Fight Agaisnt The Past ~ Part Two
By Ruby

"Glad you still remember my name, honey. I waited for you for a long time and it's not you're showing yourself. Very bad girl." Sven said, a little smile on his dark face. He walked around her, like a lion around the poor creature he wants to kill. He tried to read in her mind, but she had blocked it, so it made him more angry.

"Don't call me honey. And I had amnesia, so that's why I didn't return here," Bryn explained, facing him. She was having some flash back about her past, about what she had done, about what he made her done. "Now, get out of my way. And stop turning around me like that!"

"Honey, what happened to you? That amnesia brainwashed you, honey. Don't tell me you decided to return to the white way!" Sven said, looking her angrily.

She shivered. She had always been scared of him when he was angry and tried always not to be there when it happened. But she was getting tired to be scare, so she decided to tell him the true, even if it has to get him angry. "That's it. I don't want to hurt honest people any more, I want to help them, to do something good with my life. Of course I don't expect you to understand that. But just get out of my life! Old times are passed." Bryn shouted. She was now breathless, but was feeling better, even if she didn't believe she said those things.

Sven walked to her, a dangerous look in his eyes. "Oh, really? After all those years, after all I had done for you, after all we went through, you think I'll leave you alone? Well, you're wrong, Bryn, you're very wrong. I'll make everyone hate you. Everyone. Your friends, the people of this village, everyone. Then, you'll notice I'm the only person who loves you. You won't escape me so easily, honey." He came closer. He was going to zap her, but was stopped by the look in her eyes.

Bryn concentrated and suddenly, a blow of wind raised on Sven who screamed while he was thrown away. Bryn knew he would return, but it gave her some times. She quickly returned at the party and went to her friends.

"Bryn, we are..." Sinbad started, but was interrupted by Bryn. "Not now, Sinbad. Don't have the time. Firy, I need your help. I saw Sven and all my memories came back."

Firy nodded. "Slow down...I think we will need to talk about what happened years ago, but we'll talk 'bout that later. Where is he?"

"I threw him away for a moment. It will make him more angry, but well...I had no choice." Bryn explained. She looked to her friends and saw their confused looks. They understand nothing of what is going on. She looked down. They would probably want her to leave the Nomad after knowing all she had done, and she understands it well, but it makes her feel sad. They were her family, her friends and she didn't want to loose them. But because of this man, they wouldn't trust her any more.

She sighed and tried to get those things out of her mind for now. "He hates me now. I wonder if he ever loved me, but well. He's going to be angry and when he's angry, he's more powerful."

"Yeah. He will not be easy to defeat, you know. But I'll help you. The most important is that you don't fall again into his lies. Your amnesia made you become good again, and I really want it to stay that way. You can't imagine how hard it was to see you do things I know you wouldn't have done if you were yourself." Firy answered, a soft smile on her lips.

"What do you mean by 'if I were myself'? Sven didn't put a spell on me. I...I was young and I loved him. He put in my head a lot of lies that I believed. He...he told me my family would finally love me if I entered in the dark way. That's why I did it. Inside of me, there was this little voice who hated what I was doing, but I didn't listen to it. It's really all my fault."

"Shh...Don't say that, please. It's Sven's fault, not yours." Firy said. She then hugged Bryn for a long time, like she had done so often when they were kids.

The crew of the Nomad just stood there, not knowing what to do, and watched the two friends. Sinbad would have liked to say something, but he just didn't know why. It wasn't the Bryn he knew in front of him. Her eyes were full of vengeance and tears. But he understood and he know he would support her whatever is going to happen next.

"C'mon now. We have to get ready." Firy whispered in Bryn's ear. "He will be there in a minute." She turned her attention to the Nomad's crew. "You should go away. This isn't going to be a party and I don't want any of you to be hurt. You can watch from over there, if you want."

"Are you sure? We could stay there..." Firouz started, but he finally nodded at the look of Firy and with Doubar and Rongar, he went hiding, but Sinbad didn't want to. "I'm staying here."

Bryn sighed. As always, he wasn't listening to anyone else than himself. "Sinbad, I..."

"I said I'm staying here," he firmly said. "And Dermott will stay with me. Right, Dermott?"

As an answer, the hawk perched himself on Sinbad's arm.

Firy smiled. Those two were so funny to watch. "Okay, then, but be careful!"

"BRYYNNNNN!!!" Sven yelled as he appeared in front of them.

"Ohh..Firy. What a surprise. Nice to see you again anyways. I'm surprised to see you there. After all Bryn done to you...You should be the one who wants to kill her. You shouldn't forgive so easily to people. People never really change when they became adults, you know." He said, smiling.

"Shut up, Sven. What you're saying is not affecting me at all." Firy answered. "You are the one to blame for all happened to me and this village. Not Bryn."

"So sweet...And so stupid. Too bad for you, Firy." He turned to Sinbad. "Who are you? Never saw your face before."

"I'm Sinbad."

"The sailor." He started to laugh. "This is going to be fun. So Bryn, you didn't change your mind?"

"Not at all."

"Good. Coz I'm gonna kill ya all, and I won't miss ya this time!"

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