Fight Agaisnt the past ~ Part One
By Ruby

On a beautiful day, the crew of the Nomad decided to go in a nearby tavern to drink some fresh water. They were in a small village called Rowan, in Irish. The wind of Bagdad took them over there, so they decided to stay for awhile in this village.

Bryn, for an unknown reason, felt a little uncomfortable in the village. She noticed that many people looked at her very strangely and she wondered why. She looked at the crew. "Did you noticed how these people were looking at me? "

Doubar shook his head. "Why do you mean by that? They think you are cute, that's all! Don't worry about that, lass!"

"No, I'm serious, Doubar. There's something wrong. I'm sure I have been here in my past. And maybe I did something bad....." She could feel it, inside of her. All around here was familiar, the smell, the people, the houses.

"You, doing something bad...Can't believe it! Serious, Bryn, don't be so anxious! It's in your mind. Those people have nothing against you, or any of us. It's the first time we all come here," Firouz said. He just couldn't imagine Bryn hurting someone.

"Firouz's right," Sinbad said, smiling to her. "I heard that there's a big celebration tonight at the market place. Maybe we should all take a look, and have fun. We need to relax. "

"What a great idea, little brother!" Doubar said, laughing.

Rongar agreed, a smile on his face.

Sinbad went to the tavern' owner to ask him about the celebration. "My crew and I were wondering in what occasion this celebration is occurring and if we could assist to it."

"'s a little celebration, special to this village. Each day of the year, we get all together and make a big party. It's a tradition of this village. But of course, we accept visitors and it will be a pleasure if you would all come!" the tavern' owner answered.

"Thank you," Sinbad said. He returned to the table. "So, we have a long night in front of us. We should return to the Nomad to get prepare."


Some hours later, the crew were all prepared and ready to celebrate a big party. Bryn was very anxious, and walked behind the others, trying to make herself as small as possible, but everyone was already the party, and she finally breathed.

They went to the market place and they stood five minutes, apart of the others, watching the place at the big joy of Bryn who really didn't like the look of the people of this village, even if the others had told her not to worry, and she started to think they might me right. And the place was wonderful! It was full decorated, beautiful, lighted, and people were dancing, singing, talking, joking and laughing all around. Soon, the tavern's owner noticed them and made them a big sign of the hand.

"HEY!!" he made his way to them. "Glad you could come! By the way, I think I didn't present myself. My name is Rael and I own the tavern of this town. So, what do you think about our little party?"

"It's wonderful!" Bryn said, smiling. "I never saw something like this before.

The tavern's owner looked at her carefully. "humm..did you ever come here? I could swear I know this face...."

Bryn shivered. "Oh, I don't know. I can't remember my past, I just remember my name."

"And what would be your name, if I can ask?" he asked, waiting impatiently for the answer.

"Name's Bryn."

The tavern' owner looked her strangely. "Bryn....Bryn.....I could swear I heard that name before...I don't have a very long memory....Wait a minute..." The tavern's owner left for a minute. He went to a young lady who was dancing and started to talk to her. After a time, she followed him.

"Hurry up, I don't just have that to do..." she shouted to Rael.

"Okay...Firy, do you recognize this woman?" he asked to the lady, pointing Bryn.

Firy looked her in the eyes, silently. "Those eyes.....and that face...and that necklaces....Yeah, I'm sure I know you! What's your name?"

"Bryn," she said. She was so nervous to know her reaction.

"Bryn! Bryn! You are....Bryn! But...I don't catch anything....." Firy said, confused.

"I don't remember my past.....nothing, except my own name.." She looked at the woman. At the beginning, when she said her name, she looked happy, and after, her eyes became dark, and now, they are confused. "I just had some flash back, but nothing I could remember."

" you don't....nevermind. I'm Firy. Well, my real name is Fannasty, but it's so ugly....and everyone call my Firy. Probably because of my hair. " she said, pointing her hair who were as red as the fire.

" know me?"

"Of course! We were friends when we were young. I know you since you were born. This is your village. You grew up here, like I do."

"So, why does everyone look at me like I was a stranger and not welcome here?" she asked.

Firy bit her lips. "It's....a long story which you probably don't want to remember....and it's better this way, you know. I don't want to mean it badly....It's just better that you don't remember. For you and for all of us. And anyways, for people who doesn't remember their past, it's best they remember by themselves."

"I did horrible things, right? "

"Bryn, I'm sure it's not that bad..." Sinbad said.

"No...remember that little thing Scratch said? I don't remember exactly what he said, but I'm sure he was telling the true about me..." She looked at Firy. "Please, tell me what I have done. I need to know."

Firy took a deep breath. " You know, you were a very good person before. We were always together, you, me and another friend of us. Everyone called us the magic trio! " she laughed at the memory of those special moments."We were learning magic together. I was learning healing, our other friend and you, white magic. But someday, you met this guy....and you fell into black magic...."

Bryn coughed. "What guy? And why did I fell into black magic?"

"You were really in love with this guy, and it was a black sorcerer, and for him, you changed white magic for black. We tried everything we could to bring you back in the right way, but he was too strong for your powers. And it's when you began to be...bad....I don't want to describe everything, you'll know in time...And someday, you left with him on a ship, and we never heard about you till now."

"Oh my.....I was...evil? So, Scratch was right, and my feeling too..." Bryn said. She hided the tears who wanted to come out. "I need some times alone. " She left quickly at went behind a house. She sat on the ground, her head in her hand, and stood like that for hours.

During this time, the rest of the crew were talking with Firy.

"I can't believe it...."Firouz said. "Who could find out she was evil? She was so nice with all of us..."

"Firouz!! How can you say something like this? It's not her fault. And she is still a part of our crew. Even if we know her past, she is the same person we met on that island one year ago," Sinbad said, looking to all his crew.

"Sinbad is right, Firouz. I don't mind what Bryn could have been in her past. I know she is a good friend, and a good person," Doubar said.

"Yes, she is a good person. She wouldn't become evil if she wouldn't have met Sven. I'm not sure, but I think he put a spell on her, because if she had been herself, I know she wouldn't have done a such thing. And I'm sure everyone here thinks like this inside of them," Firy said.

"But what happened to that Sven?" Sinbad asked.

"I don't know. He vanished in the same time as Bryn, and we never know what happened to him really. We just thought they were living happily somewhere, far from here," Firy answered.


Bryn was still behind the house, weeping silently. Now, how could Sinbad and the others trust her? Evil..her. She has still her head in her hands, till a voice in front of her stared her.

"Well, well...Look who we have here. Bryn. So long time you didn't visit the village. You are a bad girl."

Bryn jumped on her feet, and looked in the eyes of the man directly in front of her. And hate appeared in her eyes, as fast as she recognized the man and all her past returned to her memory suddenly. "Sven."

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