Shadows of Destiny
By Myst

AUTHOR NOTES: I started this story back in 1999...Yeah, I know it's been a very long time! And it's still not finish, but don't worry, I'm working on it ;) As long as there will someone to read my fic, I will continue!
THANKS TO: Rachel for her wonderful beta-reading! ;)And also to everyone who beta read for me in the past (Steph and Bigfan1). And thanks for everyone who sent me feedback regarding this story since the beginning. I really appreciate it and I love you for that! ;)

Copyright Myst; 1999 - April 2001


Part One ~ Consequences

The future. It never can be predicted, because it's always moving. It's the unknown and what's unknown can sometimes be scary. Even if it can be controlled in a certain way, a part of the future will always remain unknown. They say the future is a continually of the past. But the past can never come back, right? Because it's over… But sometimes, some events from the past can come back to the surface and change everything. So, be always wary of your past.

I don't remember my past. Not only I don't know what might happen in the future, but I also have no idea what happened before. Scary… Because, who knows what happened…One day, everything could re-appear and maybe the past should have stayed silent. Forever.


Bryn stood on a mountain, watching the waves of the sea and listening to their sweet whispers. They were telling her to run away, to run far, far away from this island, but she didn't hear them, didn't understand they were talking to her. She was lost in her thoughts, thinking about the man that was haunting her every night dreams. The captain of the ship she was sailing on, the handsome and courageous Sinbad.

She laughed softly, and turned around to give him a quick look. He was about ten meters away from her, joking with his brother. He doesn't know how fast her heart beats when he was near her. He doesn't know how her legs shake when he smiles at her. He doesn't know how she feels when he looks to her with his blue eyes. She feels lost when she is looking into those eyes. He doesn't know how she feels when she was just looking at his muscular body. He has no idea of her feelings for him and she doesn't want him to know. It would just ruin a great friendship.

Damn her if he ever finds out about her feelings. She never wants him to know, never. He's the man women would kill their mother to pass an evening with. He's gentle, strong, courageous, and so handsome...he can have every girl he wants, and it's certainly not her. Why would he be interested in someone like her anyway? Right, he kissed her. It had been the most wonderful thing that happened in her life. But it meant nothing to him. He kissed lots of women. She was just another one amongst the others.

She sighed and gave a last look at the navy blue sea, then walked back to the others. They meant everything to her. She couldn't imagine living without them now, and it was because of this that sometimes Bryn wishes she wouldn't get her memories back. She had a feeling deep inside that if she does get them back, she could lose them forever, and it's the last thing Bryn wants to happen. Bryn still remembers Scratch words: "I'm surprised you're with these do-gooders. A girl with your pedigree?" What did he mean by that? Honestly, she didn't want to know.

She shook her head to get rid of those dark thoughts and turned her attention to the crew, who was now smiling at her, and she forced a smile back.

"Hey Bryn! We thought you would watch the sea forever," Doubar welcomed her, a big smile on his face.

Bryn smiled to him in return. "Yeah. The landscape is great. I couldn't stop myself from watching it. Anyway, what are we doing now? Are we staying here for the night?"

Glancing at her, Sinbad frowned. He had sensed her look on him earlier. He was wondering what she was thinking about. She seemed almost depressed on that cliff, looking at the sea. In fact, if he remembers correctly, it had been awhile since she got that look on her face. It started just after they set sail after the confrontation with Scratch. He'd ask her later if she wanted to talk about it. "No, I suggest we go to the village we passed through and ask at the tavern if they have some rooms. I'm pretty sure it will be raining tonight, so a room would be better than a tent," Sinbad finally answered, looking at her with his blue eyes that were smiling in return at her.

At Sinbad's proposition, everyone agreed and started to get ready to leave. They soon took the path to the village in silence, Sinbad in lead. The sound of boots crunching on underbrush and twigs echoed in the deep forest.

Rongar and Firouz were closing the lead. The physician was babbling about some kind of a rock he discovered near the cliff. Rongar, next him, tried his best to look interested by the subject. He sometimes wished his friend knew when to talk and when to remain silent. Now was a good time to remain silent.

Bryn was behind Sinbad and her eyes couldn't look anywhere, but him. She blushed, and was happy no one could see her. He was everything a woman could dream of. She wanted him to touch her, to kiss her with passion, to...

So lost in her thoughts that she was, Bryn didn't see the medium-sized rock on the ground. She was too focused on Sinbad that she stumbled over the rock and she started to fell on the ground. Bryn groaned in pain, when she hit the ground. Her head knocked on the rock and then, nothing.

"Bryn!" Doubar shouted as he was just behind her and saw her fall. He ran to the brown-haired woman.

When Doubar screamed Bryn's name, Sinbad immediately turned around to see what happened. Bryn was lying on the ground, blood flowed on her forehead. He wanted to kneel near to her, but his legs didn't want to obey him.

"Don't move her, we never know," Firouz answered, as he took her pulse.

Sinbad couldn't make a move. He was watching the scene, horrified. He couldn't speak a word. All he could do was watch Bryn. She was very pale and bleeding heavily from her head and her ankle seemed swollen. She wasn't conscious.

"She's breathing, but her pulse...We should bring her to the village fast. She hit her head hard and her ankle is probably broken. I don't think there's any danger to carry her," Firouz explained rapidly.

Finally able to make a move, Sinbad took Bryn in his arms before anyone could do something. He gently removed her hair from her face. "Let's go, we have no time to lose."


In one of the tavern's room, Bryn was lying, on the bed, Sinbad at her side. It had been three days since they brought her in the village and she hadn't woken up yet.

After a soft knock on the door, Doubar entered in the room, with some food. "Hey. I thought you might be hungry." He presented to his brother a basket of fruits. "That's all I could find in the market," he apologized.

Sinbad gave him a little smile. "Thanks, but I'm not hungry. I don't feel like eating. But you can go ahead and eat them. I can feel you're dying too," he added. He then returned to silence.

"If you don't eat, then you should sleep. It has been three days you haven't closed your eyes. It's bad for you, little brother." Doubar was worried about him. He looked...aweful. There were black rings under his eyes and he passed his hands through his hair many times. He never saw his brother like that. He hated it. Even if his brother was trying to make him think he was fine by joking around, Doubar wasn't buying any of it. Sinbad could be good at acting sometimes. But Doubar knew him too well.

"I'm not sleepy. I can't sleep. Listen, I know you're worried about me. I understand and I thank you, but...I'm feeling so helpless. The least I can do is to stay with her, holding her hand, be there. If she dies..."

"She won't die. She's strong and she will fight, I know she will. But you...if you refuse to eat or sleep, you won't be in any condition to help her when she'll wake up. . And when she will wake up, how do you think Bryn will react when she'll see you didn't eat or sleep because of her?" Doubar knew he had gone a little too far, but it was the only way. "I'll stay with her while you rest, ok?"

Sinbad didn't have any other choice; so, he left the room and went to his. He lay on the bed, thinking it would take hours before he would fall asleep, but as soon as he put his head on the pillow, he fell asleep.


He was near a cliff. He advanced closer to the edge and looked down. The sound of waves entered his mind and it was all he heard. It was peaceful. Too peaceful. It was at that moment he saw a face forming on the sea. She seemed to be talking to him. "What? I don't hear you!" He screamed.

The sea laughed. "Sinbad...come to me...come...jump and come to we could be together forever...come...together forever…"

"Who are you?? What do you want?" Sinbad heard himself spoke the words, but his mouth remained closed. The face seemed to smirked at him and was disformed a moment by the high waves. Then, the sea returned to calm and the face was laughing at him.

"Sinbad!" The voice screamed and Sinbad recognized the voice. The voice seemed to smile. "I told you you'd be famous someday. Remember? We wanted to get married...but you forgot me. You forgot everything about me! You let me die!"

"Lea...I...I couldn't swim, and...I hadn't forgot about you."


He didn't know how, but Lea was now standing next to him, a look of hatred on her face. But before he could place a word, another person appeared at his right. Maeve.

"Why didn't you take my hand, Sinbad? Why? Because of that, I'm stuck in this horrible place, because of you! It wasn't that hard to take my hand! You saved a lot of people, but you couldn't save me. You didn't want to save me, you already forgot about me, right? Everyone forgot about me now," she yelled, the same look as Lea mirrored on her face.

"You let us, die, Sinbad, you let us die, die, die..." they chanted over and over again. "You let us die…"


Sinbad woke up and sat on the bed. Sweat ran down his forehead, mixed with tears. He sighed and started to walk around his room. What does that dream mean? He wiped his face with his shirt. He never forgot about Lea. Why would she think he did? And Maeve…he tried to save her. He really did. But Dim Dim said she was in a safe place. It was just an horrible nightmare. Just a nightmare. He took a deep breath and got out of his room and went to Bryn's room.

Darkness filled in the small room, but Sinbad could still see Bryn's pale face. He always thought that unconscious people looked peaceful, but not Bryn. She seemed scared. So fragile. Sinbad was afraid that if he held her hand, it would break in thousand pieces. Tiredly, he passed a hand in his hair and sat on the bed, near her. Time seemed to have stopped. He just entered, but he felt he had stayed there all day and night. Doubar, Firouz and Rongar must be all asleep in their rooms right now.

Carefully, he took her hand in his. It was so small and sweet. Suddenly, he felt the need to talk to her. She probably couldn't hear him, but at least, the silence that was now driving him crazy would be broken. He cleared his throat. "Hey Bryn." He paused. "It's me, Sinbad." Another pause. "I…It feels strange to talk to you knowing you can't answer and probably can't hear. Firouz says you can, but I-I'm not sure." His fingers slowly caressed hers. "I just feel like talking to you. It always helped me to feel better." He closed his eyes one moment to bring order in his thoughts. "I-We missed you. It's not the same without you. I know it's not like you're gone forever…"

He let go of her hand. "You've been a good friend to everyone. You're Bryn and that's why everyone likes you so much." His hand moved to her hair. His fingers combed her long brown hair, careful not to touch the white bandage around her forehead. "But to me, you're not just Bryn." His voice lowered to a whisper. "You're much more than a friend."

He closed his eyes. And silently prayed.


Blink. Darkness. A dark tunnel. She was in a dark tunnel that didn't seem to have an end. It seems she was pushed by some invisible force to a specific direction. Bryn wanted to look back, just for a second, to see what was behind her, but her head refused to obey the command she was giving it. She then decided to continue in this direction. She was too tired to ask questions and to think.

Bryn sighed. The silence was making her uncomfortable. It seems that even she couldn't make a noise. 'When is it going to end?' A thought that repeated itself in her mind over and over again. She was tired. She began to walk faster. She now could feel the end of the tunnel coming. Bryn didn't care about what was at the end. She just needed to go there. 'I'm almost there. Just a few more steps to go.'

Hard wind started to blow. A sensation of death entered in her body. But Bryn didn't care. The end was near. She would soon stop walking.

For the first time she arrived here, Bryn smiled.


The next morning, Doubar entered in the room and was surprise to find his brother by the side of the bed, holding Bryn's hand. "Little brother? I thought you went to get some sleep?"

"I did. But I came back."

Doubar sighed. His brother could be so stubborn sometimes! "You want something to eat?" Doubar said, pointing to some food on the table.

Sinbad eyed the food and his stomach ordered him to eat. "Yeah. I'm hungry," he said with surprise. He started to eat with appetite. He was almost done when Firouz entered in the room.

"We should talk to her. Maybe she would wake up faster if she heard our voices. There's nothing else to do, than talk to her and wait," Firouz said. He sat on a near chair and put his head in his hands.

"You look tired. Maybe you should get some sleep," Doubar suggested.

Rongar entered in the room, silently and sat on the ground, near Firouz, Dermott on his shoulder.

Firouz smiled to Rongar and then, turned to Doubar. "No, I'm fine."

"How long will it take before she wakes up?" Sinbad asked.

"No one can tell. It can takes days, weeks, years even. Or she can never wake up...but it doesn't happen often." He passed one hand on his face.

"I hope she won't take years. I don't want to stay in that place for that long," Doubar joked. The smile on his face vanished as no one laughed. "I'm sorry....just trying to bring a smile on your faces." He leaned against the wall, feeling terrible. How could he think of joking at a time like this? Fighting for your life wasn't funny. 'I'm going to have to control what I'm saying,' Doubar thought, before sitting on the floor, hugging in legs with his arms.

"It's ok, Doubar," Sinbad simply said. He looked to Bryn and opened his eyes wider. Her hand was moving. "Guys...she moved." He jumped on his feet and sat on the bed. "Bryn? Bryn, can you hear me? It's Sinbad."

"Wake up, Bryn...wake up," Firouz whispered.

Doubar sighed. Poor girl. For over a year that she had traveled with them, she always had been smiling, always ready for a good fight when necessary. He had watched her and Sinbad grew closer by the time. Honestly, he wasn't sure what his brother would do if Bryn died. And he didn't want to find out. "Wake up, Bryn," Doubar repeated, louder.


Bryn heard the voices, that seemed so far, but they sounded gentle, so she went in their direction. They were calling her name and telling her to wake up. 'I'm not sleeping, I'm awake', she thought. She saw lights near, but she suddenly stopped. She felt good here. It was calm, dark, but calm. Why would she want to leave? 'But I'm tired of being alone.' She decided to go in the lights and follows the voices. 'I won't be alone now!'

Bryn opened her eyes. The first thing she felt was a terrible headache. Then, when her vision started to get better, she noticed the four faces looking at her.

"Bryn!" They all shouted together. Then, they all started to talk in the same time.

"I'm so glad you're awake! You scared the hell of us, girl!"

"Glad you're back! We missed you!"

"You can't imagine how happy I am you're alive!"

Bryn looked them, confused.

"Bryn...are you alright?" Sinbad asked, as he saw the look in her face. He frowned, wondering what was going on. She seemed almost…uncomfortable. "Bryn?"

Bryn looked him, then all of them, a puzzled look in her brown eyes. "Who the hell are you?"

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