her?

“Bryn…your eyes!”

Firouz’s voice seemed so far away, but she could see him standing behind Sinbad. Her eyes…What about her eyes?

“Bryn…you’re back,” Sinbad said softly. He lowered his sword slowly. He never thought he would miss her soft brown eyes so much. They looked him, confused. He backed away a little. He had been ready to kill her…to kill Bryn. But maybe Keidro had been right. He probably wouldn’t have been able to. Keidro. He needed to act fast before he took Bryn under his control again. He turned to face the man.

“Who’s Kayla? Kayla was my daughter…and he took her away from me. *Her* father took my little girl away. And now, I want revenge.”


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