Sinbad vs Yahoo
By Crystal

A/N: Some yahoo bashing on the sinbadbryn list lead me to write this fic... This is _silly_! Don't take it seriously! I wrote this just for fun.


It was a beautiful day to sail. The sky was blue, the sun was shinning high in the sky and the sea was calm. A perfect and peaceful day for any sailor.

But with the Nomad's crew, a day could never stay perfect for very long. They learned that through the years of traveling and so they waited to see what kind of disaster would fall on them. Another girl to save? Another sea monster to kill? The possibilities were endless.

Doubar, standing next to Sinbad at the tiller, smiled. "Today will be a good day!" he stated cheerfully.

"Let's wait and see if you're right," Sinbad simply answered. "We never know what might happen. The day just started."

"I'm sure everything will be fine!" Firouz declared, grinning. "No storms, no islands, no monsters! The perfect day!"

"Aye! If every day could be like this one, I'd be a happy man!" Doubar said, laughing.

"I don't know… I had a bad feeling since I woke up and it's still there," Bryn told them. "Something's going to happen."

Doubar gently tapped her shoulder. "You worry too much! It probably was something you ate. And since it was Sinbad who cooked last night, I wouldn't surprise if the bad feeling in your stomach came from the food instead!"

Doubar, Firouz and Rongar laughed and Bryn cracked a smile. Sinbad groaned and furiously glanced at them. "My cooking isn't that bad!"

"Well, I think it-" Doubar stopped talking when a strong wind suddenly blew out of nowhere. Doubar sighed sadly. "This looks like trouble."

"Of course it's going to be trouble. We can't never have a day without having trouble," Sinbad answered. "The question is: what kind of problem are we going to face today?"

"I'm not sure I wanna know…" Firouz said, looking as the wind started to form a small tornado in the middle of the deck. "That reminds me of Rumina's favorite way of entrance. Do you think she came back?"

Before anyone could answer, the tornado suddenly disappear and a figure was now standing on the deck. And it definitively wasn't Rumina! It was some kind of demon. Its skin was completely red, so was his hair, which was up on its head. It didn't seem to be wearing any sort of cloth. The only thing about it that wasn't red was his face. It was bright yellow, with small black eyes. It was smiling at them.

"I wonder how his hair can stand like that," Doubar whispered.

Firouz laughed at that. "He doesn't look too scary. Maybe he comes in peace."

The red demon, still smiling, finally spoke. "I have come to destroy you and conquer the world. The world will be mine. Everything will be under my control! I will be this planet ruler!"

Sinbad rolled his eyes. "This was your bad feeling?" he asked to Bryn. She shrugged and gave him a small smile. "Rongar, watch the tiller while I get rid of him."

Rongar nodded and took the tiller. Sinbad walked to the demon. "You know, you're not the first one who had that idea. And you know what happened to them? The same thing that's gonna happen to you!" His sword in hand, he rushed to the demon and attacked.

The demon growled and blocked Sinbad's attack. "YA-HOOOOOO!" he screamed as he charged toward Sinbad.

The Nomad's crew looked dumbfully at the red demon. Bryn shook her head. "I can't believe I had a bad feeling about *that*!"

Sinbad held back his laugher. After, he'll have all the time to mock this pathetic demon. Now, he just needed to kill it. He'd do to the world the biggest favor by getting them rid of this ridiculous happy faced demon that wanted to rule the world. "Is that all you can do?"

"YA-HOOOOOO! YAH-OOOOOOOO!" the demon screamed again.

In a quick move, Sinbad cut the head of the monster. He would never know what hit him. Sinbad smiled in satisfaction when the demon turned into ashes and then disappeared. Sinbad turned to face his crew who were now all laughing.

"This was probably the most pathetic demon we ever faced!" Firouz decided.

"I'm not going to disagree about that," Doubar replied, still laughing.

"To think it wanted to rule the world…" Sinbad shook his head. That wasn't something he'd forget soon. And to think he was so sure the day would turn out bad…

The End!

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