Note: An answer to the drabble challenge posted on the Sinbad/Bryn list.

Words from the Accessory
By Krisa Star


Will they ever stop?

They spare everyone else the sight, but me? I can't really talk with anyone else on the ship besides Bryn, so they trust me with their secret, and figure that if I'm the only one watching, they can just go ahead with the kissing stuff.

Not that they don't make a good couple. My sister would probably be angry with me for saying this, but I wasn't surprised when they fell in love. I'm glad that Sinbad and Bryn are together. I really am, honest.

But do they have to keep sucking face in front of me?

I still don't know why I bother helping them keep their secret. It's not like the entire crew doesn't suspect something anyway. Why, just the other day Doubar and Rongar made a bet about when Sinbad and Bryn were going to tell the crew they were in love! And Firouz noticed the lovey-dovey pair playing footsies during dinner last night, but for some reason kept his mouth shut!

One of these days I'm just not going to warn them when someone else is coming. I'll just have to make sure it's on a day that Doubar didn't bet on!

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