A/N: Answer to the ABC challenge on the sinbad/bryn list.

I love you from A to Z
By Myst

A sunrise upon us
Beautiful rays of light playing in her hair
Chocolate brown hair, so soft
Dancing in her back as she moves
Eternal beauty
Forever in my mind
Gracefully walking, seems like she's floating
Heart beating fast, my eyes staring
Imagining how it could be
Just for a moment, me and her
Kidnapping my heart
Longing for her, I only can remember
Many sleepless nights, thinking
Nothing else but her in my head
Oh, sweet temptation!
Passing in front of me, tormenting me
Queen of my heart
Ravaging my mind
Save me from insanity
Touch me
United we should be
Victim of love
When, how when?
Xmas could be a good time to tell you...
You're my other half

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