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Welcome to the new format of the Fan Fiction Archive. All you will find are stories about the Second season. The stories don't have to be Sinbad/Bryn stories, but must happen sometime during the 2nd season. If you have a story and want me to add it to my archive, please Send it to me. I'm always ready to archive more stories! But before sending a story, please read the Submission Guidelines. It's very important! It will save both you and me a lot of time!

The story itself is owned by the author. Please don't take those stories without their permissions. The Adventure of Sinbad characters do not belong to any of us. But any new characters created by the author belong to them.

The authors, I'm sure, love to hear positive and constructive comments about their stories. Some feedback would be great from you, the readers. If you liked the story you just read, please take the time to send a little message to the author, even if you're only going to say "I like it". It means a lot to an author and I'm sure he/she will appreciate the time you took to send him/her an email. As an author myself, I know perfectly how feedback is important to the author.

I added a Poll to vote for your favorite authors who posted their fics on this page.

Now, onto the stories, and enjoy! Click on the author to access to the stories.

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