Fight Against The Past ~ Part Three
By Ruby

Bryn and Firy were ready for battle. The two of them stood next to each other, hands in hands. Three meters in front of them was Sven, an evil smile on his face. Sinbad was watching them near by, ready to interfere if anything goes wrong for Bryn.

"So, are you ready to die?" Sven asked, laughing. It would be an easy victory. Those girls don't stand a chance against an evil sorcerer like him.

Firy smiled. "I should ask you the same question. You know you can't win. It's written in the stars that white magic will always defeat black magic."

"The stars lie, my dear, because this time, black magic will win." He then clapped his hand. "Enough chatting. Let the battle begin!"

Red bubbles came from Sven's hand and blue from the girls. Sven walked closer to Bryn and Firy, smiling. His bubbles were approaching dangerously from the two friends. With his other hand, he zapped Bryn, who ignored it. It made him angrier, so he zapped her harder, with a lightning flash. She fell on the ground, unconscious.

"BRYN!" Sinbad screamed, as he ran to her.

"Damn..." Firy whispered. "You wanna play that kind of game, hun? Fine." A bull of fire began to form in her right hand. It became bigger and when it was as big as her, she threw it to Sven, who fell on the ground. "Is she alright?" she asked, still watching Sven.

"Yes, I think. She regain consciense now," Sinbad said. He helped Bryn to get up. "You fine?"

She nodded. "I have to help Firy. She can't kill him by herself." At that moment, her and Sinbad's rainbow bracelet started to shine. Bryn looked up to him and smiled.

He smiled back to her and took her hand. The sky became very dark. Surprised, Firy and Sven stopped to fight to look up. A big and violet lightning crashed directly on Sven who screamed in pain. The next moment, he disappeared. The rainbow bracelet stopped to shine.

"What the hell happened?" Firy asked, staring at where Sven was.

"I...I don't know. But he's gone. And he won't come back," Bryn answered, still smiling at Sinbad. *Stop smiling like an idiot! You look stupid,* a little voice in her head told her. She immediately stopped.

"I think we should all go to bed. We'll talk about all that tomorrow," suggested Sinbad. Everyone agreed.


Doubar, Firouz, Rongar, Sinbad and Firy were already up when Bryn woke up. She found them at a table, eating their breakfast. They welcomed her with smiles. "Hi guys."

"Hi!" They shouted together.

They began to talk about the weather when Bryn suddenly interrupted them. "I think it's time to talk about what happened, about Sven, about my past..."

Firy sighed. "Fine. I'll start. Bryn and I grew up together. She was living with his mother in the house next to ours. One day, when we were ten, we decided to visit the nearest village. Our parents told us not to go there, but we wanted to, so we left, saying we were going to play in the forest."

"In this village, we met a little girl of our age and we spent the day with her. She was nice, so we decided to come back the next day. And we did it during two months. One day, while we were playing with the girl, her father came. He was angry because her daughter was playing with some peasants." Bryn rolled her eyes at the memory.

"He asked us our names, and he jumped at Bryn's name. He started to ask her millions of questions. We were all confused, even the girl. But it was late, and we had to go home. The next day, the man came in our village. When he saw Bryn's mother, he started to scream at her."

"You hided her from you, you bitch! Why didn't you tell me? Why? You had no right to do a such thing! You're going to regret it!" Bryn imitated the voice of the man. She sighed. "My mom was so scare that she couldn't say a word. He started to hit her. Again and again. I finally ran to my mother and yelled to the man to stop hurting her. He then laughed and said that he was my father and that my mom hided my from him..."

"Why?" Firouz asked.

"First, I think you must know the name of her father. It's Turok, and the little girl was Rumina. Her mother hided her because she was scare for her. She didn't want Bryn to study black magic. But Turok wanted her to learn like, like Rumina was, he ordered her to learn it," Firy replied.

"It's not what I wanted. I said no, so in anger, he killed my mother and then, he said he would kill Firy if I didn't say yes. So I agreed, and I left the village. You can imagine that Rumina wasn't very happy...She hated me and did everything she could to hurt me. I was tired, so when I was fifteen, I ran away, and returning to my hometown."

"I was teaching white magic with an old magician and he agreed to learn it to Bryn. We were starting to be pretty good, when a man named Sven arrived in town. Bryn fell in love with him. She thought he was good, but he soon showed his real nature..."

"I...I fell again in black magic, but this time, I fell hard. I only did it because I loved him, and inside, I wanted to show to my father and Rumina that I could be bad. Oh, I know...I have been so stupid..."

"Of course, not...Love can change people and make them do things they wouldn't do usually," Doubar said.

"Thanks, Doubar. Anyway, I started to do bad things to everyone I loved in the village, especially to Firy. I became worst by the time and everyone hated me, except my father, who were so proud of me, and Sven. But something happened inside of me and I decided it was enough. I told it to Sven and it made him so angry that I ran away. I took the first ship that was leaving."

"There had been a terrible storm that day and we learned the ship had been destroyed. The people didn't know Bryn was on that ship, so they thought she went somewhere else to do bad. End of the story..." Firy declared. She then looked to the Nomad's crew. "I truly hope this story won't change your opinion about Bryn."

"It won't, don't worry," Sinbad answered, smiling. "But why did you help her after all she had done to you? Just a simple question...I'm curious."

Firy shrugged and smiled. "I don't know...she was my friend. It's true she did horrible things, but it was Sven's fault and I never blamed Bryn."

Bryn smiled. "Thank you for everything."

"We have to leave now. We'll be waiting on the ship," Sinbad said, to Bryn. They crew said goodbye to Firy and left.

"I hope you'll be happy on that ship."

"I will. They have been great friends for me. I promise you I'll come back."

They hugged.

Bryn started to walk to the sea when she heard Firy voice. She turned around.

"HEY! Don't forget to invite me to your wedding with your dear captain!" She shouted, smiling.

"My wedding...with Sinbad???" She smiled at the idea. She liked that. All she had to do is to make sure all those girls stop jumping on him all the time. And to make sure he stop kissing all of them. She smiling to Firy. "No problem! When I'll convince him I'm the girl for him! How should I tell him?"

"Want my advice? Go in his bedroom while he's sleeping, wake him up with kisses and tell him you love him and that you want to pass the rest of your life with him!" She waved her hand and returned in the village.

"I would never be able to do that!" Bryn whispered to herself. "Wouldn't I?" She shrugged. "It can work. Why not? I have nothing to lose and life is too short!" She smiled. "Thanks Firy. And Sinbad, watch out, cuz I'm coming!"


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