Shadows of Destiny ~ Part Five
By Myst

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Part five ~ Mind Games

I cannot control myself anymore. It's her again. She's back and there's nothing I can do to stop her. She's too strong. I feel so weak compare to her. I can only watch her, as she destroys everything I worked so hard to build up. Watching her destroys the only friends I had in my life. I feel helpless.

So helpless

Please help me! I cannot fight anymore. Darkness had invade me. The light remaining in me is slowly fading away. No more there will be soon. The good will forever be gone. Evil will rule. No chance of turning back.

You became the light on the dark side of me

Help me.


Sinbad simply stared at her. He did not move, nor tried to stop her. He wasn't sure of what was really happening. The Bryn that stood in front of him wasn't the Bryn he knew and cared about. Cared much than he wanted too. Than he was supposed too. His eyes moved to Karpan for a second. The man was enjoying the scene. It was all his fault. Sinbad couldn't help but think that he brainwashed her or changed her memories. Because Bryn wouldn't try to kill him. Or maybe he was just trying to convince himself about it. In fact, he didn't know the real Bryn.

Bryn was ready to release her energy on Sinbad when something stopped her. She looked at her palm. The black energy completely vanished. Her eyes turned to Sinbad who was still standing up, looking at her. She frowned. What just happened?

" What do you think you're doing?" he yelled to Bryn. "Why didn't you kill him?" He moved in front of her, blocking her view of Sinbad. He was furious. It wasn't supposed to happen like that. "Kill him!"

Bryn sighed. "Relax, Karpan. I don't know what happened. I was ready to kill him when my energy ball vanished. It's not like I backed away" She still didn't understand. It never happened to her. It was stuff that happened to beginner. And she wasn't one. She looked at Sinbad, over Karpan's shoulder. She then smiled. "Why don't you all leave? I'd like to have a small talk with the captain here before I kill him." She started to whisper something in Karpan's ear, who smiled.

"Fine. Just don't forget that I'm counting on you, honey." He clapped his hands and he and Sinbad's crew, disappeared, leaving Bryn and Sinbad alone, in the closed dungeon cell.

Before Sinbad could open his mouth, she waved her hand to stop him from talking. "Don't think I'll go easy on you. Karpan is just making me nervous." She smiled. "I hate being watched while I'm working, you see."

When she mentioned Karpan, an idea formed in Sinbad's head. It could work…It was better to try than to end up dead. "Then why don't you get rid of him?" Sinbad asked. He remembered Maeve telling him that Bryn was the only one who could kill Karpan. This was a good way to make it happen. And after, maybe Karpan's influence on her will disappear.

Bryn glanced at him. She thought about the suggestion. Getting rid of Karpan was a good idea. He may gave her back her memories, but he was annoying and a shame for the evil team. And of course, killing Karpan would make her more powerful. A smile appeared on her lips. "Why would you make that suggestion?" she asked, as she walked closer to him.

Sinbad responded to the smile. "Karpan isn't a friend. We came here to kill him, and well…You would do the job so much better."

Bryn leaned against the nearest wall and observed him. "I hate being used. I won't do your dirty work. Well…you won't live enough to do it anyway." She combed her hair with one finger. "Don't try to play the bad guy. It doesn't work. Don't forget that I passed one year traveling with you. It's not like I forgot."

Sinbad sighed silently. It would be harder than he thought. "I wasn't asking you to do my dirty work. I was just suggesting something."

"And why would I listen to your suggestions?"

Taking a deep breath, Sinbad walked closer to her, but not too much. "Because you can trust me. I mean, you're Bryn, evil or good. Isn't friendship means accepting your friends the way they are?" He almost wanted to laugh. A part of him believed what he just said. Bryn was still a good friend. A very good friend. And he was going to do everything that was humanly possible to get her back.

Bryn started to laugh softly. "That's probably the funniest thing you ever said, Sinbad. Really sweet." She crossed her arms on her chest. "Finally, maybe I won't kill you. I could use you for my entertainment. What do you think?"

Sinbad felt relief inside him. "Better than to end up dead, right?" He leaned on the wall, at a respectable distance. "So, will you consider my suggestion to kill Karpan?"

Bryn gave him a quick look. "I will get rid of Karpan. But for my own reasons." She moved away from the wall and faced him. "I'm warning you. You are alive because I decided so. If I don't like your attitude, you're dead. Oh, and it's not my pity that's gonna keep you alive. I believe you can be useful to me. Understood?"

"Yes," Sinbad agreed. While she was asking to Karpan to come in here, he began to have doubts. It probably wasn't the best way to get Bryn back. He had a feeling everything would turn very bad. But…he had no choice. He didn't have much time. He somehow believed he could turn her back to her old self again. At least, he was going to try. Even if it was the last thing he'd do.

He came back to reality when Karpan arrived in the room. Immediately, he spotted Sinbad and turned furiously to Bryn. "Why isn't he dead already?"

The room flashed black for a moment. Sinbad protected his eyes with one hand. When he was sure it was safe, he looked up, only to see Karpan prisoner of a small black dome. Bryn had a satisfied look in her brown eyes. She replaced her hair as she gave a quick look to Sinbad. Too quick that Karpan didn't notice it.

Karpan furiously tried to free himself from the dome, without any success. "BRYN! What do you think you're doing? I don't have the time to play games. Free me immediately." He kicked the black dome.

Bryn shook her head slowly. "What a temper. My dear Karpan, I am not playing games, and I will certainly not free you. You see, I am eternally grateful to you for giving me back my memories, but you're so annoying. I just cannot stand annoying people. I'd rather rule to world all by myself." She smiled. "I don't need your help anymore."

Karpan began to feel scared, for the first time of his life. He knew she wasn't joking. His eyes went on Sinbad. That damn man! He probably found a way to manipulate Bryn. "Come on, Bryn. You know you need my help."

The dome became smaller. Bryn's eyes turned black. "I do not need your help. My dome will absorb your energy and give it to me. I will become even more powerful, and you will die. Don't you think I know the only reason you gave me back my memory is to use me?" Her whole body began to emit black energy. "I am not stupid."

Karpan became to feel nervous. "Bryn, honey…you don't really want me dead, right?" He began to tremble as she nodded. "Think about your father! He'd be very disappointed of you that you killed one of his best friend!"

A laugher filled the room. "You think I give a damn about what my father thinks? He isn't here…You used to be one of his best friend. Not anymore. In fact, I think he'd be glad that I got rid of you for him," Bryn answered, smiling.

Karpan's eyes went on Sinbad. His last chance. "Don't you see what he's trying to do? He manipulates you! To save his own ass."

Suddenly, the dome stated to grow smaller very quickly, to finally disappear a few seconds later, in a small explosion. There were no signs of Karpan in the room. Sinbad was stunned. He never thought magic could be that powerful. Killing him seemed so easy for Bryn. It somehow scared him.

Bryn glanced at him and then, a smile formed on her lips. "Afraid I'd do the same thing to you?" She left the dungeon, followed closely by Sinbad, and they arrived in the room Sinbad found her in the coffin. She turned to face him. "If you do what I told you to do and don't disobey me, you don't need to worry. You see, you're going to help me."

Sinbad swallowed. "Help you? Why do you need my help?"

Bryn rolled around her finger a small ribbon that was in her hair earlier. "You will help me to conquer the world." She smiled. "You are very strong and to have you as an ally would be more than useful. In fact, I'm sure that I can convince you someday that the darkness is better than light." She tore the ribbon in two equal pieces and threw it on the floor. "You'll have to believe it when you'll see its power."


Maeve and Lea sat in front of each other around a small pool of water. They could see the forms of Sinbad and Bryn, talking. They witnessed the previous scene, where Bryn killed Karpan. Lea, without another look at the pool, got up and started to walk away.

Maeve soon followed her. "Karpan is dead. But it didn't happen as we thought it would…"

Lea crossed her arms around herself, trying to get warmer. The air felt colder suddenly. "She remembers. This is bad. Sinbad seems to think he can bring her back to the side of good, but I'm not so sure…"

Maeve nodded. "I know. But let's not underestimate him. And don't forget that there are still some things that are hidden in Bryn's mind, that she still doesn't remember."

"Not sure if it's a good thing…" Lea whispered. She wished there would have some wood to make a fire, but no trees were to be seen.

"It would make her more vulnerable. Sinbad could use it to his advantage to do what he has to do."

Lea frowned. "Sinbad wouldn't use the circumstances to do what he has to do."

"It's for Bryn's sake. He cares about her, and would do whatever it takes to have the Bryn he knew back," Maeve explained. What she didn't tell to Lea was that she hoped it would be the case. She didn't want to think about the possibility that Bryn drags him with her to the dark side.


Facing the window, Bryn observed the cloudy dark sky. A so beautiful spectacle to watch. In the distance, lightnings were crashing, lighting for a moment the darkness. The rain soon started to fall. A perfect day.

Behind her, Sinbad glanced at the broken ribbon, thinking about his brother, Firouz and Rongar. He wondered where they were. "What are you going to do with Doubar, Firouz and Rongar?" Sinbad brusquely asked.

After taking a last long glance at the landscape, Bryn turned to face Sinbad. "Ah, of course. I forgot about your friends for a moment. I'm not sure right now. I could kill them, but…too easy, and not fun at all." She replaced her hair behind her ears. "I am not releasing them."

Sinbad was about to argue when the image of Karpan dying came back to his mind and he decided it was a better idea to shut up. For the moment. He'll think of a plan to free his brother and his friends. "Fine. Whatever," Sinbad mumbled.

Bryn shrugged. "Follow me." She started to climb the stairs that went in the highest part of the castle. Arrived at the top, she pointed him a cell where Sinbad could see his brother, Firouz and Rongar, sleeping. "See, they're fine. You wouldn't want to wake them up, right?" She then grabbed his arm and pulled him into a close room. "This will be your room."

Sinbad looked around. There was a small bed, with no window and no decoration. The walls were all black. "Sweet."

Bryn smiled. "Glad you like it," she said, ironically. "You go to bed now. We have a lot to do, tomorrow." She closed the door, and locked it. "Sweet dreams."


"Welcome back," were the first words that Sinbad heard. He immediately knew he finally fell asleep. He had so much in his mind, he thought he'd never be able to sleep. He opened his eyes and saw them. Maeve and Lea. They seemed to have waited for him to come. He combed his messed hair with his left hand. "Hey."

"You seem tired," Maeve noticed. "I am sorry about Bryn. We never thought it would happen this way."

Sinbad sighed. "Not your fault. I'll find a way to make the darkness in her go away." He paused. "Even if it's the last thing I do."

Lea started to shiver. It became even colder since Sinbad arrived. She looked at Sinbad and Maeve. Neither of them seemed to be affected. 'What's going on?' She frowned, and then shrugged. It was probably in her mind. But still, she wished she could drink a mug. "Love conquers all," she mumbled to herself.

Sinbad looked curiously at her. "Said something?"

Lea shook her head. "Nah. I was just talking to myself."

"You probably have a lot of questions about Bryn. I cannot answer all of them, because I don't know everything. I know that she used to be a good sorceress until something terrible happened. We have no idea of what it is, but since that day, she switched for black magic. Since she was causing too much trouble, a group of magicians decided to curse her, by giving her amnesia. The details, we don't know. How she arrived on the island where you met, we don't know either," Maeve explained.

Lea nodded. "Maybe you'll find those answers someday. Just, please…don't forget about what we asked you."

Sinbad smiled weakly. "I won't."


"Bryn, Bryn! Run away! Run! You have to go far away from here, my sweety! Go!" the woman yelled, as she just finished to read the letter that arrived earlier. Her face was as pale as snow and she was pushing the little girl out of the house. "I can't explain it to you right now, but please! Believe me, you have to go far away! Just remember I love you. Go NOW!" She closed the door behind her and fell to the floor, her hands covering her face, crying.

The little girl watched the closed door for a moment, tears in her eyes. Why her did mommy throw her out? It' wasn't fair...She began to knock on the door, hysterically, screaming and crying, but the door didn't opened up. She didn't understand. Things like this weren't supposed to happen. What was she supposed to do? She was only ten years old. But she did what her mommy told her and began to run as fast as her little legs permit her. She didn't know where to go, so she headed straight in front of her. She ran, ran and ran, for days. It could rain, wind hard or being hot, she wouldn't stop running, like the evil itself was after her. She missed her mommy very much. She missed her friends and her house. She didn't want to be alone. "Please, god. Help me. Please," she whispered. Suddenly, she heard noise behind her and she turned to saw two men, smiling at her.

"Hey, little. What are you doing in that place, alone? It's not for little girls..." the first one said, a dangerous smile on his face. He walked closer to her, a knife in his hand.


Then silence.


Bryn woke up, sweat on her forehead. She was panting like she had run for two days. …like the girl in her nightmare. She heard her name, Bryn. Was the little girl and herself the same person? Bryn started to tremble and she replaced her brown hair. She felt weak. She got up of her bed, and started to walk in circle around her room. She didn't remember something like this happening to her. Karpan had better not messed with her head, or she'd go straight in hell where he is and make him pay even more badly!

She stopped in front of the window. The rain had stopped to fall, the moon was full and was giving a scary look at the forest west of the castle. She sighed. It was probably just a bad dream, nothing else. The little girl couldn't be her. It just couldn't. She wasn't the only girl in this world naming Bryn. She returned to bed, waiting to fall asleep, wishing for the morning to come soon.

But she couldn't sleep. Cold. She had this weird feeling inside, that didn't want to go away. Feeling she remembered feeling so often before. Why did it came back? Sitting up in the bed, she lean her head on her arms that were now hugging her legs. She wanted to cry. She wanted the pain to stop. At this moment, she felt like dying.

Uncontrolly, the tears started to flow down her cheeks. She didn't noticed them. Why now? Why was it all coming back to her now? She wasn't weak anymore. Evil cannot be evil. Evil do not cry. She hugged herself tighter. She realized then the tears were sill flowing. It didn't want to stop.

Stop, I said!

Suddenly, Bryn felt so angry. So angry. She wanted to destroy everything. Killing everyone. She angrily got up of the bed and stoop up on the floor. She wiped the tears away with the back of her and. Still with the same anger, she formed a ball of black energy in her hand and was getting ready to throw it right into the wall in front of her. But before she could throw it, it disappeared.

"No!" she screamed, as she felt to her knees. She punched on the floor with her fits until she had no more strength. Tiredly, she closed her eyes. Pictures immediately appeared in her mind. "Go away!" she whispered. She let out an scream full of agony.

But no sound came out.

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