Sunrise Bath
By Saderah

The sky was dark and clear on that night. The nomad had docked on a small Island to rest for a few days. The crew had worked very hard on the last weeks and they had done enough money to take a good break.

In her quarters, Bryn couldn't sleep. It was way to hot for her! At the beginning, she was hesitant about sleeping naked, since she was the only woman aboard. But then she resigned herself. It was to hot to do otherwise anyway. And after all, the rest of the guys were doing it, naturally, and none seemed to be annoyed about that. And since no one in the crew ever said or do anything bad to her about the fact she was a woman, she had nothing to be afraid of.

So there she was in her bed, her sheet up to her belly, her feet out of the bed. She was too hot to sleep, and too tired to do anything else. So, lied on her back, she was thinking. Of course, she couldn't get Sinbad away from her thoughts untill.. someone knocked at her door and opened it! "Bryn?" Sinbad called softly as he came in. She tried to cover herself as fast as she could, but it was obvious that it was already too late. Sinbad had seen her. "Hot?" he asked her. She could only nod, embarrassed. Only then she noticed that Sinbad was not wearing more than his underwear.

"Then maybe you'd like to go swimming?" He asked her, throwing her one of the two towels he had brought with him. "You're kidding aren't you?" she laughed. He looked at her, surprised by her answer. "Why not? Come on Bryn!!" he begged.

Bryn sat up on her bed, holding the sheet to cover her. "Sinbad, first of, in case you haven't noticed, it's still the night." Sinbad laughed lighly, "Ok, I hope your 'second of' is a better excuse!" he teased her.

"I have no clothe to bath with. Is that better?" she sighed, laying back down on her bed.

"You can bath like this. No one will see you. It's still very dark. Oh! Maybe because it's still the night!" he teased her again, "Come on now!" Bryn rolled her eyes. He had a point. And after all, it was so hot, it wouldn't do any bad for sure! She smiled to Sinbad, shocking her head. He'd won again! "Good! You'll feel way better after, you'll see." He assured her as she wrapped her towel around her, she got up, and together, the walked out.

The sun was slowly rising, separating the sky and the sea into two different world. Bryn sighed. It was too late to turn away. As Sinbad fixed the net that would help them to get back aboard, Bryn dropped her towel on the deck and jumped overboard. She managed to be fast enough so Sinbad wouldn't get the time to see her completely naked.

Soon, Sinbad joined her, jumping from the rail in a beautiful dip! Bryn clapped and swam toward him. They smiled at each other. The water was fresh, but not cold, just like she liked it. They chased and splashed each other, laughing like children.. like two lovers. Bryn started to wonder why she had said 'no' at the first place! They were really having fun!

Suddenly, they heard the hatchback door closing. Quickly, the swam to the ship's bow to hidefrom the crewmember coming on deck.

"Hello?" The crewmember called, walking o the rail. "I know there's someone here so show yourself!" he ordered.

"It's ok Amir, it's me." Sinbad replied.

"Capt'n? It's you?! Sorry I heard someone talking, I thought we had borders. Are you alone?" he explained. Staring at Bryn, Sinbad trying hard not to laugh "It's ok Amir. Yes I'm alone, don't worry, we're not getting borders. Now why don't you just go back to bed, huh? It's still pretty early!" Sinbad said, trying to get him away.

"Yeah.. you're right. But if I weren't that tired, I think I'd come to bath with you!" Amir laughed to himself, knowing what Sinbad was trying to do. He'd noticed there was two towels on the deck, and since he was SURE he'd heard someone with Sinbad, he easily guessed who it was. Finally, he went back to sleep.

As they heard the door closing, Sinbad and Bryn couldn't help, but laughed. "Yeah sure you are alone!" Bryn teased him. "Oh but poor Amir, he probably thought he was interrupting something!" Sinbad replied.

"But he didn't seem that sorry though"

"What do you want Bryn? He's just a guy" Again, they laughed.

"But I think now we'd better get off the water now." Bryn suggested as she noticed how high the sun was. It was rising faster than they thought, and now there was nothing dark but some morning shades. It made her felt more nude then ever, and suddenly she was really embarrassed.

"Yeah, you're right. So.. Ladies first!" Sinbad kidded, thinking how nice it would be if she'd climb the net first. "Not a chance!" And so Sinbad hurried to get back on deck, and get her her towel then helped her to finish to climb aboard and gently wrapped her in the towel. "Oh thank you!" And they headed to the hatch door.

As they closed the door behind them, the heard another door from the hallway, where Bryn's room was, opening. They quickly exchanged a look and Sinbad pulled her with him in his own room and closed the door behind him. Leaning against the door, he could hear a crewmember walking in the galley. He was probably preparing his breakfast. Soon, another crewmember joined him.

"Ummm…. Looks like you're stuck in here for a while. Unless you really want to cross the galley, naked, in front of the crew!" Sinbad told her, making a bit fun of her. She sat on the bed, discouraged, as sighed. "Oh well, it could be worst." He continued, climbing on the bed. And while Bryn wasn't watching, he removed he wet underwear and threw it across the room, and quickly got under the sheet.

Bryn turned to him, amazed. "What?" he asked, "You can sleep naked but I can't?" Then patting the bed by his side, he invited her to join him. She looked uncertain. Even with the lack of light in his room, Sinbad could see her blushing. "Come on Bryn, it's not like I've never seen a naked woman.. nor sleep with one." Bryn rose an eyebrow but finally gave up. Throwing her towel away, she slid into the bed with him.

Sinbad couldn't help but laughed. This was too funny. He'd came in her room to ask her to go swimming with him, and now they were both naked, in the same bed, for the first time! "What?" she asked. "nah.. nothing!" he replied. She turned on her side to look at him. He was laid on his back, also looking at her. And the look on her face was way to funny, he had to laugh again! But then feeling guilty, he pulled her against him to gently told her he was sorry.

Her skin was fresh, she was tired again. All she wanted was to sleep. She thought for herself that she had dreamt of that for so long, and now that they were together on the same bed, naked, all she wanted was to sleep! It was her turn to laugh lightly, and Sinbad didn't ask any question. He could understand her thoughts. But she was not going to loose everything! She softly grabbed him by the chest and rested her wet head on it.

Sinbad was right, she thought, she was feeling way better than before. And with that, their fresh bodies against each other in the too warm bed, the both fell in a good and restful sleep.

The End

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