Note: I wrote this very small piece just to be sure that my muse was still around. No romance there, not even Sinbad or Bryn centered. I wanted to try something new. So let me know what you think!

Inside the Devil's Head
By Ruby

They would pay. All of them. Once more, they defeated him. Once more, they humiliated him. It would be the last time. Never again. He would not let those goody-two shoes win again. The next time they’ll meet, they will loose. Suffering, pain and death were on his list of things to inflict them. Sinbad and his little friends were going to be sorry. Very sorry. No one messed with Scratch and remained alive. Sinbad would be no exception.

He would wait for the right time to hit. Scratch knew how to be patient when needed. Besides, his patience would be rewarded by the end of the Nomad’s journey to save the world from evil.

That little witch would cause him some problems. He had been surprised to see her. Even more surprised to see her with Sinbad! Didn’t she know she possess the potential to be more than a crewmember? Much more than a toy in Sinbad’s hand to kill the bad guys?

Maybe he would let her live, if she’d agree to work for him. He didn’t like her family very much, but he could make a small exception for her. She was nothing like her sibbling or parents anyway. So different from them.

So he would remain here, in his domain, thinking of the perfect plan to kill Sinbad and his friends, and to turn the brunette over to his side. Scratch didn’t care if it took one year, two years or five. He would win in the end. It was mean to be. Didn’t those fools know that no matter how hard you try, how much you fights you win, evil will always be the final victor?

They will learn. Oh yes, they will. They’ll think they have a chance to win, just to see that what they had worked for would be destroyed in a blink of an eye.

They will learn. And they will die the next moment.


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